Diamonds are Not Forever

The former chief executive of Barclays, the bank accused of Libor rate fixing, is named Robert Diamond. The CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase is Jamie Dimon, which sounds a lot like Diamond.

How did I not notice this sooner?

Diamonds are not trump in this game of banks.

Astrologers around the world are discussing the exact square aspect of Uranus (in Aries) and Pluto (in Capricorn). The two planets will be in square signs for several years and will make exact aspects several times (the most recent on June 24). With sun in Cancer, a T-square is roaming the skies causing friction in cardinal areas of life.

Aries is personal self (and identity), Cancer is emotional self (and family) and Capricorn is social self (and career). The last cardinal sign is Libra which is the partnering self (relationships). The last couple years of breakups were part of the cardinal square fun (with Saturn in Libra).

Cardinal signs don’t come into your house and rearrange the furniture to be mean. They are helping fixed signs (slow to move) and mutable signs (too distracted) on a path of continuous improvement.

The continuous improvement people in your life will drive you nuts.

Remember that as Pluto in Capricorn destroys the banking and housing industry. It’s trying to make them better. Pluto is walking into Earth House and cleaning the file cabinets and tossing food from the fridge and balancing the checkbook and making sure that you listen to your father.

Robert Diamond

Diamond is a sun in Leo and moon in Taurus or Gemini. Leo sun and Taurus moon is extremely forceful, proud and stubborn as they are both fixed signs. Mountaineer Joe Simpson has this combination and it helped him crawl down a mountain without food and water but with a broken leg.

Leo and Taurus are proud perseverance. Both are also loyal in the extreme, Leo to personal hero qualities and Taurus to duty.

Diamond’s underlings don’t need to worry that he will sell them upstream. Unless, of course, moon is in Gemini then they might want to find new jobs very, very soon.

Mars just left the sign of Virgo and is now in Libra. When in Virgo it was conjunct Diamond’s Saturn in Virgo. He was probably a suit full of nerves during that time but will feel more relaxed as Mars enters Libra and conjuncts his “make love not war” Neptune in Libra. I see some kicking back in his future. There’s probably a beer on his end table right now.

Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries does affect Diamond’s chart. Diamond has natal Mars and Uranus conjunct in Cancer. Right now family is highly supportive; in a few years, maybe not so much.

Mid-2014 is when the Pluto-Uranus square will really put the cardinal force into Diamond’s chart. Diamond already has a nice cardinal T-square with Mars/Uranus in Cancer, Neptune in Libra and Jupiter in Aries. Pluto transiting Capricorn will add the non-natal element and cause destructive tension.

If Diamond faces charges/penalties for his recent actives as head of Barclays, the results will probably occur around 2014. That’s when Diamond must pay the piper, if at all.

Any non-family members in his life playing a family role will also cause difficulties.

If Diamond has moon in Taurus, then he probably has a wad of cash stuffed away somewhere. Maybe that will be the focus of the inquiry?

Jupiter just transited Taurus so last year the bank account grew. With Jupiter in Gemini some of that money may go to charity (trine Neptune in Libra), voluntarily or through coersion.

Jamie Dimon

I’ve already blogged a couple times on J.P. Morgan Chase’s Dimon. Dimon is also in the news for some trading losses and other practices over at his bank.

We’re all experiencing a little heat with these crazy aspects, but we don’t all run banks. This is a good time to have compassion for people who experience the same problems we do but on a huge scale and with responsibility for others.

This is also a good time to clear the pipes of power and help those at the top understand that their decisions cost people roofs over their heads and food on the table and such.

With sun in Pisces, I have some hope for Dimon’s ability to truly feel what others feel. However, Pisces can also get lost in the fog and pick up all the elements of the environment.

The Banking of Tomorrow

As Pluto crawls through Capricorn, banking will change. The sign after Capricorn is Aquarius, the sign of brotherhood.

I’m not a visionary of banking or anything else but I’ll use astrological symbolism to guess where banking is headed.

If we move from Capricorn power to Aquarian equality, banks might be owned by people in a different way than through the stock market. Maybe an employee-owned bank? Or depositor-owned bank?

Uranus will be in Taurus-Cancer when Pluto crawls through Aquarius. Possibly folks will save money in some sort of family/group unit rather than through systems of people that they don’t know.

But that’s ten years down the road. Who knows, maybe someone will at least write a song “Banking in the Age of Aquarius.”


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