Sergei Udaltsov: Astrological Thoughts for a Revolutionary

In every revolution, there is one man with a vision.” James T. Kirk to the brutal negative-universe Lieutenant Spock

Every now and again while catching up on Star Trek the original TV series, I get this subtle feeling that maybe, just maybe, this TV show is offering commentary on our way of life on earth.

In “Mirror, Mirror,” for example, Kirk and three others, while beaming up from a very peaceful planet, are caught in a transformer tremor and accidentally beamed to a negative universe, a shadow-side universe in which the Federation (Kirk and company’s origin) is not peaceful but an evil empire.

In this universe Kirk, instead of achieving honor through good, old-fashioned virtues, has achieved his very-same position through brutality, through offing everyone who gets in his way.

Hey, isn’t that how it happens here on earth?

Didn’t kings become kings through the brutal overthrow of those in power?

Hasn’t it always been this way for our known recorded history? Isn’t that simply life as we know it?

Yeah, I really think Star Trek was trying to say something. I’m sure of it.

In the brutal universe in which he finds himself, our Good Kirk has the integrity and discipline to navigate shark-filled waters to return to his positive universe and swap with the negative Kirk who landed on the positive side.

Unlike his peers, the brutal-universe Spock has the seeds of his positive-universe self, or, as Kirk says it, Spock has integrity in both worlds. And why does Spock have integrity?

Because he is logical.

Even in the brutal universe, Spock simply wants to be a scientist. Brutal-universal Spock makes clear he just wants to do his job, not engage in power machinations.

As Kirk leaves the negative universe, he entreats Spock to do good with the message that “In every revolution, there is one man with a vision.”


What sign rules “vision?”

I think the last quadrant of the zodiac rules vision – Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Sagittarius is personal, spiritual vision.

Capricorn is practical, societal organization vision.

Aquarius is intellectual, societal organization vision.

Pisces is pure spiritual vision.

Sagittarius says we all deserve the freedom to drive. Capricorn builds the roads and stop signs. Aquarius says that a perfect road way has four-way stops and three colors for lights. Pisces says that we are all one so you should simply know we all have the right to drive (even dreamy Pisces) and should know to stop at four-way intersections and yield for others.

In fact, Pisces might suggest car pooling.

Star Trek seems to embody the Aquarian vision most. The Sagittarius vision has the Enterprise (Kirk’s spaceship) seeking out new forms of life in the universe, the Capricorn vision follows a strict code of honor and the Pisces vision allows the members to do what’s best for humanity (although they are not supposed to interfere).

Star Trek’s Federation is Aquarian in that it is based on intellect. Emotions occur, but are viewed as personal and not conducive to the mission. Regardless of what the members of the crew experience on alien planets, they always are open to the experience, try to understand rather than judge, rationalize or explain within an existing dogma.

For example, if you were standing at the clearance price shoe rack and the shoes you were observing simply disappeared, how would you react?

You’d wonder if you’d gone mad; you’d search for someone behind the rack playing a trick; you’d think your mind had wandered; you might think a god or devil had moved them.

If the same thing happened to the members of the Enterprise, they would simply observe the shoes had disappeared and try to understand why. They may have some preconceived notions, but rarely stick to those if the facts prove otherwise.

The detachment of Aquarius allows it to view any world without emotional reaction which can cloud full understanding of ideas we might not have current capacity to integrate.

Aquarius Vision

When we say “Visionary” or “Revolutionary” with Capital Letters, I believe we talk of Aquarius energy.

What Aquarius doesn’t always understand is that bringing a new idea to the world can be very threatening to our emotional and physical selves. Like animals, we react from those levels and get reactive and defensive which can manifest as brutality.

We are not part of the Enterprise.

The other itty-bitty problem is that we experience life through our personalities. Understanding what’s good for the whole by filtering through the personality, our cultures and our times can cause a little trouble.

Every culture has a “cure” for the common cold, the magical blend of food, herbs and spices. Each blend, of course, is what is found locally. Likewise, filtering what’s good for others through our personalities often leans toward what we need personally.

The other teeny-tiny problem is that we tend to define the future by the terms of the present. In Star Trek, for example, a pair of disappearing shoes doesn’t have a label. Later, Spock will try to explain for posterity. But until the situation is fully understood, judgment is withheld.

In real life, we usually try to understand by defining in an existing structure (such as astrology or religion).

Sergei Udaltsov – Too Much Aquarius

OHA has three blogs on individuals with too much Aquarius (sun and moon in the sign or lots of other planets): artist Henry Rollins, politician Sarah Palin and musician Axl Rose.

Sergei Udaltsov, Russian political activist, also has sun and moon in Aquarius, although moon may be in Capricorn (need time of birth).

The one thing these three may have in common is that they are all considered a little “different,” maybe weird, maybe even rebel.

Aquarius is like that. In this interview with Udaltsov (, he explains his wedding photo, which has him and his betrothed in front of a picture of Stalin holding signs with political statements.

