The Bulls Won

Many years ago upon returning from a trip abroad, I spent a few weeks in Chicago. While in a diner the day after landing, the waitress brought my tuna fish (smothered in cheese which is when I realized Americans smother everything in cheese) and said to me casually, “thebullswon.”

My Chicago drawl translator separated the words for me and explained them: “The Bulls won,” which meant the Chicago Bulls basketball team had won the NBA championship.

Last May in Spain when three bullfighters were gored by bulls at a festival, I could hear again the waitress saying “the bulls won.”

The story of the San Isidro Festival and three-fighter goring appeared on May 21 as the sun was in 29 degrees of Taurus (the bull). No other planet was in Taurus.

How did the bulls win?

First glance at our three toreros shows a preponderance of Capricorn and Aquarius energy. Those two signs are good for the cool detachment and focus needed to fight the intense fixed, strong, impersonal Taurus energy generated by the bulls.

Taurus doesn’t gore you because it’s angry; it gores you because you finally intruded too far into its peaceful world and it’s simply re-negotiating its space. Scorpio, the sign opposite Taurus, however, will gore you from emotional offence, for that glance at another woman.

The bulls might have won from the interference of Scorpio.

Antonio Nazaré

Antonio Nazaré is Libra sun with moon in Capricorn. He also has Jupiter in Capricorn.

Libra and Capricorn in combination make for a fine diplomat with bulls or with people. Libra sun is charming and fair, Capricorn moon authoritarian and firm – what could be better for international relations?

In May, transiting Pluto was goring Nazare’s natal moon while transiting Uranus in Aries was making a square. Meanwhile, transiting Saturn in Scorpio has been making its return in Nazaré’s chart.

My guess is that Nazaré is having some problems in love and relationship which led to loss of focus. Saturn returns, the first which occurs around age 30, are turning points in life, points where you know that you can’t turn back and that certain options no longer remain.

For Nazaré, this event may be a turning point in how he wants to spend the next Saturn cycle (i.e., 30 years) of his life. We may not see him change from the bull-fighting arena to another type of arena.

David Mora

David Mora is the most detached of the three men with four planets in Aquarius (Venus, sun, moon, Mars) and three planets in Libra (Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto). Aquarius and Libra are air so Mora lives in the world of how things should be and may be clinically orderly.

Aquarius and Libra like to rebel and with Saturn and Jupiter conjunct, Mora has probably chucked a few rules of partnership and religion aside – this conjunction challenges society in the realm of partnership. This conjunction brings home the partner that mom and dad never expected.

Although he may have chosen an usual partnership with an individual of different social or political class, he will be the one in the relationship making up the rules, which, incidentally, may be more conservative than you’d expect.

Like Nazare, transiting Saturn in Scorpio is affecting his life. It’s close to crossing natal Uranus in Scorpio and square natal Mars in Aquarius.

The preponderance of air suggests a great dislike of unpleasant emotion which is the realm of Scorpio. The pattern that emerges is of someone who consistently denies and rationalizes negative feelings until they erupt and bite him and others in the ass.

The feelings have erupted. His loss to the bull may have been due to unrealized anger that he brought with him to the ring.

Jiménez Fortes

Detachment needed in the face of the bulls for Jiménez Fortes comes from five planets in Capricorn (Uranus, Neptune, Mercury, Saturn and sun) with Venus in Aquarius. I’d consider him detached beyond ability for intimacy if it weren’t for Jupiter and moon hanging out in Cancer helping Pluto in Scorpio.

Well, well, it looks like transiting Saturn in Scorpio is to blame again as it was passing over Pluto at the time of the fight.

Scorpio as fixed emotion is opposite Taurus as fixed sensation. Sensation is what is needed to monitor the bull, not obsession with someone that hurt you causing Capricorn’s favorite feeling – resentment.

The abundance of Capricorn requires a constant flow of respect which may have been lacking and now is under threat.

Pluto transiting Capricorn will affect any Capricorn energy in anyone’s chart. For Fortes, however, it will feel like a full frontal assault as most of his chart is in Capricorn and its opposite energy Cancer. The feeling that occurs with this type of transit is that the ground has given way and you have no where to stand.

It’s a personal earthquake.

With transiting Pluto currently tucked between natal Saturn and sun, there are major problems with authority – having authority and dealing with authority. Fortes may be living a life planned by a strong father which he’s re-evaluating. Warning: Dad won’t like any change that involves removing oneself from public life.


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