Jupiter in Cancer

At the end of June, Jupiter will transit into Cancer from its year in Gemini. It’s going to be an emotional year. Collective emotional outpourings are in store.

Jupiter is in its exaltation in Cancer – it’s the best placement for Jupiter. Jupiter is expansive and generous and Cancer, in positive manifestation, is emotionally nurturing. The placement is compassionate, loving of family.

Hopefully there will be an abundance of compassion this year.

Jupiter takes 12 years to revolve around the sun. Twelve years to go through 12 signs means that Jupiter spends a year in a sign. Check out your life’s “good” years and “bad” years to see where Jupiter is in your chart during the “good” times and you’ll understand transits and your own horoscope.

The last time Jupiter was in Cancer was 12 years ago – 2001.

Does that year ring a bell?

Jupiter entered Cancer in July 2001 and in September the US faced a violent political assault. We were shocked and emotional with a Cancer response – desire for increased security. We also had an increased desire to know better the people in our community. Meetup.com was founded, according to Wikipedia (verified by an email I received from the organization) in this way:

“Following the September 11 attacks, the site’s co-founder Scott Heiferman publicly stated that the manner in which people in New York City came together in the aftermath of that traumatic event inspired him to use the Internet to make it easier for people to connect with strangers in their community.”

Jupiter in Cancer isn’t the symbolism for the 2001 violent assault. That rests with some astrologers as the Pluto / Saturn opposition which occurred in Sagittarius / Gemini respectively. Jupiter in Cancer was part of the energy, the energy of sharing the experience.

This Jupiter transit of Cancer, however, will make its own opposition to Pluto in Capricorn by August of this year. Security (Cancer) and rules (Capricorn) will be at odds. These are some of the other Cancer/Capricorn polarities:

Mom / Dad (with capital letters)
Home / career
Personal conscious / social consciousness
Feelings / defenses
Family dynamics / social dynamics

The phrase “once bitten, twice shy” is both a Cancer and Capricorn response. Cancer hides and Capricorn makes a vow never to lose control.

“Homeland Security” is a term and organization arising from the trauma of 2001. It’s a perfect combination of the Cancer/Capricorn axis and might be the object of attention this year.

News stories of bombings (Boston) and girls being kidnapped for ten years (Cleveland) are enough to scare loving family members into overly-protective behavior. I’m having some Jupiter in Cancer feelings right now.

In August there will be a T-square of Jupiter (in Cancer), Pluto (in Capricorn) and Uranus (in Aries). Adding fuel to the emotionally-charged bonfire will be Mars in Cancer. It will rain on the rain. Rain will fill the rivers. Water will seep into your life. You can’t ignore the emotional landscape around you.

Sounds like there is a wet summer ahead.

The sign of Cancer is known for its tenacity. To non-emotional signs, it feels clingy. Cancer, fed by belonging, is lonely when not surrounded by the warm, comforting waters of the emotionally and spiritually familiar.

The Cleveland kidnapper, I discovered today, has three planets in Cancer (sun, Mercury and Venus) opposed by Saturn in Capricorn. That’s some unpleasant symbolism of what it means to need something so badly (whatever he needed), that you’d take away someone’s freedom and life to get it. That’s a lot like eating, where something has to die to feed us.

Jupiter in Cancer will bring abundance in eating and other eating-like appetites such as medicine, cigarettes and drinking.

Neptune in still in watery Pisces (and will be there for quite some time) and Saturn is in watery Scorpio (for the next year)  – with the added Jupiter in Cancer, alcohol sales will do well this year. It’s a good time to invest in intoxicating watery substances.

Charities will probably also do well during this year of compassion. We feel each other’s pain and give.

Jupiter in Cancer is also a good time to go swimming. Swimming during Jupiter in Cancer will take you to the water so that the water doesn’t need to come to you.

Here’s site for the next year – Rainy Mood.com. Listen to the rain. Calm down.

Jupiter enters Cancer on June 26, 2013.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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8 Responses to Jupiter in Cancer

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  2. A says:

    2001 – 2013 was the worst time me. I am Cancer.

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  4. Christina says:

    Love your writing style, Angela. So easy to understand (for a newbie!)

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