“‘It was just an adolescent desire to shock people’, he says about the photo. ‘It was like ‘you’re all afraid of Stalin, but I’m wearing a picture of him on my tee shirt.’ Obviously my views have evolved in the ten years since then.'”

This is very Aquarius – creating shock. Shock creates a crack that allows water (ideas and emotions) to seep through.

Shocking a world filled with rules isn’t really that difficult. What’s difficult is to explain why a shock is needed to stir energy into action.

Aquarius Evolution

If the lowest level of Aquarius is rebellion for its own sake and useless ploys for shock value, then the next level is understanding one’s influence when breaking with the rules or tradition. If you shock others to create a crack, what are you asking them to absorb?

Udaltsov has just been placed under house arrest. Udaltsov has passed the first gate of Aquarius. He’s created enough shock in the system to be threatening.

Now what?

In the aforementioned interview, the author concludes with:

“Unfortunately Sergey doesn’t know how to do anything differently. He knows how to conduct a hunger strike and a protest march; he knows how to get himself arrested. Life would of course be impossible without such people; they are a kind of lynchpin, a kind of necessary madness. A charismatic fanatic is a good thing, but not an effective instrument of change. And as Vladimir Tor, one of the leaders of Russia’s nationalists says, you need the right instrument for the job.”

Isabel Hickey writes this about Aquarius in “Astrology: A Cosmic Science.”

“Aquarius has two rulers: Saturn and Uranus. They must work together or chaos will be the result. Uranus is the shattering force that breaks up old forms. Saturn is the agent which crystallizes forms or structures and establishes them in an ego complex. Saturn is the oldest of the gods and represents the first law of manifestation: the law of limitation. Without the concentration of energy within a defined field of activity there would be no power or focus. Uranus represents the power or life force; Saturn represents the confining form that makes it useable on the earth plane.”

Will Udaltsov choose to be just another shattering force or the force that makes new energy usable on the earth plane?

Hickey goes on to write:

“If we can understand these two energies we will understand what is happening in the world today. Without the responsibility inherent in Saturn the force of Uranus can cause destruction and chaos. Without discipline (Saturn) there can be no real freedom. Freedom without responsibility is license and not liberty.”

I also like this Evolutionary Astrology message board post by a person named Rad:

“One of the core archetypes of the 11th House, Aquarius, and Uranus is one of objectification. To objectify the nature of anything independent of any subjective state of consciousness that can then project upon the objective nature of anything: to understand and see something for what it actually is independent of subjective interpretation of that which is of itself. As a result of this archetype the entire dimension of what we call ‘science’ is a reflection of this archetype. Astrology is nothing more than a natural science where any natural science is rooted in correlation and observation: like Darwin.”

The personal Aquarius in Udaltsov is probably happy to have attention and to be perceived as a threat (as his recent house arrest indicates).

If Udaltsov can’t rise above personal Aquarius he will land in Pisces – scapegoat and martyr.

To stay in Aquarius, the next plane for Udaltsov is to understand, with detachment, why he is a “charismatic fanatic.” It’s the “charisma” part he needs to understand – what is it that others are seeing in him that is inspiring?

Is it the raw energy? Is the politics? Is it the challenging of a Byzantine ruler?

That’s the next level of a conduit of any energy – what is the source you are tapping into?

What’s Next for Udaltsov?

Saturn is transiting Scorpio creating a grand square with Udaltsov’s Saturn (in Leo), Uranus (in Scorpio) Jupiter (in Taurus) and moon/Mars/Mercury (in Aquarius).

This is a fixed-sign square. Fixed indicates focus, purpose, steadfastness which can be perceived as stubbornness. Leaders across the globe are born of fixed signs. You need that kind of focus and stubbornness to challenge those with unlimited power.

While the more placid and routine of us hate a squares, especially a grand square, as it causes great tension, a tense person such as Aquarius sun/moon Udaltsov (or Aquarius sun/Capricorn moon tension) enjoys having a release of tension through external stimulus.

All the while Uranus in Aries is transiting Udaltsov’s Venus. Is the wife getting bored of the impulsive, headstrong behavior?

In other words, Udaltsov is up for the fight but the fight will probably exhaust him physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually. If his Aquarian rebellion is strictly personal, he may lose the fight.

If his rebellion truly includes the needs of others, he may have a chance to share the energetic burden and collectively regain energy. If he truly cares about people and not simply about ideas that create attention, then he may have a chance.

Taking on a culture like Russia and a man like Putin is completely dangerous. If we were on Star Trek’s Enterprise, Red Alert signs would be flashing.

Sacrifice is in the realm of Pisces, not Aquarius. Aquarius, like Virgo, serves humanity. To serve others you must move through your own personal ego. If you don’t, you are simply imposing ideas on others.

The choices may be tough, but Udaltsov stepped into the ring. Now’s he’s under house arrest which is Saturn crashing down on him. The rope is being tightened on a freedom-loving Aquarius.

Will Udaltsov be strangled into submission or chiseled into a mature leader? It’ll probably take another two years to know.


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