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The Astrological Dissection of Scandal

During the writing of this blog, originally titled “Post-Scandal Era,” the BBC news site posted a story about French ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy standing trial for campaign finance fraud in 2012. You might have missed the story as its shelf-life was … Continue reading

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Oprah the Confessor, Lance the Martyr?

Is it true that Lance Armstrong is going to confess to doping during an interview with Oprah? Is Oprah our National Confessor? Can she bestow absolution on us all? If so, line me up. The Confessor According to Dictionary.com, while … Continue reading

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Lance Armstrong: Doper or Hypochondriac?

The whole notion of some drugs being “legal” and others being “illegal” is really quite interesting. What is the inherent property of a drug that is on wrong side of the law? While drugs are classified as “legal” and “illegal,” … Continue reading

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