Republican Veep Fight Club: Rand Paul

Former Republican Presidential nominee Rick Santorum pointed out one Sunday in what seems like eons ago that opponent Ron Paul was openly attacking him, Gingrich and anyone else who took the lead over Mitt Romney but never Romney himself.

Good eye, Rick. (I miss you, Rick! This election is no fun without you.)

Maybe Libertarian and grandfatherly Ron Paul does actually know how to play politics and isn’t just running to get rid of the Federal Reserve, bring home all the troops and buy all our natural resources, jeans, plastic gadgets, cars, pencils, furniture, clothes and computers at a fair and equitable price once we became just another country on the globe.

Possibly Ron Paul does have that fatherly instinct to do whatever it takes to protect his own?

Rand Paul

Rand Paul is the son of Ron Paul and is currently senator from Kentucky. His name has been tossed around in news as a potential Veep candidate for Romney.

Paul has sun in Capricorn and moon in Gemini. Capricorn ambition and Gemini ability for duplicity make me think someone with this combination devised the phrase, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.”

Rand’s motivations are driven by practicality. Being a practical girl myself I completely understand the need to combine ideals with actual steps that lead to those ideals. I mention this only because Paul followers (of both junior and senior) might be surprised if one day Paul “takes one for the team” or engages in some realpolitiking.

Anyone who enters politics, to me, is playing the game. Does one join a baseball team and then not hit the ball? Does one go to a golf course without bringing the irons?

So if you enter politics, you probably want a little power and control.

Politics itself is a Capricorn endeavor. Capricorns probably made up politics and the rules of every other game on the planet. Capricorns become the banker when you play Monopoly. They are the spokesperson during the office team building session when you have to describe why you drew a porcupine on a house to represent the company’s culture.

Capricorn is in charge, always.

Gemini is a little different. Anyone out there in cyberland who’s read a few OHA blogs has read my comments about how Gemini is generally unsuccessful in US politics.

Gemini adapts and changes. Gemini is in constant flux (as is the universe, to some).

The American voting public does not value this quality; Americans value in a President qualities of a fixed temperament (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) – firm, unwavering beliefs, longevity in purpose (aka loyalty) and strength of forbearance.

If I wanted to hire someone who gets things done, Paul would be on the list. I bet he can work deals like no other.

There are a couple other Capricorn/Gemini combinations I’ve looked at in this blog. Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine has sun in Capricorn and moon in Gemini and Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana, is Gemini sun and Capricorn moon.

All three men are the type to take on difficult situations because none is swayed by emotion. They can mete out the punishment or make tough decisions.

Those are good qualities in a political leader so don’t expect emotional awareness or emotional depth from these guys. They are movers and shakers, not artists and social workers.

Inner Planets in Paul’s Chart

Paul’s Mars is in Leo and Venus in Sagittarius, so he can build enthusiasm in social settings. That Mars in Leo may even give you a big hug, but it may not feel as warm as you’d like.

Jupiter in Pisces is a nice placement that gives some emotional depth to Paul. His religious beliefs are expansive and compassionate. His actions, however, might not always sync up to those beliefs.

What’s up with Saturn conjunct Mercury in Aquarius? Although moon in Gemini can talk up a storm, Paul may have some anxiety about speaking in public, to the public. He feels insecure in this way.

Current Transits

Venus is in Gemini soon to be followed by Jupiter. Conjunct Paul’s moon in Gemini will make him as popular as Cinderella at the ball. Hopefully he won’t lose a slipper on the way out the door.

This summer will be Party Time (not tea time) for Paul, a fun, good time. Paul is probably enjoying life right now, as much as a Capricorn can. I think Jupiter’s next three transits (Gemini-Cancer-Leo) will all feel pretty good to Paul.

It’s a good time to expand the family, if there is a desire.

Saturn enters Scorpio on October 5, 2012. In about a year it will be conjunct Paul’s Neptune. Neptune is an outer planet so an entire generation will be experiencing this transit.

As a generation, they will experience some mild depression, probably because they are reaching that age (50) when you start to assess your life and realize you have only so many years left in the workplace or public sphere.

I expect Saturn in Scorpio to bring contraction of credit so there may also be financial difficulties for this generation in particular.

Economies go up and down but if you’re closer to retirement age and it goes down, it’s simply bad luck.

While a contraction of credit and economy might be bad for 20-somethings who can’t find a job, they have 47 years to recover.

Ohio Astrology Assessment

OHA gives Paul 6 stars out of 10.

Romney is a Pisces sun and Scorpio moon, which are water signs and emotional. Regardless of Romney’s reputation as a clear-thinking businessman, he is sensitive.

Paul is not so sensitive. While that might provide a nice balance, I just can’t see these two working as a team.

If they paired up, it would be like the Woody Allen – Mia Farrow relationship – together but living apart from each other across Central Park.

Paul’s Mars in Leo conjuncts Romney’s Saturn/Pluto in Leo suggesting that Paul will be more popular which will set off control issues with Romney (watch your hair, Rand!).

Paul’s Jupiter in Pisces conjuncts Romney’s Mars and Mercury. Paul will project to Romney a sense of shared compassion. However, Paul’s Saturn conjunct Romney’s Venus suggests Paul doesn’t really like Romney’s crowd.

The good news is that Paul doesn’t appear to want Romney’s money, as some other candidates do.

Paul is self-reliant which may be something that watery Romney will not appreciate. Water signs are like border collies trying to nose everyone into a huddle. Paul is definitely independent and will not be huddled unless willing.

Romney – Paul isn’t a bad combination, just not a particularly compatible combination. It’s kind of like butternut squash soup and tacos – both are yummy, but would you eat them together?


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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5 Responses to Republican Veep Fight Club: Rand Paul

  1. Xenianancy says:

    Fascinating analysis,but Rand Paul is the SENATOR of Kentucky, not the governor. I think he would help Romney by his conservative bonafides. Knowing that Rand would be giving Romney counsel definitely would reassure me that conservative values and constitutional principles would be a priority.

    • Thanks for the correction.

    • So who do you think will be the pick? At one time, you thought Condi Rice was the pick. If Romney could get her to run with him, I bet he’d win this thing hands down. Some say a Veep makes no difference, but Condi would.

      So do you think Ron Paul deliberately refrained from attacking Romney to get his son on the ticket?

      From the other side of the fence, I think Santorum is the one who truly believes in his conservative principles. I don’t see why conservatives weren’t running to the ballot box to vote for him.

      • Xenianancy says:

        Condi is being asked, but the word in Ohio Republican circles is that she feels that she gave 8 years of her life to the country, and she would rather not.I think if she feels Romney needs her to win, she will make the sacrifice. The reason Ron Paul has been easy on Romney is because he knows Romney will be our nominee, and he wants him to beat Obama.If his son is picked, so much the better, but there was no deal. It would totally shut down the Libertarian votes for Gary Johnson, and would improve Republicans chances to win BIG!

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