America’s Sacred Partner

Catholics have the Pope. The British, Dutch, Belgians, Saudis, Japanese and others have royal families. The North Koreans have Kim Jong-un. The Mexicans have the Virgin of Guadalupe.

What does America have?

America has The Sacred Partner.

The Sacred Partner talks to us at 11:30 pm from a chair on a platform in New York City or Los Angeles. Our Sacred Partner, liked many other revered figures, is male. Our Sacred Partner prepares us for sleep with simple talk, silly talk, unusual talk, but nothing that taxes our world-weary heads. The Sacred Partner is our sleeping pill, the sheep we count, a pleasant and harmless thought.

The Original Sacred Partner hour (The Tonight Show) was created under a Libra sun with moon, Neptune and Mercury all in Libra (September 27, 1954). Libra is the sign of partnership. The Sacred Partner is beautiful, charming, and pleasant to be around and doesn’t make the other cardinal signs’ — Aries, Cancer and Capricorn — demands that we speak up, come home for dinner and make a success of ourselves in the world. The Libra Sacred Partner simply sits up with us at night. The Sacred Partner talks to us in gentle tones.

Libra is a cocktail, a cocktail enjoyed in the Neptune-in-Libra way, without guilt, without counting calories, without the critical thoughts that ruin pleasure.

With Neptune in Libra men are men, women are woman (tough women, by the way), all look good and poetry speaks all about it. Poetry is read to you by Libra as you turn to look at the TV commercials and cars speeding down the pot-holed street. Libra paints the wall of the cheap, rented apartment and now you are in a beat café in San Francisco with Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac.

This all happens at 11:30 pm.

The First Sacred Partner was Steve Allen, Capricorn sun and Sagittarius moon, with Saturn and Jupiter in Libra. Capricorn sun says “follow the rules by the day” and Sagittarius moon says, “make every night a night in Las Vegas.”

After the First Sacred Partner came several others until the Golden Sacred Partner emerged during the sign of Libra on October 1, 1962. Neptune, the moon and Venus were all conjunct in Scorpio suggesting the new Sacred Partner brought a charismatic sex appeal.

The Golden Sacred Partner, Johnny Carson, had sun in Libra and moon and Jupiter in Capricorn. Our Golden Sacred Partner was all that was good about Libra – suave, charming, handsome, easygoing, pleasurable, amiable and non-threatening. The Capricorn moon kept the emotions far from view. Eleven thirty was a time for relaxing, not a time to be nagged by your wife, boss, children or neighbors, not a time to finish your homework. Eleven thirty was time to relax.

Johnny Carson was the last person you saw at night, your nightcap. A beautiful image before sleep.

On February 1, 1982, the Sacred Partner mutated into the Golden Sacred Partner, who remained at 11:30 pm and the Obnoxious Sacred Partner, who spoke to us at 12:30 am.

The Obnoxious Sacred Partner, David Letterman, also had moon in Capricorn but sun in Aries, the opposite of the pleasure-loving Libra. The Aries Sacred Partner allowed us a few self-aggrandizing slaps on the back before bed. The Obnoxious Sacred Partner made us feel cool.

The Obnoxious Sacred Partner, with Uranus in Gemini, appealed to a younger generation than those born during the reign of the Original Sacred Partner or the Golden Sacred Partner. This was the budding Pluto/Uranus in Virgo generation spreading its wings, knowing it was just a matter of time before the world had to hear its criticisms.

Virgo is the sign of pets and the Obnoxious Sacred Partner brought pet tricks of the non-intelligent kind to amuse the pet-loving generation.

On August 30, 1993, the Obnoxious Sacred Partner earned his place next to the Sacred Partner at 11:30 pm. On that day, sun and Mercury were in Virgo, Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, Saturn and moon in Aquarius and Mars and Jupiter in Libra. The Obnoxious Sacred partner created tensions and sense of inclusion. The Obnoxious Sacred Partner created a challenge and forced us to choose the Perfect Partner.

After thirty years as Golden Sacred Partner, Johnny Carson retired to be replaced by Jay Leno on May 25, 1992. The sun was in Gemini and moon in Pisces changing the show from a pre-slumber nightcap into a round of chatty gossip.

Gemini and Pisces are rambling, lively, imaginative conversationalists.

Jay Leno, with sun in earthy Taurus and moon in earthy Virgo is the Stable Sacred Partner. The 11:30 pm hour changed from a nightcap to a routine before bed, to something more rational, practical and useful. Leno is part of the Neptune-in-Libra generation and understands pleasure, but also projects more essence, more corporeality, more reality. Leno is a guy you’d meet on the street. Carson was a God, someone you merely fantasized about.

