French Fight Club: Hollande and Sarkozy

Francois Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy will be heading to a runoff on May 6 for President of the French Republic.

It is le Tour de President.

Hollande has sun in Leo and moon probably in Capricorn. Sarkozy has sun in Aquarius and moon probably in Aries.

Astrologers bore their friends when they talk too much about aspects and angles. So let’s look at the charts of these two French contenders in terms of WINE and CHEESE.

Since I don’t know much about wine and rarely eat (real) cheese, I consulted an expert – my brother.

Chateau Petrus

Hollande, I told my brother, must be a wine that is bold and ostentatious (Leo) yet is established and has a reputation for being the high standard in wine (Capricorn).

My brother chose Chateau Petrus for this great honor, average price $2,700+ per bottle.

That’s a price that Leo/Capricorn would find fitting. Leo and Capricorn each like the best and combined there are no cheap wines in the house of Hollande.

Hollande’s accompanying cheese is Pomerol, which, I believe, is the same region where his wine originates.

With Jupiter and Uranus in Cancer, Hollande probably likes cheese. With moon opposite in Capricorn, cheese may not like him so well and cause joint and bone pain (Capricorn).

Hollande is nothing if not regal and authoritative. This is a man who is already president, president in his own life, in his own mind. He’s probably been bossing people around since he was two.


Sarkozy, I told my brother, must be a wine that is modern, renegade and different. A rebellious wine, if you will.

My brother chose LIOCO, a California wine. A French President represented by American wine represents a person who drinks wine to the beat of a different vintner.

Sarkozy’s accompanying cheese is also from California, Humboldt fog, a goat cheese. Goats are ruled by Capricorn so maybe Hollande, with moon in Capricorn, would also like this cheese.

Unfortunately, it is pasteurized, but maybe a rebel Frenchman would accept this.

Sarkozy is the rogue rebel, the one who rides in on a motorcycle for the important meeting with the boss. He’s intellectually aggressive and will most likely take the opposite view to yours for the fun of banter.

Leo and Aquarius

Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs, both fixed. Leo, as fire, is about self-expression. Aquarius, as air, is about group-expression.

Leo paints a picture. Aquarius joins an activist group.

Leo wines and dines you. Aquarius invites you to the club.

Leo hugs. Aquarius taunts.

Leo is a flame. Aquarius is a spark.

Leo is stubborn. Aquarius is stubborn.

Saturn in Scorpio

Hollande and Sarkozy are just six months apart in age so share similar planetary placements from Jupiter on out to the end of the universe . . .

Both have Saturn in Scorpio which means neither is getting as much sex as you think. As attractive as each man may be to the opposite sex (Sarkozy for being energetic, Hollande for a sense of powerful charisma), neither man will plunge into the emotional depths with his partner.

Saturn in Scorpio holds back and rarely opens completely. Intense feelings are present, but locked in a box, in a vault deep in the recesses of the basement. Hidden, hidden, hidden.

May 6 Runoff

On May 6, the moon will be in Scorpio opposite Jupiter and sun in Taurus creating T-squares for both men.

I don’t practice electional (personal event) or mundane (world event) astrology so consulted the experts.

Regarding moon in Scorpio, Jude’s Threshold blog says not to plan stuff while the moon is in its detriment (least favorite energy for the planet).

May 6 seems a trying day for both men, which is obvious given that they are going mano a mano for the high seat of France.

While I don’t have the desire or ability to predict a winner, I get a weird sense that neither will win or both will win, which isn’t possible.

Both will probably lose a lot of money in the process.

Maybe it will be the increasingly common very-tight-race with the results disputed. Hopefully in the land of liberty, fraternity and equality a too-close-to-call election won’t be influenced by nepotism.

Sarkozy has Uranus conjunct his moon so if he doesn’t prevail as leader, it will be important for his wife to see him through his emotions.

With Uranus conjunct moon, I wonder if Sarkozy wouldn’t like a little freedom or change from current lifestyle?

Hollande has a Pluto conjunct moon on the horizon and his lessons will be tough lessons about control.

Maybe that says it all – Sarkozy will be experiencing emotional freedom and Hollande dealing with emotional control issues.

Which seems like something a president would be learning?

P.S. If Hollande wins, Angela Merkel of Germany better look for a new playmate. Hollande’s sun is opposite Merkel’s moon and Hollande’s moon opposite Merkel’s sun. Relations between France and Germany will definitely change if Hollande is elected.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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