Jason Bateman – Corporate Guy

Jason Bateman is an actor whose movies I see simply because I like looking at him. Although I hope for a good plot, if the script is just so-so, I’m not bothered because I still get to look at Bateman. Other actors who have graced my like-to-look-at list include George Clooney (could use a fix) and Ewan McGregor (who also does nudity, not that I’m tracking this).

The last two movies I saw Bateman in were “Horrible Bosses” and “The Change Up.” His new movie, “Identity Thief” has Bateman in a similar role to those other two movies. There seems to be a little type-casting going on here in these recent movies, but I’m not Bateman’s agent, so I’ll let it go.

And I don’t mind cause he’s nice to look at.

The type Bateman is cast in is the honest Corporate Guy, the one who plays by the rules, the one is is also a good family man and is cautious and diligent. Unfortunately, as the song goes, nice guys who follow the rules of corporate life often finish last. Corporate Guy gets passed over for a raise and publicly humiliated but manages to maintain his steady-guy composure and keeps trying.

Enter some unusual situation that forces Corporate Guy to take a walk on the wild side where he learns to experience life a little more spontaneously, all the while keeping the love of his good wife and children while sticking it to the Evil Boss or Obnoxious Authority Figure.

Maybe I like the plots too. They seem familiar in some way . . .

What sign of the zodiac is representative of Corporate Guy?


Capricorn follows the rules until it gets to make the rules itself. Cautious, practical, shrewd, ambitious – these are all words associated with Capricorn and are qualities found inside the structure of corporations.

And what sign is Bateman?

Hey, he’s a Capricorn sun. What a coincidence!

Astrotheme places Bateman’s moon in the sign of Sagittarius. I now lovingly call Sagittarius moon the Charlie Sheen moon due to the impulse toward wild behavior that comes with this placement.

A little Wikipedia reading on Bateman reveals that he stays away from drugs and alcohol, both having caused him trouble in the past. Looks like this Capricorn has that moon in control.

Sagittarius has trouble saying no to indulgence. Bateman’s cautious Capricorn sun is at odds with his uncontrolled Sagittarius moon. Interesting that Bateman should play these cautious Capricorn types who get swept up not by drugs and alcohol, but by some crazy situation that throws him into the arms of risk.

As Pluto transits Capricorn, all Capricorn suns will go through periods of intense transformation. Bateman is no exception. It will take a few more years (like five to seven) for Pluto to transit his sun. Pluto transits are much like “The Change Up” in that one day we find ourselves inside of another body and the world looks at us differently.

Unlike “The Change Up,” the body is the same, but we inside are different.

What’s changing for Bateman?

If the Astrotheme chart is correct, Saturn in the 9th house is going to be a major focus due to the square with Pluto and conjunction of transiting Uranus.

Saturn in the 9th represents one who grew up with a lot of rules and shoulds and oughts and lots of fingers pointing at his nose telling him what to do. When Uranus hits (the fan), a few rules are going to get broken in Bateman’s world. That Saturn says there is a holding back of one’s true beliefs. While following the rules there’s a voice inside that says, “That’s not how I want to do it. This is how I truly want to do it.”

Breaking the rules doesn’t mean running traffic lights. For a person who feels they have to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast every day, breaking the rules can be having a candy bar and coffee for breakfast. Or noodles with paprika. Or a leftover hot dog. Or something else that is not bacon and eggs.

Bateman probably fears breaking the rules because his Sagittarius moon threatens to go overboard with any breaking of rules. It’s okay to eat a candy bar and coffee for breakfast once in a while; just not every day or then it becomes not a spontaneous expression but another tired habit in a world glued together by tired habits. Or an addiction.

Neptune is will transit Bateman’s dreamy Venus in Pisces in the next couple years. That’s always a fun thing, good for a romantic evening that lasts a couple years. For those that like to look at Bateman on the big screen, this should keep him nice-to-look-at.

I’ll have to check out Bateman’s non Corporate Guy movies and see what else in his horoscope is being channeled through his characters.

Maybe a little expression of that Mars in Scorpio is in order??


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