If you want to be a Supreme Court Justice, what sign should you be?

There are nine Supreme Court justices each with ten planets in his/her horoscope creating aspects in the 360-degree circle of the horoscope representing the inner energies of the personality.

What I’m trying to say is that there is too much data and too little time. Until OHA receives the distinguished “Million Dollar Astrology Research Grant,” I will be reduced to back-of-the envelope analysis.

I definitely need a statistical analysis software package, at least. And someone who can help me read the results. That costs a lot of money.

OHA, as usual, helps where it can and wants to offer as much practical advice for the astrological seeker as possible. So I spent precious, valuable time looking at these nine charts for similarities.

Current Supreme Court Justices

The first astrological data problem encountered is that many moons could be in one of two signs. That’s not unusual, but for the past two weeks I have barely seen a chart where the moon sign was clear.

Here’s the roundup:

First Impressions

One thing you should know is that if you want to be a Supreme Court justice, you should be born in New York, New Jersey or California. If you were born in, say, Gallipolis, Ohio, you might as well give it a rest.

When I told this to my cat Lacy, she had her usual response.

“I told you that there is class in America.”

“American is an egalitarian society,” I impressed upon Lacy, who didn’t have the benefit of going to a public school. “If you work hard, you can be anything you want.”

“Then why are all the justices from the centers of political power?”

“As I’m going to mention in my blog, it’s not statistically significant. The sample is too small. Just forget I mentioned it.”

Where is the Libra?

It’s always interesting to explore the archetype of something and the reality before me. The concept of Justice relates to the sign of Libra.

Here’s a description of the Tarot Justice card and how it relates to Libra.

What’s important about Justice, according to this site, is that “Her eyes are covered, suggesting reliance on an abstract concept of fairness in making her decisions.”

Libra is air, air is abstract.

Libra is the cardinal air sign, Gemini the mutable air sign and Aquarius the fixed air sign.

Air signs are social and change behavior often. That changing behavior is sometimes confused with emotionalism.

What’s the difference?

This is how I’m seeing it at this moment in time, as the holder of a grand water trine (all three water signs are found in my horoscope).

Both emotion and thinking react to external stimuli. Emotion reacts to the inner state of others and thinking reacts to the external state of others.

Both Pisces and Libra, to me, blend into the identity of others. Pisces does this by responding to your inner emotional needs and Libra does this by responding to your external, social needs.

Back to Libra, which is the sign of “the other.” Possibly the concept of Justice arises from the fact that we don’t always acknowledge that others exist and have needs. Justice may simply be reminding us that others exist, that there is an external world which will react to our actions.

I often wonder how individuals can and could hold slaves. How can one not feel that kind of pain? How could an individual wipe from their consciousness the stimuli of the feelings of those being enslaved? Slave holders seem to be able to ignore “the other.”

By being blindfolded, Justice and Libra balance the scales. Balancing the scales does not mean revenge or making people happy. It means that every action has an opposite and equal reaction.

When Justice comes up in a tarot reading, I view it as simply you will get what you deserve. What you deserve can be “good” or “bad.” We often see ourselves as “good” and others as “bad.” Justice will clear this up for you.

Similarities in Supreme Court Justice’s Charts

I didn’t find much similarity in the charts of the current Supreme Court justices, but I did find a few missing elements which might give an indication by mirror reflection of the current energies of the Supreme Court.

Sun signs are mostly in water and fire. There’s no Libra and not much air in general.

Water is emotion and fire is intuition. The current Supreme Court is not working from blindfolded abstract energy but from needs (water) and possibilities (fire).

The only air sign is Aquarius Roberts and the only earth sign is Taurus Kagan. I don’t follow Supreme Court decisions much, but I’m guessing these two might be the most detached and able to make decisions that do not please others.

Looking at other personal planets in the Justices’ charts (sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars), I find more Aries and Virgo energy.

Three of the Justices have Mercury in Aries and two (not the same people) have Mars in Aries. Mercury in Aries represents an individual who is assertive and/or aggressive in speaking his/her mind. Mars in Aries is an aggressive, competitive person in all aspects of life.

Three of the Justices have Mars in Virgo. Virgo is the sign of discrimination. Mars in Virgo is the individual who not only can find a needle in haystack, but approaches every life situation as a haystack. Virgo loves detail. Your Mars in Virgo companion is reading every item on the menu and will have lots (and I mean lots) of questions for the food server.

Looking at planets past Mars, I found that four of the Justices have sun opposed Neptune. Six have sun opposite Neptune or Jupiter.

What does that mean?

I went to Café Astrology for some information. Both Jupiter and Neptune are considered beneficent planets, bestowing luck and good fortune (Jupiter) as well as spirituality and bliss (Neptune).

When your good luck and bliss is opposite you, what does that mean?

I’m wondering if in the early lives of the Justices with this aspect that there wasn’t a lack of order. Possibly becoming a Justice (or judge) is a way to establish order and creates “rules” for the quagmire of emotional interactions that create and define daily life.

