The Tornado – America’s National Storm

At lunch the other day, my co-workers were talking about tornadoes and asking a European at the table about tornadoes in Europe. It seems there are few twisters on the Continent.

Are tornadoes uniquely American, I wondered?

My Google search revealed that tornadoes can occur anywhere in the world but the Continental United States has the majority although Bangladesh may have more per square mile and has had some of the worst. Who’d have thought that the United States and Bangladesh had anything in common?

The United States

The United States has sun in Cancer (water) and moon in Aquarius (air). Tornadoes, swirling wind, develop in “warm, most air.”

The Cancer is the warm, moist air and the Aquarius is the wind, the wind that can pick up your car and move it hundreds of feet away.

Aquarius is fixed air, the air of idealism and brotherhood. Swirling air seems more like Gemini, the sign some consider the rising sign for the July 4, 1776 chart. The U.S. does have Mars in Gemini.

Interestingly, current U.S. military intervention often begins (or is only) in the air, with military aircraft dropping bombs.


Bangladesh was formed on March 26, 1971 when it split from Pakistan. That puts sun in Aries (fire) and moon in Pisces (water).

There’s not much air in the chart except for Uranus in Libra opposite the sun in Aries and Venus in Aquarius.

Fire and water together – what does that make?

Petroleum? This Wikipedia article calls it a “flammable liquid.” Sounds like fire and water to me. Bangladesh does have petroleum.

(I found this lovely fireplace site while searching).

In addition to tornadoes, Bangladesh seems to have its share of floods, cyclones and monsoons, all great water in the spirit of Pisces, the ocean.

Pisces seems to want to engulf Bangladesh.

The current square of transiting Pluto in Capricorn with Uranus in Aries is sitting right on top of Bangladesh’s sun in Aries square Mars in Capricorn.

Will there be another revolution in Bangladesh? Aries is independence and Capricorn self-reliance, but who would this country break away from at this time?

Or maybe Bangladesh will unite with another region for more Capricorn political authority. Will it join OPEC?

Brothers in Weather

The United States can add tornadoes to the list after apple pie as a cultural identifier. We have the most tornadoes.

Still, the United States and Bangladesh may be brothers in weather. The only difference is that Bangladesh carries the weight of so much destructive weather in a much smaller area. And would Bangladesh fight the United States for the rights to a National Storm?

Two countries – so different, so far apart, yet sharing the same weather. Who’d have thought?


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