The Tennis Gods Strike Back

We in the US are taught that the Greek and Roman gods are myth, tales of past cultures. Our culture is monotheistic, a legacy, one could argue, of the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten who, back in the 14th century BC, dared to look into the sun and declare it the one source. We interpret that to mean Akhenaten was monotheistic.

Did Akhenaten call the sun a “god?” Was that his intent?

The dead don’t talk and the ruler after him, the unduly famous Tutankhamen (who simply left us his gold to look at), brought back the gods.

The Greeks and Romans, closer to us in history than Akhenaten, had a pantheon of gods with varying virtues and vices that, surprise, are the vices and virtues of we humans. Their forms, as we find in art museums, are rather nicely carved, with abundant hair (there are no bald gods), shaggy manes and muscular torsos. The gods were not safe – they represented raw energy patterns in people form – handsome people forms. Some were nice, some weren’t.

Does a belief in a pantheon of gods bring us a more fluid and flexible psychology? Do the many gods of Greek and Roman lore help us understand our own energetic core?

Why have we abandoned the gods?

The new gods

Possibly we have abandoned our “mythical” gods because we have gods, in Greek form, walking the planet right here and now.

Example number one: Tennis pro Roger Federer.

Take a look. Is he not a god?

He looks like a Greek god, has the physique of one and definitely plays tennis like one . . .

Have we simply replaced mythical gods with sports gods?

If so, let’s look at sports gods, gods manifesting in the world of tennis. The top four tennis pros are Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic.

Roger Federer

Federer is the new God of Passion. With sun in Leo and moon and Uranus in Scorpio, the chart is as intense as his dark looks suggest.

Federer is a passionate and jealous god, a god who attracts beautiful women (and Ohio astrologers) and chooses the most comely woman as his own. He is devoted to his beauty that he treats as carefully as fine porcelain.

As you are aware from your Greek mythology, gods of passion are also gods of jealousy and beautiful women, like beautiful men, attract attention. This causes angry, but passionate, rows that are settled in the way of Scorpio – in bed.

Federer’s Jupiter / Saturn conjunction in Libra idealizes the partner that comes from another family, country, ethnic or social background. That differentness creates attraction but can create discord until the God of Passion learns to be himself and not to seek perfection through a partner.

Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions represent a struggle with social values. Often those with this placement deliberately provoke by choosing a partner that will upset the family or social group.

David Ferrer

Ferrer, also a Greek god in looks, has more sense of family that our God of Passion. Yet, there is conflict between self, family and partner.

Let’s call Ferrer the new God of Family Protection.

Ferrer, with sun in Aries, is quite competitive (a duh in sports but a life pattern for Aries). However, moon in Cancer indicates a need to belong and Mars/Saturn/Pluto in Libra indicate a great need for partnership. Unfortunately, Saturn and Pluto have to control every partnership which sends a few mates running for emotional safety.

Ferrer is a barking dog, loyal to the family and scaring off intruders. Ferrer is an Aries warrior who fights for love and family, but not often for people with whom he has no personal attachment.

The world is split in two – family and not family. Don’t expect to be trusted if you are not in the family portion of Ferrer’s world.

Cancer rules the stomach and with moon in Cancer, the way to this warrior’s bone marrow is through food. Closeness to the mother is common in Latin countries but moon in Cancer brings this above cultural cliché.

Do not insult his mother or family or you are in trouble from more than a tennis racket.

Andy Murray

This fixed and steady sun-in-Taurus has an impulsive and unpredictable moon in Sagittarius with Saturn and Uranus hanging around. Murray is a stubborn mule until he’s not, when he’s running away and you can’t find him and he’s not answering the phone.

Except for that Taurus sun and two outer planets, Murray is mostly fire with some air. Murray is bull filled with fire.

What does that create?

Murray is the new God of Indignation.

Murray is the god who fights for your cause as long as the grievance is genuine and represents a group of people larger than yourself. In fact, the odder the grievance, the more likely you are to receive his support.

As with all Sagittarian moons, Murray has a few eccentric bad habits of his own. If you have some weird predilection that needs a defense, call the God of Indignation.

Saturn and Uranus sandwiching the moon create a very unpredictable character. Since Taurus needs structure like a bull needs a pen, there is some instability here. One day there are rules and the next day there are no rules.

The God of Indignation also makes a great trial lawyer arguing your case as Mercury and Mars in Gemini can talk away any inconsistencies in the case.

Novak Djokovic

Born a week after Murray, Djokovic was born as the sun, moon and Mars changed signs. Astrotheme places his sun in Gemini and moon in Aries and Mars in Cancer.

Djokovic’s chart has a balance of elements – fire, earth, air and water, but it’s still pretty fiery with moon/Jupiter in Aries and Saturn/Uranus in Sagittarius.

Let’s call Djokovic the new God of Activity, as this is a man who can’t sit still.

With only outer planet Neptune in an earth sign (Capricorn), Djokovic isn’t much for staying home and painting the picket fence. He gathers no moss and much prefers a fancy high rise or boat house to the old humdrum domestic life inside of four walls.

Djokovic might own four walls, but he’s rarely contained within four walls.

While Djokovic might idealize a structured, planned life, he’s not much for following the rules or painting in the lines. But he’s tons of fun and if you’re tired of doing the laundry or packing your lunch for work or sweeping the cobwebs in the basement, give Djokovic a call and see where he’s at. He’s sure to invite you to come along if you move quickly.

The God of Activity doesn’t stay in one place for long. Don’t finish your chores before heading out the door or you won’t catch Djokovic.

What do the Tennis Gods have in common?

Sports in general is ruled by Mars, the active principle which manifests as competition. It’s interesting that two of our four Tennis Gods have Mars in passive Cancer (Federer and Djokovic), one has Mars in dual, passive Libra (Ferrer) and one has Mars in dual, changeable Gemini (Murray).

Mars is not the motivating factor for our Tennis Gods.

What’s up with that?

What our Tennis Gods have in common is a difficult Saturn placement. Murray and Djokovic have Saturn/Uranus conjunct in Sagittarius (Murray also has moon involved), Ferrer has Saturn/Pluto conjunct (in Libra) and Federer has Jupiter/Saturn conjunct in Libra (with Pluto also in Libra, but not in conjunction).

What our Tennis Gods might have in common is an angry or controlling father or authority figure, one they didn’t or couldn’t challenge in youth. Mars in Cancer, Libra and Gemini held back.

The tennis, then, is a way to strike back.

The Tennis Gods are manifesting the energy of sending the flying ball of aggression back into the face of the attacker.

Mars in Cancer hides, Mars in Libra placates and Mars in Gemini avoids.

The tennis racket, clearly, fights back.

Addendum: Just noticed Andy Murray has an autobiography entitled “Hitting Back.” Might have insight into all our tennis pros.


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  1. miss g says:

    what about some of the Goddesses of Tennis too 🙂

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