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If You Were a Coupon, What Would You Offer?

It’s quite common to hear people at the checkout with their coupons ask, “I wonder what sign of the zodiac rules coupons?” With coupon redemption in the billions annually in the US, the very nature of the coupons is a … Continue reading

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Boredom and Confusion – Part of the Same Continuum?

Are we there yet? Boredom has been a topic on my mind for years. It’s something I rarely feel but hear that others experience quite often. I’ve been suspecting that what’s called “loneliness” is often boredom and tight-knit groups over-concerned … Continue reading

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Oprah the Confessor, Lance the Martyr?

Is it true that Lance Armstrong is going to confess to doping during an interview with Oprah? Is Oprah our National Confessor? Can she bestow absolution on us all? If so, line me up. The Confessor According to, while … Continue reading

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Che Guevara: Model of the Revolution

If Ernesto Guevara, Cuban revolutionary, were alive today, he could be a millionaire. That is if he had embraced the 21st century concept of personal brand identity and charged royalties for all the places where his famous revolutionary silhoutette resides. … Continue reading

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Gérard Depardieu, Ce que vous pensez?

Is it true that French film actor Gérard Depardieu is moving from France to Russia to avoid a 75 percent tax rate? Ce que vous pensez, Gérard Depardieu? Or, in English, WTF? Very ironically I’m currently reading a biography of … Continue reading

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Republican Fight Club: Christie and Boehner

The holidays are over so it’s time for a return to “Your Regular Life” which includes resolutions to lose weight and save money, all your co-workers returning to work and wanting the last two weeks of deliverables in one day … Continue reading

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