The sign most likely to back into a parking space is . . .

When asking people who back into parking spaces why they do it, the common answer I receive is that it’s easier to pull out.

Logically, I still see it as backing in and out at least once, no matter whether you back into a spot or pull in forward. However, those that back into parking spaces firmly believe in its efficiency.

In my Internet search of the “why” behind backing into a parking space, I found that Coyote Blog believes that most people who back into parking spaces have pickup trucks.

Hmm. What does that mean?

Research Methodology

To determine which sign is most likely to back into a parking space, I needed data. As you, reader, are well aware, OHA lacks funding for stringent research. So I did what the unfunded do. I looked at the tags on the cars in my work parking lot that backed into the spot.

The first problem I encountered is that I can’t tell if someone backed into spot or pulled in and moved into the open spot in front. I could, then, only look at tags for those parked at a curb or other parking spot barrier than conclusively proved that the car had backed in.

The second problem with this method is that tags on cars can represent the driver or the spouse/other driver, the month of the tag contains two zodiac signs and leased vehicles might have a date other than birth month of the drivers in the household.

This method was no good.

I moved to a psychological methodology to test a hypothesis (which I will explain in a moment). I decided to find a sample of drivers who back into parking spaces and those that don’t. I then asked the members of each group to self-rate their driving ability.

My hypothesis is that drivers who back into parking spaces consider themselves to be much better drivers than the norm.

In other words, backing into a parking space is about pride.

When OHA receives full funding, test design will be refined. Until then, I’m going to speculate that those that back into parking spaces are proud and want to demonstrate that pride a little bit.

Does pride lead to buying a big truck? That’s not about astrology so I’ll leave it alone.

The sign most likely to back into a parking space is . . .

When I think of “proud” signs, the signs that come up the most are:

1. Leo
2. Capricorn
3. Scorpio

Any sign can be proud and the pride associated with backing into a parking space would correspond with that pride. But when someone just generally walks around with the aura of “I’m important,” I look for the signs above.

OHA will vote for LEO as the sign most likely to back into a parking space.

What is your vote?


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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13 Responses to The sign most likely to back into a parking space is . . .

  1. Gene says:

    I think my Capricorn neighbor does it to show off (pride) his skill at ‘trucking’. He’s scary to ride with though. Backing out Into traffic offers a little more chance of being banged by a careless
    driver so I think another element might be situation Control – as valued by Capricorn and the
    timid Cancer or Scorpio. ??

    • And your final vote is?? This is another way to conduct research on the cheap 🙂

      • Gene says:

        This is Too Hard, Mom! It’s all about the Motivation, and that is still hypothetical. It is a
        public nuisance, as both you and Susan note, and the parkers don’t seem to care, so is it a signal of Dominance (Cardinal), or Spite (wave-stinger), Contrarianism (Uranus), or simply Attention Getting (Leo) ? It is conduct in public, so the ascendant can’t be ignored, or even some odd stellium or configuration. Leo looks for stages everywhere but maybe not so much in places that will attract rocks and rotten tomatoes. So I am
        skeptical of much Leo affiliation in this caper. Logically, neither Cancer nor Scorpio
        would care to arouse rock-throwers unless they were just looking for a fight for some
        reason. So I am leaning to real initiators and independents. Like Capricorn, and like
        Aquarius. Have you noticed how neatly those backward cars are centered between
        the lines? Well, I looked at a few this morning. The first two had “March” stickers on
        them. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t put it past THEM either !

      • If cars backed in are neatly centered, then maybe the backer-iners are truly better drivers? I was thinking about Aquarius too. I don’t associate Aquarius with pride but with defiance. If everyone parks this way, I’ll park that way. I could see Aries as parking in backward in pure competition.

        Now I’m wondering about those people who take two parking spaces at the back of the lot so their car won’t get scratched. Leo still comes to mind . . .

      • Take it back – I think worry about the car getting scratched is more a Virgo thing, not a Leo thing. A Leo would want to show off the car.

      • Susan says:

        OK, I’ll admit it ! I do the back of the parking lot (2 paces if it’s not a crowded one) parking thing so my car won’t get scratched. Sag sun with Aries moon.

      • I’d do it if I could, but I’m a pretty bad driver. Can’t drive or color in the lines 🙂

  2. Susan says:

    Most of the people I see backing into parking spaces don’t just back in all at once, they move forward and backward 2 or 3 times while everyone else has to wait for them. IMO it’s about being noticed and about not caring if they are wasting time ( theirs or anyone else’s.) I vote for Leo with a badly aspected Capricorn moon.

    P.S. I absolutely love your blog. I’ve been reading it for a few months, but haven’t commented until now.

    • LOL! Both Leo and Capricorn. I count both votes. It’s also fun to watch folks back into parking spaces in places where there are one hundred spots they could pull into frontward instead of backing into.

  3. Dee says:

    I’m a Scorpio sun with Leo moon and Capricorn rising. I always back in to spots, but never thought of it as a pride thing. It somehow is just easier?

    • Dee says:

      Oh and to mention it, my boyfriend always backs in to parking spots and he’s a Sagittarius sun; for him—it’s definitely a pride thing!

      • My only beef as a driver is when people do it & aren’t good at it. Then it never seems easier. I don’t do it because it’s never easier for me!

    • Yes, people do the same thing for different reasons. The more I blog the more I look at it this way. Maybe I should rewrite this one as backing into parking spaces by sign 🙂

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