Ed FitzGerald – Where Were You Born?

If you live in Ohio, exciting times are in the near future. Ed FitzGerald sent an email blast this week (July 22) with the subject line: “What ‘Ohio Miracle?'” More than one of my emails received this pressing message.

Who’s Ed FitzGerald? Do I hear you asking this?

Ed FitzGerald is a Democratic Ohio politician who wants to run against incumbent Republican Ohio governor John Kasich.

That election for Ohio governor is a mere 465 days away (470 at the time of the email). It’s going to be 465 days of fun.

This email was refreshing since it’s been a whole seven months since I’ve received a political email, seven months since Sherrod Brown said his thank you and disappeared into the mist.

By the way, since OHA always tries to help where it can, a little political marketing advice is offered here, free of charge. The email from FitzGerald looks like a Sherrod Brown email with the FitzGerald name attached, like one of those old form letters where your name was typed crookedly on the top line with the font a different type or size than the rest of the letter.

Get your own brand, Ed.

Also, before I get back to astrology, I haven’t received a political email in seven months then get this inane tagline that should have waited until at least September 2014.

Develop your own strategy, Ed.

Okay, now back to astrology, the real star of this universe.

Where was FitzGerald born?

When you’re an astrologer, the first thing you do upon researching a person is to find the three elements that allow you to cast a horoscope: date, place and time of birth.

For this blog, I rarely find more than date and place. I then consult Astrotheme which sometimes has time of birth. Yet, the veracity of those times is also questionable.

If you’re not an obsessive-compulsive astrologer, you might congratulate me on not getting lost in insignificant detail . . .

Time of the birth allows us to cast a true horoscope with house placements. Just knowing the date means the ever-changing moon may have changed signs.

Place is important because a day in England is the following day in Australia. Looking up at the sky on January 1 in England shows you different patterns than looking up at the sky from Australia on its January 1.

Where was FitzGerald born?

Both Wikipedia and FitzGerald’s website make pains to express his love of Ohio, but neither says he was born in Ohio. Neither shows any place of birth.

I smell a scandal.

Was FitzGerald born in a foreign place? Maybe Indiana? Maybe Kentucky?

Maybe even Kenya?

OHA demands to see his birth certificate – with time of birth, of course.

FitzGerald’s Marketing Brand

Brand FitzGerald is sun in Cancer (happy birthday, by the way) and moon probably in Capricorn (although it could be Aquarius). It’s quite fun to note that the new royal baby George has this same sun and moon placement.

For both FitzGerald and the royal baby, Dad is the more loving, nurturing parent. Dad is mom and mom is the dad, making the rules, being emotionally distant and letting you know right from wrong in everything from chewing your food to getting married. Rules for hugging, rules for crying, rules for love, rules for friendship and rules for every other thing emotional that wants to come pouring out from you like sticky syrup from a bottle.

But Dad understands.

With Mars and Venus also in Cancer, FitzGerald positively adores his dad. I’d put that in the commercials (again, free advice).

Cancer and Capricorn are opposing signs. If you recall, we currently have Jupiter transiting Cancer which will oppose the current Pluto-in-Capricorn transit.

Family or authority? Emotions or rules?

Jupiter in Cancer will be quite soothing for FitzGerald. Jupiter will be in Cancer until July 14, 2014. That day will be 113 days before the election. That’s when the election will truly begin for FitzGerald.

At that time, Jupiter will enter Leo and Mars will transit four signs (Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn) before the election. In Libra, the partner has had enough; in Scorpio there is disillusionment; in Sagittarius there is frustration let loose and in Capricorn there is the challenge of holding it all in.

In October 2014, transiting Mars and Saturn will meet in Scorpio making a conjunction to FitzGerald’s natal Neptune in Scorpio. This will be a highly unpleasant time of disillusionment and also below-the-belt Scorpio attacks.

Remember, we vote in the sign of Scorpio. That’s why the few weeks leading up to the election get so emotionally intense. If we had the elections in, say, June, they would also be intense, but possibly of a different energy, maybe a more intellectually-stimulating intense.

FitzGerald’s natal horoscope has Saturn in Aries which creates a T-square to Mars/sun/Venus in Cancer and moon in Capricorn. Uranus is currently transiting Aries (back and forth) and is striking the chord of this tension over and over.

This is where one of those time-of-birth charts comes in handy. It would be interesting to see FitzGerald’s rising sign to see how he carries this Saturn/Sun/Moon T-square which suggests a lack of confidence in self.

Aries is “me” and quite happy to offer “me” as all you ever need in life. Cancer and Capricorn are singing a different song (family and authority) and fall back on rules and tradition when in a pinch.

If I were an evil astrological political advisor, and I swear I’m not, I’d suggest sending FitzGerald into the heat way before July 2014 to see if he comes out fried, blackened, Cajun-spiced or simply burnt.

FitzGerald has worrying nature with Cancer, Capricorn and Virgo energies. Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus are all in Virgo in the natal horoscope.

And FitzGerald should be worried about July 2014. That’s when Jupiter in Leo will test FitzGerald’s true confidence level (if he were a Republican, I suggest a heart-to-heart talk with Mitt Romney).

The 2014 Ohio Governor Race

FitzGerald will be running against the caustic John Kasich, with sun in Taurus and moon also in Capricorn. Both men are filled with earth and water which means this race could be, how shall we say it, a little boring? A little like watching two men throw sand bags at each other, maybe?

OHA will take a look at compatibility between FitzGerald and Kasich sometime in the future. Maybe February 2014, when the Ohio skies are gray and we’re stuck at home because of ice and snow (Jupiter is in Cancer, there will be ice and snow). In February 2014, we’ll be much closer to the race – just 276 days.

I’ll mark my calendar.

Until then, I’ll be at the pool, then watching the leaves turn pretty colors, then watching snowflakes fall all the while throwing pointless political emails into my trash folder.

Unless, of course, those emails stop looking like a Sherrod Brown template and begin to contain fun and interesting content.

Has anyone seen my coconut suntan lotion?


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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