Justin Bieber’s Changing Reality

There should be a rule in the cosmos that you can’t have an intense Neptune transit until you are at least 80 years old and experienced in enough in life events to handle it.


Do you remember how TV shows in the 1950s and 1960s surrounded beautiful female leads with a hazy glow? Like in Star Trek whenever Captain Kirk fell for a woman we knew it right away – there’s that hazy glow. Religious paintings also show saints with that same hazy glow, called a halo, around their heads.

But you’re not supposed to see the hazy glow around everything.

Neptune brings the hazy glow. It’s alluring, appealing and intoxicating. Under Neptune transits, you may even see a hazy glow around something that might not truly have one – like a trash can or letter from the IRS.

That’s the good and bad of Neptune.

Neptune brings sublime awe or consuming delusion. Or both.

And when you’re strongly influenced by Neptune, others may see a hazy glow around your head too. Inside that bubble of affection you may wonder, “Why do they love me so much?”

Ah, Neptune can be complicated. That’s the problem with having a halo that you can’t remove.

Justin Bieber

Right this very moment singer Justin Bieber is experiencing a Neptune transit of his Saturn and sun – it’s tucked in between creating a hazy glow between the self and boundaries to the self.

In other words, there are no boundaries.

Saturn in Pisces isn’t so good at this but Venus in Pisces doesn’t want it anyway. Natal Venus is also in Pisces but transiting Neptune won’t go there for a few years.

Bieber’s moon is in Libra, another sign with limited boundaries as Libra is focused almost exclusively on forming relationships. Libra’s sense of self is developed in reaction to the relationships it forms.

Where can we find boundaries in Bieber’s horoscope?

Do Jupiter and Pluto in Scorpio create boundaries? Since Scorpio is interested in intimate and intense emotional encounters, that’s not the place to find the fence that makes good neighbors. If the Astrotheme chart is correct, Bieber also has a Scorpio rising.

Oh, there’s some Capricorn which loves, loves boundaries. But the planets in Capricorn are boundary-less Neptune and sudden-enlightenment Uranus. Also, transiting Pluto is heading that way . . .

That leaves Bieber’s Mercury and Mars in fixed air Aquarius to do all the work in creating not only boundaries but an individual sense of self. When Bieber is rebellious is when he is strongest.

Now rebellion doesn’t mean drinking and driving – that’s the Neptune forgetting that the hazy glow masks the hard pavement and trees which may come crashing into the glow.

Neptune likes intoxication and is drawn to drink and drugs.

Saturn is currently transiting Scorpio and will be crossing Bieber’s ascendant in late fall. It will cross Powerful Pluto at that time. Saturn and Pluto together is a very intense, powerful, enraged pairing.

Bieber’s combination of gentle Libra and Pisces energy combined with the transit of Saturn on Pluto is like a dove carrying a nuclear bomb. I’m suspecting that Bieber has a very strong load of pent-up anger and rage and will be quite intense. The problem with this kind of rage is that it often consumes the host.

If Bieber had more fire energy, he might be able to express what’s coming in a healthy manner, like through sports or some other angry artistic expression. Unfortunately both Pisces and Libra are reluctant to express anger or make others angry through fear of losing love and thereby falling into traps of victim, scapegoat or savior.

Unfortunately, Neptune for Bieber brought fame and fame means experiencing this in the public space. Turning public figures into scapegoats or saviors is quite common and Bieber may fall prey to these reactions.

Neptune also brings love and spirituality so it’s possible that after the storm there will be calm. As transiting Neptune heads towards Bieber’s Venus in a few years, an all encompassing love may take over his life.

Robert Hand on Neptune transit of Saturn

Robert Hand says in Planets in Transit that transiting Neptune conjunct Saturn represents one’s concept of reality changing through dissolution of existing concepts.

An excerpt:

Under this transit, you will discover that in many ways your view of the world isn’t at all correct. This may occur though a serious of obvious disappointments, or it may take place more subtly through an increasing sense of anxiety that has no obvious cause. Fear and loss of self-confidence are two of the most difficult effects of this transit. You may suddenly become afraid for almost no reason at all, and you may fear things that are not at all threatening to others. It is as if you were becoming disoriented.

Saturn rules the structure we give to our universe, the way we see and experience the world. Neptune reveals higher aspects of the universe, including the fact that it has many possible realities, of which ours is only one. When Neptune shows you this, reality becomes very confusing, and you become lost in a sea of infinite possibilities in which everything is true but nothing is true. This is the “dark night of the soul” referred by mystics, the period of confusion that precedes the understanding that you can live with a reality that is different from what you had thought. At the highest level this transit can be a prelude to enlightenment, understanding the true nature of the “illusion” we call reality.

It seems like you need to have spent a lot of time on earth to experience all that.

Neptune transits through a sign can take up to 15 years so it can take that long to dissolve and re-build a world view.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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