Ohio Astrology’s Presidential Prediction

Astrologers are much like analysts – we want to be right. We analyze data to understand a confusing world of inconsistency, feelings, double speak and people’s rationalizations of their actions under the mantle of philosophies and religions.

If you accept the world as non-rational, it’s an easier place to be. Trying to apply a rational standard to the world simply creates frustration.

On the flip side, I do believe the world runs by patterns if not logic and reason.

The last Get Smart movie starring Steve Carell creates the perfect image of the analyst. Carell is Maxwell Smart, an analyst who dreams of being a special agent. Smart has written bulky report after bulky report that his colleagues don’t read. When asked questions, Smart’s reply often goes something like, “It was in the report on page 726.”

Smart, aptly named, has all the answers, if someone would just pay attention.

The Western world runs on ideas of reason and likewise I believe we carry this trait culturally and which is why our religions are also tinted with this need to be right.

As an American, I was surprised to find in other countries you can discuss religion peacefully without the need to be right or convert others to your views. Discussing religion without anyone getting or telling others they were wrong was a surreal surprise.

While astrology is associated with divination, I’m turning to the view that its true purpose is creative engagement with life in the way of artists. You can explore images and not always identify with those images.

What’s called divination, though, is part of the fun of astrology, the same way betting in a sports pool is fun. You have some background information, you have some personal preferences and you bet accordingly.

I’ve been staying far, far away from election predictions for two main reasons: 1) I don’t know how to make election predictions using astrology and 2) I fear making wrong predictions taints the practice of astrology. Once something is branded divination, it must be 100 percent accurate.

Yet, I keep having a feeling about the winner. I decided to let go of whether I’m right or wrong simply because it doesn’t matter. One blog on the blogosphere getting it right or wrong isn’t important in this vast, great universe.

For a while I’ve been feeling the winner of the US Presidential election will be Mitt Romney.


When I look at the weather forecast on my phone, I see pictures of rain for the next five days. Saturn in Scorpio, which we’ll experience for the next two years, feels a lot like that weather forecast.

The energy of Saturn in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces seems more aligned with the energy of Mitt Romney. Romney is a man of water sign sensibilities five of the ten planets in the horoscope in water signs (Scorpio and Pisces). He is the rain. He’s a man who believes in the efficiency of bankruptcy proceedings over bold, daring actions. This is more aligned with Capricorn and Scorpio energy than the current president’s fire and air chart.

Capricorn and Scorpio are both very serious, not dreamers. Both are prone to fear of the paranoid kind, thinking others are out to get them because they don’t understand that others have a more fluid idea of life.

Capricorn is about law and order (sound like the campaign speech of a past Capricorn president?) not about hope and glory.

Scorpio is focused and driven and enjoys a walk on the dark side.

Both Capricorn and Scorpio are prone to depression and taking a “glass half empty” approach to life.

Capricorn is shrewd while Scorpio is perceptive.

While I’m feeling Romney is going to win, I’m also feeling that he’s not going to like it much.

It’s on Page 729

Astrology is analytical and there are far superior astrologers out there analyzing past data, looking at angles and arcs and progressions and transits. I’m sure they have much better reasons for their picks. I’d trust them if you’re betting money.

I’m simply feeling Romney in the air, in the storms and in the economy.


About ohioastrology

I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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5 Responses to Ohio Astrology’s Presidential Prediction

  1. Gene says:

    I have a feeling you’re right about most of that, and another feeling that Romney never
    expected to like it very much. Your discussions of Pisces have reminded me that I have the
    sign intercepted in the first house, tucked in there alongside Saturn, which in turn suggests
    a few things I hadn’t really thought about before ! I am enjoying your commentaries.

    • What gives you the feeling Romney will win? Curious what you’re seeing.

      Obama’s flatness during the debates is still ringing odd in the back of my mind. It was odd. Early on I got the feeling Romney had some specific mud on him. With moon in Gemini, there is often double life.

      • Gene says:

        Mostly I guess it’s just a sense of disbelief that enough people would
        choose to buy a second used car from the incumbent. Obama was
        distracted by something in the first debate – possibly a fit of depression-
        but I thought he bullshot his way thru the others rather brilliantly. All the
        Believers cheered at any rate. As for Romney mud, I don’t know. Most
        people manage do some really stupid stuff before they are 25 or 30,
        especially if it has anything to do with hormones, so I wouldn’t be much
        surprised. I’m sure if you get around Big Money there are lots of ways
        for ethical cogs to slip as well. I’ve known and worked with quite a few
        Mormons and to the best of my knowledge they are one and all as
        square as a brick. They do favor the Tribe, however.

  2. leigh says:

    I know a little about astrology, which gets one in trouble, and although I sometimes have psychic feelings like 90% of people will if they listen to their feelings, I must say as a novice that Romney seems like a muddy picture to me. His Pisces energy has shown how changeable he is, and he can be easily influenced by others (i.e. his change on many positions from abortion, changes in economic policies, his view on women’s issues, etc.) just because he wants so much to be elected. If he is elected, I fear for our country. I feel he has no genuine compassion for the middle class, the elderly, and the poor. He appears to have the opinion that if people would just work hard they could succeed. He forgets the emotionally and physically disabled soldiers that come back from Iraq. He forgets those not mentally competent to take care of themselves (the mentally challenged, the children, and the ill). He forgets that the elderly on Social Security and Medicare paid a good portion of their taxes for those services (and still pay even more for Medicare when retired). I hope the people of the United States take a good look and really hear his position on women’s issues. He wants to get rid of Planned Parenthoood (which does not deal with abortion) that helps fun the costs for Papps smears, mammograms, and controceptives for the poor who cannot afford these services. He wants to do away with the law establishing equal pay for women. He plans to take away the deduction for mortgage interest, which keeps even the ones making a good salary above $100,000 the loss of the one major deduction they have to lower their 30-40% taxes taken from their salaries.
    I only hope that something happens that wakes people up to his unethical practices. I pray for our country and the middle class if he wins. You can bet that I will be praying as hard as I can for his defeat.

    • I understand. I’m definitely not endorsing him (or any candidate for that matter). I’m concerned that we’re not allowed to ask about the candidate’s religious beliefs which may affect their policies. I’m concerned that war with Iran will be quicker with Romney than Obama.

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