Astrological Black Friday: Target or Walmart?

According to the National Retail Federation, in 2012 holiday sales represented 19.2% of total retail industry sales. That means about one month of the calendar year carries about a fifth of the year’s total retail industry sales.

Let’s be thankful for the holidays. What would our economy do with them?

Two of the top US retailers are Walmart with $329 billion in sales last year and Target with $72 billion in sales last year.

Which will have the better deals this year, Target or Walmart?

Let’s see what the stars say.

Scorpio – Taurus Axis

Walmart has sun in Scorpio while Target has sun in Taurus, the sign opposite Scorpio. Both are concerned with money. Taurus is my money (earned by me) and Scorpio is others’ money or shared money.

However, both stores have a Scorpio-Taurus opposition in the horoscope with Walmart having sun in Scorpio opposite Saturn in Taurus. Target has sun in Taurus opposite Neptune in Scorpio.

That means, my friends, that the current transit of Saturn in Scorpio is rough on both retailers. Saturn contracts with in the case of both retailers means contraction of money.

For Target it means money owed through loans or fines coming due. Conjunct natal Neptune and squaring natal Saturn (in Aquarius), it also suggests some previously hidden or secretive pact or agreement that will come to light. The Aquarius portion makes me think it involves something owed to employees.

For Walmart, transiting Saturn is conjunct an already parsimonious sun / Saturn opposition. Walmart’s already narrow margins may become even slimmer. By Black Friday 2014, Walmart will be facing what Target is facing this year in terms of loans due or hidden agreements called up.

Walmart and Target are the same type of business and must employ the same types of maneuvers. The similarities in their charts and the Neptune factor make me wonder what things we will learn about each in the coming year.

Transiting Uranus in Aries and Mars in Virgo

Transiting Uranus in Aries is conjunct Target’s natal moon/Mars conjunction in Aries. There may be more mayhem than usual this Black Friday with aggression looming out of control.

Transiting Mars in Virgo will be conjunct Target’s Pluto in Virgo. There will also be a lot of bickering about prices.

Walmart has a natal T-square of Mars (in Capricorn), moon (in Cancer) and Uranus/Venus/Jupiter/Mercury (in Libra). Uranus in Aries forms a transiting grand cross which makes Walmart a place for the whole family. Aries is you, Libra you partner, Capricorn you dad and Cancer you mum.

The grand cross in cardinal suggests Walmart will stock products for all types of people at all times.

Target, in contrast, will create pandemonium for a few items.

Transiting Jupiter in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces

Jupiter in Cancer is conjunct Walmart’s moon in Cancer. Possibly they will offer food and beverage on Black Friday as young ones might leave cookies for Santa Claus.

For Target, Jupiter was recently forming a grand water trine with natal Jupiter (in Pisces) and Neptune (in Scorpio). All that Jupiter and Neptune gives Target a warm and fuzzy glow of good will. Target will most likely sell more alcohol than Walmart.

Possibly Target will create a new, proprietary brand of eggnog that will take the edge out of getting underwear as a gift.

Neptune also plays well in Walmart’s chart at the moment. At two degrees, it’s easing the tension of the sun/Saturn opposition by offering something to charity or other cause.

Venus and moon

Target has natal Venus in Gemini (the twins) which explains why they often make you buy two of something to get a deal. Walmart has Venus in Libra (and three other planets) so they are not making that demand on us lest we get angry which makes Libra uncomfortable.

Transiting Venus in Capricorn is conjunct Walmart’s Mars in Capricorn which suggests that people are focused on practical details and not hype and glamour. Walmart will provide the bang for the buck without unnecessary foreplay.

The moon will be in Libra on Black Friday passing Walmart’s four planets in Libra. This bodes well for Walmart as it attracts females and crowds.

Where should you shop on Black Friday?

If we were going by astrology alone, I would suggest visiting Target first for those Uranus-in-Aries deals and to experience some Black Friday mayhem. If you’re out on Black Friday you want a little mayhem, right?

After that bit of fun, I’d suggest heading to Walmart who has narrowed their margins which means better deals for you, the consumer. They may also be offering some goodies to keep you awake. It wouldn’t surprise me, too, if they turned a blind eye to the flask inside your jacket.

With a cardinal grand cross formed by transiting Aries, Walmart has something for everyone. Transiting Venus in Capricorn says folks are interested in penny-pinching, not packaging, which speaks more to Walmart than Target.

To support the economy, it’s kind to shop at both retailers. Moon in Libra (where it will be on Black Friday) is certainly about fairness. And often Libra has a difficult time choosing – so why not visit both?


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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