Are the Gods Telling Us Not to Vote Republican?

The Chinese Mandate of Heaven described how the emperor had earned the right to rule. Ancillary to the mandate, there were signs that a ruler had “lost” the Mandate.

From on Asian History:

“Signs that a particular ruler had lost the Mandate of Heaven included peasant uprisings, invasions by foreign troops, drought, famine, floods and earthquakes.”

At this beginning of the Republican National Convention, a hurricane is blowing past, creating enough threat to convention-locale Tampa to disrupt the process yet moving toward New Orleans and taking all the news stories with it.

I must admit I feel sorry for Mitt Romney, the Republican Presidential nominee. If you want a lesson on the dark or shadow side of Pisces it is this – Pisces is the last sign, the sacrificial goat and the victim. Sometimes stuff like this just seems to happen to Pisces and at other times Pisces seems the stand in the “Victim” line waiting for things to change.

If Romney wanted to convince me that President Obama had the ability to create weather patterns to perfectly disrupt the convention, I would believe him. It’s the perfect storm and confluence of events to ruin Romney’s moment in the spotlight. It’s like having Newt Gingrich back on the podium.

Or maybe it’s a message from the Gods not to vote Republican. I can’t quite decide . . .

Which Gods are Speaking?

The God Pluto passed over the moon yesterday to transform the convention. Pluto is evolution so the convention will evolve from its planned state to a state where it responds to the environment.

Pluto was conjunct moon in Capricorn on August 27, never a fun time. Storms and earthquakes were the news (as well as a little fighting in Syria).

The good news is that today (August 28) the moon moves into Aquarius. Brotherly love will prevail. While I wouldn’t call Aquarius emotional, the one-day delay may release some very sincere demonstrations of sharing and communing.

Yes, communing. That’s what Aquarius does.

The two-day Age of Aquarius will last through Wednesday.

Romney may want to listen to the voice of his own God Neptune (ruler of Pisces) and hold off on any speech until magical Thursday when the moon is conjunct Neptune (although he must watch out for the void of course moon which is described well on this site).

With the God Neptune involved, Romney can share his pain and he might be advised to do just that. Sensitivity is the order of the day, not toughness. I know, I know, act sensitive and they might call you a wimp. Dramatic Leo Bill Clinton cried with the masses (and was believed), so Romney could take some lessons from a pro.

Are the Gods Telling Us Not to Vote Republican?

Hmm. I’d love to say, “Yes,” but I think the gods are telling Republicans to transform ideas of what the convention should be.

Pluto over the moon might be saying, “Dumb rigid rules, I’m getting rid of them.” Neptune will then come around to gather the dust and arrange it into an etheric and emotional whole.

At the end of the convention, I’m imaging there may be talk like “this is the best thing that could have happened to us.” The Aquarius moon will bring the ideas together and Pisces moon will forge emotional connectedness.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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8 Responses to Are the Gods Telling Us Not to Vote Republican?

  1. Gene says:

    The Asian history this week reminded me of (re: Tampa) pertained to the Divine Wind (Kamikaze) that destroyed the Mongol invaders of Japan … and maybe something
    similar to foiling the hordes of Wall Street protest layabouts invading Tampa. I’m not sure what to make of the Kamikaze swerving on over to drown the Chocolate City too
    but there may be something symbolic there.

    Yesterday was my birthday so forgive my taking some of this personally.

    I have made it a point to personally challenge the void of course moon hypothesis many times. It has cost me a substantial number of thousands of dollars and considerable
    personal annoyance, and almost had me convinced. Then, along came Obama, who announced his candidacy, received the nomination, announced his VP pick, was
    elected to office, and sworn into office — all when the moon was void of course. He got to do the bungled oath of office over, which seemed to constitute divine protection but
    according to my experiments, shouldn’t have done him any good at all. I’ve considered the possibility he is some sort of alien being and thus immune to earthly controls, and
    since the country is in shambles, which he promised, he may be. It would help explain the birth certificate problem and a few other documentation issues. But my convictions
    regarding the void of course condition remains shaken.

    • To be honest, I’ve never followed or researched the void of course moon. But horary and mundane astrologers swear by it, so I thought it was worth a mention and a link.

      Happy birthday, Virgo. How was the Mars in Virgo last six months for you? Must have been a buzzing time. If you’re one of those Virgos with natal Pluto / Uranus on top of the sun, even more fun!

      Hope you had a healthy day.

      • Gene says:

        I’m 78, so Mars didn’t get too rowdy. A small, general boost in vitality was on hand, that’s about it.
        My daughter, born in ’67, went on a minor home-improvement binge on top of an already full
        schedule, but she’s young enough to recover from it. A sun-pluto-uranus conjunction? Good God!

        I probably started watching v/c moons about the time retrograde mercuries caught my attention.
        The Quicksilver Publications Pocket Astrologer books are handy for this. I also try to keep an
        eye on Madeline Gerwicks’ Good Timing Guide, either in print or at

      • If your daughter was born in 67, she was born when you had Uranus/Pluto on sun. She must energize you! Is she a Virgo too?

  2. Chris says:

    Gene: Obama was not nominated during a VOC Moon in 2008. He was nominated by acclamation before the moon went void that day after 8pm Eastern time.

    As far as your other nonsense… it’s just that. Also, I was not aware of any “divine winds” hitting Hershey, PA during the convention, so would you mind explaining your reference to “Chocolate City”? Oh, wait, I can guess what you meant. It means you’re a bigot.

    • Maybe Gene was being tongue-in-cheek. I don’t want to deny sincere comments from being posted, but this felt strong.

      • Chris says:

        I’m sorry for the discord, truly. But I saw no sarcasm in Gene’s post, only attempted cleverness. The suggestion that Isaac was headed specifically toward the RNC *protesters*, and the “swerve to Chocolate City,” not to mention the “country still in shambles” bit — I spend way too much time reading what right-wingers write, and this was exactly in line with what they often come up with. Being polite in the face of bigotry is silent assent; as a Caucasian and life-long Southerner, I see way too much of it to just politely brush it off. Oh, well, Gene can probably dance a jig now, as it appears we’re about to be stupid enough (again) to make this nomination during a void.

  3. Gene says:

    My computer has been down; now back in the game after surgery. Sorry I missed the
    flames. “Tongue-in-cheek?” Well, of course. Some people take themselves way too
    seriously. I try not be one of them.

    Obama announced his candidacy Feb. 10, 2007, 10:13 AM. The moon was void-of-course.

    Obama was officially declared to be the nominee of the Democratic Party, Aug 27, 2008,
    4:47 PM, missing the V/C moon by about 2 hours. Joe Biden accepted the nomination
    as VP at 10:20 PM, well after the V/C condition began.

    The moon went V/C on election day, Nov. 4, 2008, at 4:01 PM, PST (7:01 EST) so it must
    have been V/C when the results were determined and announced.

    The 20th Amendment stipulates that the retiring president’s term ends at 12:00 noon on
    20 Jan. The new president is seated immediately and takes the oath of office, which
    Obama did at 12:05 EST. The moon was V/C until 12:30 PM. The oath was re-administered
    the following day to cover for a technical error in procedure but that can only be said
    to certify the first oath of a constitutionally seated president.

    I “remembered” a couple of other key incidents as taking place but can’t determine an
    exact “time” at this point .. e.g., the selection of the VP.

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