Tony Robbins has Aries Within

It’s time to talk about gurus . . . again. Every so many years a bunch of people play “follow the leader” and do something stupid.

Let’s not forgot that there are many more people playing “follow the leader” that aren’t doing stupid things or at least stupid things that make the national news and embarrass them for life. Luckily for most of us, we do our stupidnesses in private.

With Neptune the planet of guru-hood in its native sign of sacrificial Pisces, expect to hear “follow the religious or spiritual leader” stories more often in the next 15 years.

Since we’re in or just left (who knows which?) the Age of Pisces, stories of sacrifice have been around for the last 2,000 years so I understand if 15 more years of it seems little worth mentioning.

During the Pluto (in Sagittarius) opposition to Saturn (in Gemini), some men sacrificed themselves by flying planes into the World Trade Center and killed thousands.

Sagittarius is fire and Gemini is air. Sagittarius is the crusader and Gemini is the journalist. The sacrifice was more aggressive.

Pisces, in contrast, is a water sign. It’s known for sacrifice because it’s more likely to harm itself than others.

Piscean “harm” comes through manipulation of others. Helping others harm themselves is the dark side of Pisces. Luckily, I don’t meet many of these Pisces. The Pisces I encounter are normally warm and loving and are the people to whom you can tell all your secrets.

There’s no judgment with Pisces, which is why it is easily trusted and trusting. Trust is the water where manipulation likes to form bacteria.

Tony Robbins

Motivational speaker Tony Robbins, according to today’s news stories (like this one), holds a fire walk during his seminar “Unleash the Power Within.” The other day a few feet got burned and made the news.

Robbins, coincidentally, is Pisces sun. Pisces rules the feet.

Robbins’ moon is in Aries, a fire sign.

Fire and feet – what a perfect representation of Robbins’ personality. Pisces is empathetic compassion and Aries is assertion of the self. The “power” within for Robbins is Aries energy.

The opposite of feet on fire is “cold feet” which represents one’s reluctance to do something, especially get married. So if “cold feet” is fear of commitment then “hot feet” must represent commitment and devotion.

According to the story linked above, Robbins conducts the fire walk on a regular basis with no problems. I wonder why so many feet got burned the other day?

Looking at the aspects to Robbins’ chart, I think the burned feet story is probably the beginning of some major power struggles with others and authority (government, taxes, etc).

Neptune has entered Pisces but hasn’t yet conjunct Robbins’ sun. However, it already is opposing Robbins’ Pluto in Virgo.

Pluto in Virgo demands perfection from that imperfect and diffuse Pisces sun. Believe it or not, Robbins’ is probably beating himself up right now.

With moon in Aries, he’s probably verbally lambasting others as well.

Virgo is the discriminating mind and Pisces the intuitive, indiscriminate mind. Robbins bounces back and forth, I’m sure. While Pisces can love others deeply, self-love isn’t always easy and Virgo on the other side of the fence keeps saying, “Here are 21 reasons why they don’t like you.”

Jupiter is in the early degrees of Gemini right now squaring that Pluto in Virgo. The fun has just begun! While Robbins has conducted this seminar and fire walk for years, he’s probably going to get a lot more press about it right now. Expect a bunch of past attendees to show up on Entertainment Tonight in the weeks to come.

But the big aspect Robbins might want to be careful about is the Pluto transit of Capricorn. It will be a few more years before it perfectly conjuncts his Saturn in Capricorn (which squares the moon in Aries) and causes some big trouble with authority.

Saturn in Capricorn has a deep need for success and fear of failure. When Pluto comes a knocking in about three years, Robbins will have major problems with authority.

Capricorn rules the knees so Robbins may also have knee and/or bone problems.

Before transiting Pluto hits Robbins natal Saturn, transiting Saturn will conjunct Robbins’ natal Neptune in Scorpio. First comes a little disappointment with the intimate partners, then the challenge from authority, in that order.

I get the feeling from Robbins’ chart, with that aggressive and competitive moon in Aries, that he will rise to these challenges by pulling out his sword and fighting. Transiting Uranus will be bouncing all over his moon for the next seven years. He will have impulsive outbursts.

He may also move from motivational speaker (Pisces) to more traditional businessman (Capricorn) after Pluto moves past Saturn.

While Pisces can gather a following due to its otherworldly nature, I’m guessing Robbins’ charisma comes from his Mars/Venus conjunction in Aquarius. Aquarius is androgynous so I’m guessing Robbins has his share of both male and female followers. While Neptune was crossing this aspect during the last 15 years, Robbins probably enjoyed the most effortless following he’ll have for years to come.

Regardless of what the planets represent for Robbins, he’s able to walk on fire, so he’s able to deal with external difficulties. Let’s see what the government throws at him – sometimes paperwork and court systems are a worse torture than hot coals.


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1 Response to Tony Robbins has Aries Within

  1. I personally think TonyR is one of the greatest examples of Plutonian energy around. He is deeply passionate, especially about transformation. I thought he would have a sun-Pluto conjunction on the ascendant. But he has a Pluto-sun opposition, with Pluto on the descendant (based on one of the charts I’d seen–don’t know if his birth time is public or if that was a guess). That, too, is obviously a very Plutonian astro signature. Having the Aires moon certainly adds a lot of fire to the mix, but there is a deep Plutonian drive I feel there (and that is in the chart). Personally, I really like TR. He has a lot of energy and a lot of heart, too. His workshops are really expensive, so that challenges me a bit (I wish he would make his work accessible to more people–I suppose he tries to do this by giving away a free book on his website, which is nice.), but I do believe he has done a lot of good for a lot of people. I am not surprised that he may go overboard at times (and that perhaps there could be consequences to this–such as with the fire walking thing). His energy is that way (expanded, hyperbolic)… for good and for bad, I suppose. Cheers!

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