War with Iran?

Having watched the election process more closely than ever before, especially the Republican debates, I’m now convinced that much of what is called “news” is actually a deliberate attempt to define the national dialogue.

When you go to a party and meet someone new, a subject arises. It might be based on the party theme, the people you know in common, a recent sports event, the weather – something. The conversation has a beginning focal point before it bounces around like a linked Wikipedia article.

If the person you meet mentions they recently went to Las Vegas, you respond by talking about your own trip to Vegas, slot machines, gambling in general and maybe the Nevada desert. You normally don’t respond by talking about the strawberry shortcake you baked last summer. You go with the flow of the topic (if you are anything close to a conversationalist).

Watching the Republican debates and now listening to Republican candidate Mitt Romney in the news, I’m convinced one of the topics that the Republicans, at least, are trying to make familiar and a topic of dialogue is war with Iran. The topic has arisen and now we respond.

Pakistan and India are both nuclear powers (thanks to whom?) and have great tension. Why is this never in the news? And what’s up with North and South Korea? Hey, aren’t mainland China and Taiwan in some type of eternal stalemate?

Iranian Spring

The birthdate of Iran as an Islamic Republic is April 1, 1979. The sun was in Aries (fire), moon in Gemini (air). Aries and Gemini are nothing if not expressive – talkative and outgoing.

Most of the planets in the April 1, 1979 chart are undergoing the aspects of conjunction or opposition.

The planet Uranus is now in Aries and will be exactly conjunct Iran’s sun in May 2013. Expect sudden changes to the identity of Iran with impulsive outbursts. That’s what an Aries would do and that’s what Iran did in April, 1979. It may occur again next spring for another round of “Arab Spring,” this time as “Iranian Spring” as Iranians are not Arabs.

Pluto transiting Capricorn will be in square to Uranus at that time, adding economic tension to an already explosive situation. Capricorn is the voice of authority and Pluto is transformation, of the rug-pulled-from-under-you kind. Will Iran challenge authority or will authority challenge Iran? As Capricorn is structure, maybe new embargoes are on the way in an effort to dissemble Iran’s current structure.

Jupiter is in Gemini and recently conjunct Iran’s moon in Gemini. Gemini is the twins so maybe Jupiter has created more differentiated factions. Gemini is also good fun so it might be a light, fun time in the country of open dialogue and festivals or other community events.

In July 2014, Jupiter will return to its natal place in Iran’s horoscope – at 29 degrees of Cancer. Cancer is about family, home and hearth. Iran may become home and nurturer to refugees or have an influx of returning natives.

As Cancer is a water sign, excessive rain or floods may occur. It’s an auspicious time for agriculture.

Saturn is still transiting Libra and will move into Scorpio at the beginning of October. Saturn was conjunct Iran’s Pluto in Libra at the end of last year. Saturn conjunct Pluto is a nasty combination, creating great discord with others, regardless of sign. In Libra, the sign of partnership, Iran may have broken a major partnership with another country.

The conjunction has passed so the worst is over for Iran in relation to that partnership. The pressure is off as Saturn takes over a year to move onto Iran’s Uranus in Scorpio. Around January 2014, Saturn conjunct Uranus may see a sudden change to financing from others.

Embargo or sanction again comes to mind.

Neptune is transiting the early degrees of Pisces, conjunct natal Venus in Pisces. It will take about eight years for Neptune to transit Iran’s Mars and Mercury in Pisces which are at 25-27 degrees.

Neptune on Venus will bring an aura of mystery to the country. Like Iraq, Iran is home to some of our earliest, continuous Western civilizations. Iran’s other name, Persia, may come more into vogue. “Persia” is exotic and ancient while “Iran” is a modern political name that Americans were taught to dislike in the 1980s.

Tell someone you have a Persian rug and tell someone else that you have an Iranian rug and see which receives more oohs and aahs.

Branding and advertising are quite Neptunian. Neptune is what makes a pair of tennis shoes into Nikes.

Persian Dialogue

I’m expecting by next spring Iran will be in the American news much more often. In advance of that dialogue, maybe we can all brush up on our knowledge of ancient and modern Persian culture.





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