The 12:30 am hour has brought us several Lessor Sacred Partners – Conan O’Brien (Aries), Jimmy Fallon (Virgo) and now Seth Myers (Capricorn).

Both the 11:30 pm and 12:30 am Sacred Hours are being populated with earth signs. Our images of Sacred Partners began as suave, moved to obnoxious and now are more like our actual husbands.

America’s Sacred Partner, unlike a Pope, dictator or royal family, is chosen by the people. The Sacred Partner is a product and reflection of our democracy. He has earned his way into our hearts, has not been forced there.

Our Sacred Partner speaks to us Monday through Friday. Saturday is still reserved for the Sacred Friendship Group when we spend time with the not-ready-for-prime-time players of Saturday Night Live. That show aired on October 11, 1975 with Pluto, Mercury and the sun in Libra, the sign of partnership.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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5 Responses to America’s Sacred Partner

  1. Elouise says:

    All this has made me curious about John Stewart and Stephen Colbert!

  2. Judy says:

    And my favorite, Craig Ferguson is a Taurus. As am I.

  3. SaturnScorp1985 says:

    This…was an awesome read..i am Australian…if it matters..but wow…now i understand Americans soooooo much better than i ever have. & over here in Australia…we have the very same shows the very same time (different time zone though) at 11.30pm through till 1.00pm.

    Love it! 😉

  4. SaturnScorp1985 says: be honest.. we Aussies certainly don’t have a ‘Sacred Partner’ , but
    growing up in the 90’s here in Australia, i grew up on much of the same television shows (& Music) that yourself & the kids of America would have, although we only had maybe 5 different TV channels to choose from & not many peeps around my hood could afford ‘paid TV’. So at night within 5 different channels to choose from, i watched Seinfeld, Simpsons, Mash, South Park, Two Guys A Girl & A Pizza Place, Dawsons Creek, The Brady Bunch, Felicity, The X Files, Party of 5, my mum loved watching Opera, Seventh Heaven & ‘Days of Our Lives’ (rrr!), etc etc..but late at night 11.30pm it was The Jerry Springer Show & David Letterman. My father HATED The Jerry Springer Show & David Letterman, plus the influence that American culture had on Australia & other nations, so watching American TV shows was strictly prohibited when my father was home from work (just to add fathers ancestry is English & Irish, My mother is English & Aboriginal-Indigenous). So when my dad was not home we would put the TV on & stay up all night laughing ourselves in hysterics watching all the American sitcoms we could possibly fit into before bed time, my mum would even secretly video tape them the night before, & also any favorite shows she would miss during the day like ‘Days of Our Lives’ & Opera.
    If my father found out we had recorded any American shows from the night before..he would throw the tapes in the bin & we would never hear the end of how F’d up & egotistical Americans are, & how much he really hoped Australia would not turn into America.

    As a child, it was hard for me to understand my fathers disregard for American culture & TV sitcoms, since a lot of my favorite hero’s were from America, but as a teenager i started to kind of understand his hatred for American pop culture & influence when i started to watch our Aussie ideals dissipate into complete backwash of re run after re run of American sitcoms & music plaguing our airways, & in effect, influencing everyday Australian behavior right down to how we walked & talked (except for our politics!) & our social views were changing as a result. (although today in 2013 we are a little more socially adverse to outside influence as a result of digital media – in my personal opinion..)
    By the time i was in high school in year 1999-2000..every white guy in my school thought they were ‘The Real Slim Shady’ or ‘Kurt Cobain’ & any guy that was even the remotest bit dark skinned..thought they were ‘2Pac’ or ‘Bob Marley’. Gangs started to form within our schools, & finally gun crime on the streets there after.
    Much of this behavior (so i have been told) in Australia was unheard of till after the Vietnam War. & by the late 1980’s & by the end of the 90’s, American pop culture was so prevalent within our society, it was hard to tell what our own Aussie values & ideals were, from American values & ideals.
    I even remember when i was 14 years old, a friend of mine at school dialed ‘911’ when we were stranded at a train station in Sydney, even though the emergency phone number for Australia ‘000’ was plastered on advertising signs every where you could possibly look along the the station! (& i could tell you more stories like this..)

    I am now 28, & realize its our own individual choice to make decisions based of what the ‘status quo’ is doing or tries push on us as far as social norms & national pride is concerned.
    I am not ashamed of American influence on Australia..nor am i humbled by it, as i still absolutely love my all American TV/Movie hero’s, regardless.
    I hope i have been able to give an ‘external view’ from an Aussies perspective on how Americas ‘Sacred Partners’ – particularly TV sitcoms etc..have had on the ‘Aussie way of life’ here in Australia.

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