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Ohio Political Fight Club: Kasich and FitzGerald

The Ohio gubernatorial election has begun. Democratic contender Ed FitzGerald has found a perceived misdeed by current governor John Kasich in which to sink his political teeth. He’s accusing Kasich of conflict of interest by receiving money while governor from … Continue reading

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What sign most wants to be liked?

Facebook has inadvertently created the world’s largest (albeit cyber) high school cafeteria. All the social anxiety we adults pretend to have shed in our teenage years has returned as we post something on Facebook and no one “likes” it. While … Continue reading

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America’s Material Evolution

American astrological aficionados know what’s coming up in 2022 – America’s first Pluto return. Pluto takes 246 years to revolve around the sun. What does Pluto represent? Pluto, you may recall, is the Lord of the underworld. About Astrology ( … Continue reading

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Five Career Options for Anthony Weiner

You may be wondering if New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner is mad (“mad” like in hatter). The short answer is: yes. When Neptune conjuncts your natal Saturn (in Pisces) and opposes your natal Mercury, Uranus, sun and Pluto … Continue reading

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Astrological Habit and Addiction

Habit and addiction seem to me to have a tight relationship. While habit is considered normal, addiction by definition is a bad. If I take a vitamin every morning is this habit or addiction? If I have a beer every … Continue reading

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Why David Plotz Hates August

David Plotz, editor of Slate, wants to get rid of August. Who in their right mind wants to get rid of a month of summer vacation? Plotz lists some mighty-fine reasons for getting rid of August including lots of wars … Continue reading

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