Lack of Sagittarius

The one other similarity I’ve found in the current Justices is a lack of Sagittarius energy in the sun and moon signs.

What does Sagittarius represent?

Here’s the Sagittarius write up from Sky View Zone:

“You are a gambler and an adventurer at heart, one who loves to take risks, to discover and explore new worlds, and to take the untried path rather than the safe, reliable one. You are an independent soul, freedom-loving, and often very restless. You need a lifestyle that provides opportunities for travel, movement, change, and meeting new people. A steady routine which offers much in the way of security but little in the way of space and freedom is odious to you.”

This is what the current Justices are not.

Yet many have a sun opposition Jupiter (which rules Sagittarius) or Neptune which, like Sagittarius, is indiscriminate.

Sagittarius tries to make meaning out of data (unlike its opposite Gemini which simply enjoys the data for its own sake). The Justices are not interested in making meaning or philosophizing. Justices are not interested in protecting freedom for its own sake.

The Justices appear to be making rules that create emotional balance.

That’s their job, I suppose.

If you want to be a Supreme Court Justice, what sign should you be?

If you want to be a Justice on the current Supreme Court, you need to be able to speak your mind openly and assertively (Aries energy).

You also should possess a compulsive need to wedge yourself into emotional and obtuse situations in order to make rules (sun opposing Neptune) that create emotional stability.

A little Virgo in the chart helps because there is a lot of data to review and analyze.

And you must like to sit, not wander (lack of Sagittarius energy). Justices “sit” on the bench indicating a desire to stay put, not move around. They do “file motions” which indicates that the Sagittarian energy of freedom and movement is filed, contained.

Sun in Pisces or Cancer with moon, Mercury or Mars in Aries seem the perfect combination for today’s Supreme Court Justice.

Or you can just be born in New York.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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7 Responses to If you want to be a Supreme Court Justice, what sign should you be?

  1. Gene says:

    Grand Trine in Water, eh? I wondered if you paid attention to those structures. It’s the first thing
    I look for, though your sun sign/moon sign approach is probably smarter and you handle it deftly.
    Virgo thinks you are lost in the haystack with this Supreme Court approach. First, they are all lawyers – a serious stigma. Why are they lawyers in the first place? Maybe just too inept to do
    real work? Second, Supreme Court appointments are made by politicians seeking to assure
    their ax gets ground on the proper side. So the “progressive” politician wants “justice” from a
    lawyer who’s “feelings” influence decisions in the “proper” way. The “anti-progressive” pol
    wants one who deals in pure “reason” of the desirable kind. Anyway, the SCOTUS is not there
    to create ’emotional balance.’ It is supposedly only engaged in maintaining Constitutional consistency in the laws of the land. It takes a lot of Analysis, and a lot of lucid expression to accomplish that. Hey! We came out at about the same place didn’t we ?

    • I do look at grand trines and other structures. I rarely have time of birth on these politicians’ charts and even when I find a true horoscope, I never know if it’s accurate. I keep it simple to make astrology more fun and accessible.

      Taking on the charts of 9 at once was pure Capricorn ambition. It’s one where I wonder if I’ve taken on too much. But I take the approach that this is a blog and admit in the blog I haven’t done academic-level research. But I still enjoy exploring my image of something and what I think I’m seeing in the charts.

      The image of the Supreme Court as “Justice” isn’t one I really believe in anyway. The Dred Scott verdict is enough to tell me that it’s about politics and economics, not justice.

      The 9 men/women at this time I see as representing the current energy, whatever that may be.

      • Gene says:

        Well said. Thank you.

        “Following The Money” usually means “Follow The Power” too. And with Homo sapiens and most other social animals, the values and interests of “In-Groups” are always superior to any an “Out-Group” is likely to come up with, so there are lots of Dred Scotts all the time. Right and Wrong are cultural positions in many cases, and Justice applies mostly to conformity, but let’s not forget common sense !

        Don’t forget to check for exact or near-exact mid-point stations positioned in places that would fill out one of those major configurations. These seem informative to me at times, for example, giving Bill O’Reilly a putative Grand Cross with the midpoint amounting to
        a weak(?) conjunction.


  2. Gene says:

    Ooops! It wasn’t O’Reily’s chart I was ‘remembering.’ His cross is complete and perfectly
    obvious. Wonder who the *#^! it was ?? Sorry for bad info.

  3. Eric says:

    Interesting article. I’m an astro newbie but judge Judy has a lot of Libras in her chart, which I thought was really interesting because Libra stands for justice as shown by its scale symbol.

    • Wow, you’re right. Judge Judy has five planets in Libra and two in Gemini. I wonder if her moon is in Aries or Pisces? I could see Aries with her aggressive style. I bet when you know her personally she’s an extremely pleasant and sweet person. Maybe we need more Judge Judys on the Supreme Court!

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