Shinzo Abe, Where is Your Mars?

Japan has elected a new prime minister today – Shinzo Abe – as Mars moves from Capricorn to Aquarius.

Since mid-November, Mars has been in Capricorn, passing over Abe’s natal Mars in Capricorn. Mars enjoys the sign of Capricorn because Mars moves forward in one direction and Capricorn supplies the goals.

Competition and goals go hand in hand.

Lisa Simpson was once was asked by another character what her “ambition du jour” was that particular day. Very Capricorn.

Tracy Flick of the movie Election is also a nice cookie-cutter Capricorn character. Flick is ambition personified and finds friendship only in older, authority figures. She manages to squash all of her opponents.

Back to Abe, who isn’t a Capricorn, just has Mars in that sign. But to survive the role he’s taken, I hope that Mars is in the first or tenth house (we need time of birth to know). Otherwise Mars will be fighting other planets in Abe’s charts as well as his foes.

In other words, Abe, to survive, better bring out his inner Lisa Simpson or Tracy Flick.

Abe has sun in mutable earth sign Virgo but has a loose (very loose) T-square in his horoscope with Mars in Capricorn, moon/Jupiter/Uranus in Cancer and Mercury/Neptune in Libra.

Abe is one picky, picky dude. He’s obsessive-compulsive exacting and can be driven made by simple lack of symmetry. If I were an evil astrologer (and I swear I’m not), I’d suggest his opponents face him wearing mismatched clothes and lopsided haircuts. As Abe shakes off an attack of nerves the opponent can win the battle.

I’m seeing a lot of Cancer moons in world leaders; as with others, there is some sacrifice of family life for the role. With Abe, Uranus and Jupiter conjunct moon in Cancer means that family life has been both a blessing and curse, a source of warmth and a source of confusion, at times steady and at times unpredictable.

There’s not much fire in Abe’s chart unless he has a fire rising sign. Lack of fire is lack of energy and enthusiasm – when the crowd needs inspiration Abe will probably offer homework.

Think Mitt Romney, if you can remember back that far to the recent US election. Romney, with his lack of fire, had an “enthusiasm deficit.” Watch for that deficit to move to Japan (a new export?).

Mercury and Neptune conjunct in Abe’s chart suggest poetic and writing ability which is a nice aspect to have to soften the Virgo fine detail. Neptune on Mercury might be poetic, but if you need to know where someone was last Friday at 10 a.m., you want what’s called a “fact” versus “poetry,” if you get my drift.

And you might want to ask where Abe was last Friday since he has Saturn conjunct Venus in Scorpio. Abe will be having a Saturn return so might have some issues in his love life. Hopefully he wasn’t at a love hotel last Friday.

The personal/family issues crop up so much in political charts I’m guessing that’s part of what drives men to politic – Either a lack of love or belonging in other relationships or to have more opportunities for partners.

This Saturn return for Abe means his tight knit group of friends and supporters will become even tighter, like a noose, in the way of cults. Cults are warm and fuzzy until you step outside of the boundaries. Abe’s commitment to some group, whatever it is, is very serious. It might be beyond the political realm.

Uranus is now transiting Aries creating a grand square with all of Abe’s cardinal signs. I can’t imagine his time in office being anything but constant strife and struggle.

Looking at the Wikipedia article on Abe, it appears he was prime minister once but resigned. I haven’t read up on why he resigned but with the Virgo and cardinal signs in plethora in his horoscope, he might simply be too nervous.

Uranus will be in Aries until 2018, quite a ways out from today.

Will Abe’s Mars in Capricorn take over the wheel? Will transiting Pluto in Capricorn ignite all that is ambitious and ruthless in Abe?

How will Abe’s beauty-seeking Libra adjust to lobbing off enemy heads? Will the Virgo sun get an allergic reaction to the dripping blood and retreat to bed? Will that Cancer moon panic and change its mind?

Mars (in Capricorn) opposite moon (in Cancer) gets what it wants. But with so much cardinal energy in his chart, the question really is whether Abe knows what he wants.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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