Who’s More Likely to Win a Duel – Obama or Romney?

After having watched the primary debates and election coverage since August 2011, I’m getting a little bored with this election. While last night’s debate questions (Tuesday, October 16) were good, I’ve been hearing the same questions or types of questions for over a year. No wonder the candidates sound odd – they’ve been giving the same answers for over a year. Like robots, they probably don’t even know what they’re saying anymore.

While I’ve been getting bored with it, my tuxedo cat Lacy hasn’t.

Last night while I blogged, Lacy kept her yellow eyes on the debate. At one point she meowed, “They’re gonna fight!”

She referred to a point when Republican candidate Mitt Romney stood close to President Barack Obama and received a somewhat evil glare from the President. Maybe Romney hasn’t seen this photo of Obama watching Osama bin Laden being killed. Romney ought to take a glance at it before approaching Mr. Obama again.

When the men didn’t come to fisticuffs, Lacy was disappointed.

“Why didn’t they fight?” she purred.

“Lacy,” I said gently, so as not to offend, “Cats hiss and scratch when people get into their territory. Humans try to overcome that instinct.”

Alexander Hamilton

As usual, Lacy trapped me with history. While watching PBS years ago, she learned that one of our Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton, first Treasury Secretary, died in a duel against Aaron Burr.

Here’s the story.

The Cliff Notes version of the story is that Hamilton and Burr were long political enemies. Burr suffered political failures in which Hamilton contributed to the opposition. At a dinner one night in 1804, Hamilton spoke against Burr and his words surfaced in a New York newspaper. Burr then challenged Hamilton to a duel in which Hamilton lost, losing his life.

So we have:

• Dissing
• Dueling
• Death

Quite unseemly, but Hamilton still managed to make it on the $10 bill.

Twentieth Century Dueling?

We’re lucky that today in the US we don’t lose our lives during political turmoil (at this time at least). Campaigns appear to be fought more with money than fists. But if they were fought mano a mano (with pistola a pistola), who would be more likely to win, Obama or Romney?

You’d don’t hear much about fighting in astrology, outside of relationship astrology . . .


The planet of assertiveness and aggression is Mars. It’s the planet that makes us move from here to there. Mars is the ancient god of war. It makes us attracted to others or repulsed by others and drives us to act on any impulse.

It can be associated with violence and anger, but I believe that occurs only when you don’t (or can’t) express your Mars. Mars then erupts. It’s a rocket in your pocket and is going to launch at some point, so make some room.

Obama has Mars in mutable earth Virgo and Romney has Mars in mutable water Pisces, the opposite sign to Virgo. No wonder the fight between these two men last night looked like a pissing contest – it was nervous Virgo against anxious Pisces. It was detail (Virgo) against feeling (Pisces), analysis (Virgo) against synthesis (Pisces), and critic (Virgo) against victim (Pisces).

Neither Virgo nor Pisces is an open, put-up-your-fists fighter. Both signs are mutable and mutable often deal with problems through avoidance.

“Lacy,” I said. “You probably won’t see these two hit each other with anything more than criticism.”

“That’s boring,” she replied, yawning and settling down for a little nap.

Who’s More Likely to Win a Duel – Obama or Romney?

Dear readers, you’ll have to weigh in. I think if this were 1804, neither would show up for the duel.

I’ve been wondering this about Romney and now wonder it about Obama – what are they doing on that stage? Do they really want to be there?

Obama hasn’t explained much his first lackluster debate performance. I’m wondering from his chart if he’s hiding an illness (transiting Saturn in Scorpio squaring Mercury in Leo in the 6th). Jupiter has also been transiting that moon in Gemini. Mercury rules Gemini and speech and lungs.

Romney appears much more engaged now that during the primaries. Transiting Neptune in Pisces is transiting his Mars in Pisces. Does that make one desire the top of the political mountain or an aggressive desire for spiritual union?

I still wonder.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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2 Responses to Who’s More Likely to Win a Duel – Obama or Romney?

  1. Peggy Erhart says:

    For the first time I took a look at Romney’s chart. I note that his moon and Jupiter are in the same degree of Scorpio in the 7th house. I have to discern that is an indicator of his great wealth, successful marriage and his religious faith cannot be questioned. But I really don’t like what I see with the Sun/retrograde Mercury and especially Mars in conjunction in Pisces. Pisces can be so incredibly deceptive and alternately feel so put upon. According to the chart I looked at that combination was in the 10th house. I’m afraid it leads me to believe he would be too emotional on the world stage and find it difficult to take criticism from anyone, not see things clearly, and the Mars, too quick to take military action. Uranus in the first house could be a fine aspect and I rather suppose he is incredibly brilliant. I strongly note that Saturn and Pluto are in conjunction which definitely speaks to his basis being business; indeed Pluto of endings conjunct Saturn of business, thus his success with Bain Capital. What I see is a man who has the capacity to be president but his vision of how things should be is strongly influenced by an ill positioned Mercury and extremly strong focus on business and money when perhaps his interests should be more attuned to average Americans and their needs. I don’t think presidential election success can be noted in a chart. I feel that it is more clearly noted with overall planetary positions and what they tend to signify. I take especial note of Pluto transiting Capricorn which must bring things to an end and then be re-born (auto industry, bank bailouts). Also Jupiter will soon enter domestic Cancer. From these 2 positions I find it unlikely that Romney will be elected,

    • Wow, this is an awesome analysis.

      I’m not sure if I have Romney’s correct time of birth. I have that Jupiter/moon conjunction in the 6th with a Gemini rising. Mars is hanging out in the 9th.

      I worry about Pisces in leadership because it’s so malleable and over-influenced by surroundings. While I can’t see this astrologically, I wonder if he’s being asked by a group to become president so he can fulfill their needs. Since he’s heavily involved in his church, it might be coming from there.

      Watching Romney this last year I can see that he does morph from one personality to another based on the feedback. I really didn’t notice that at first until all his opponents had a moment in the spotlight and Romney responded by playing whatever game they were playing. Romney in one debate accused Gingrich of changing his promises with each state – a factory (or something) in Maine, colonies on the moon for Florida. But Romney does the same thing but in a more subtle fashion.

      He does seem like a truly caring individual with all that water in the chart. I’m sure he takes care of his loved ones quite intensely.

      I don’t try to predict who will win, frankly, because I can’t. I try to look at how they might be feeling. For example, I think Obama may be going through some illness or depression but does that mean he will lose the election? Or does it mean he will win the election but still won’t be happy?

      Interesting. Do you have a blog?

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