Hugh Grant’s Fecundity

According to People magazine (January 17, 2014 print issue), actor Hugh Grant is the father of three children, one born late 2011, one born September 2012 and one born February 2013.

September 2012 and February 2013 are five months apart so, obviously, have two different mothers. A source listed in the People magazine article as a “loyal friend” says “I can’t imagine any man wanting to get two women pregnant at the same time.”

Our loyal friend hasn’t kept up with the news or history. In this Psychology Today article The Wide World of Polygamy, the author writes that “Plural marriage is surprisingly common, and popular, elsewhere.”

The elsewhere means not the “northern and western nations of Europe” referenced by a US court in 1878 when writing against polygamy.

Let’s allow our northern and western European sensibilities (and by extension US sensibilities) to relax (it may take medically prescribed marijuana to do so) and think about the situation without the idea of one man one woman.

Ah, I can feel my headache disperse, my ideas surrounding marriage falling like leaves off an autumn tree, flowing freely in the wind to land at the base of my neighbor’s garage. He can sweep them up, if at all.

It’s a simple feeling of freedom, for a moment, to release all one’s ideas about a situation.

Hugh Grant’s Fecundity

When letting go of all my thoughts on marriage, what remains is that Grant is quite fecund.

Fecundity isn’t a word we use much these days as love, marriage and childbearing being under the rule of a generation born with Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo. This generation believes in plans and schedules and there is nothing in life not under this energy.

Fecundity has probably lost its appeal in northern and western nations of Europe as people live longer and most babies survive. Producing many babies isn’t necessary to replace children lost through the trials of a harsh existence.

According to The World Bank site, the highest world fertility rate is 7.6 (Niger) and the lowest 1.0 (Macao). The United Kingdom is at 2.0 so Grant is 50 percent higher than average for his locale.

Grant is fecund.

What aspects produced this fecundity?

Using the Astrotheme horoscope, Grant has Virgo rising with moon in Taurus. Grant has a widely-aspected earth trine with Pluto (and sun and Mercury) in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn and moon in Taurus.

Earth trines love earth things – the taste, touch and smell – of our physical existence (although Virgo is often allergic to a great portion of this stuff).

Grant’s fecundity began late 2010, early 2011 when Pluto was in the early degrees of Capricorn and conjunct his natal Saturn in Capricorn. Transiting Pluto was trine natal Pluto and natal moon.

At the same time, transiting Neptune in the last degrees of Aquarius was opposing natal Uranus in Leo. Transiting Jupiter and Uranus, in the last degrees of Pisces, were opposing Grant’s sun/Mercury in Virgo, which, by the way, is the 12th (hidden) house.

At the same time all this is going on, transiting Saturn in Libra was conjunct natal Venus in Libra.

Traditionally, fecundity is related to the 5th house which rules romance and children. Unless the Astrotheme chart is incorrect, there’s only a little of that going on here with transiting Neptune in the 5th just making its way to the 6th (house of health).

With the strong Saturn/Capricorn overtones to Grant’s fatherhood, his fecundity relates to the need to settle down and have permanence. Transiting Saturn on the pleasure-loving Venus in Libra says it’s time to make that love affair a permanent relationship.

The Uranus influences bring the suddenness and possibly even the feeling of accident but I think the true desire is for propagation. Uranus simply allowed it to happen.

Transiting Pluto on Saturn in Capricorn also suggests that self-reliance is being tested , as are the very knees and skeletal structures themselves. This transit may have also provided a health scare in those body parts. Currently transiting Neptune in Pisces is in the 6th house of health opposing natal Pluto which may bring unusual health problems into the open.

At the same time, currently transiting Saturn on Neptune provides the existential angst that asks, “Why am I here and what has it all meant?”

A health scare or existential angst can both drive an individual closer to family; and, if there is no family, the desire to create one. These aspects can also point toward spirituality and religion.

While our western sensibility news stories portray Grant as the rake-like character he portrayed in Bridget Jones’ Diary, our astrological sensibilities suggest Grant is experiencing a strong desire to continue his lineage which may be driven, as it often is in middle-age, by the feeling of mortality (Capricorn). Mortality may be felt through health scares or simply existential questions of meaning.

12th House Sun

It’s odd to find a 12th house sun person in the spotlight. Possibly that Venus in Libra in the first house attracted the attention and the sun and her Virgo friends came along.

Café Astrology says this about a 12th house sun:

You have a tendency to be introspective and need some space and seclusion in order to pull up your strength. You may avoid the spotlight, and if you do find yourself in a public role, you tend to hide your true self behind that role! Because your will is directed inwards, you need to find a path for yourself that allows you to “get away from it all” at least some of the time. Honor your need to be alone with yourself, but avoid over-identifying with your inner world to the point that you truly feel alone in a crowd. You shine when you serve others in some way. Your compassion sets you apart from others, but try to work with it rather than let your compassion work against you by reinforcing your own sense of loneliness.

Yet Grant’s natal Mars in Gemini opposing Jupiter in Sagittarius squares the Virgo sun and creates a fear and boredom of routine and desire for fast-paced, constantly-changing stimulation.

How does one manage the need for a constantly-changing environment and the need for intense privacy?

This is Grant’s struggle.

The Present and Beyond

Now that transiting Pluto is passing over Grant’s natal Saturn in Capricorn in the 4th house of home and family, it’s time for Grant to re-structure that personal life.

Saturn in that house suggests the early home life didn’t have structure or form so Grant has to learn to do this on his own.

Transiting Jupiter in Cancer opposed this last year and now is breaking free from opposition in the 10th house of career. The 10th house is also one’s reputation and I suspect Grant will move forward on the image of a dad, a true image, not a public-relations-inspired image.

When Jupiter moves into Leo mid summer, Grant may bask in fatherhood in the middle of the park for all to see. Leo is proud of its children and expresses love of them openly.

Transiting Mars in Libra is going back and forth (as it will spend six months in Libra rather than the normal two months) over Grant’s Venus creating a relationship that is on-again, off-again until about the same time that Jupiter moves into Leo.

In July of this year, Grant will probably make some relationship changes.

Transiting Saturn is in Grant’s 3rd house and for about three more years will be in the 3rd and 4th houses which will keep Grant close to home (both willingly and unwillingly). After that time, Grant will have worked out that new groove of fatherhood.


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