Ohio Political Fight Club: Ohio is Crying

For the last three days, Ohioans have been crying. You’ll find them under trees, in parks, stopped at the side of the road – crying.

Three days ago Governor John Kasich said he would not hold public debates with Democratic challenger Ed FitzGerald.

What’s the fun of an election if there is no debate?

It’s like Fourth of July without fireworks. It’s like dinner with no dessert. It’s like the Cavs without LeBron James.

According to this MSNBC article Kasich won’t debate FitzGerald simply because FitzGerald has no chance of winning:

“Despite good faith efforts on our side, the implosion of his campaign two months ago put a pause on debate negotiations, and then the recent abandonment by his party and giveaway of his campaign cash seems to now have finished off any serious effort by their campaign altogether,” said Kasich spokesman Connie Wehrkamp. “We think moving on is the best thing to do.”

Maybe that’s why Fidel Castro hasn’t debated anyone in 55 years – no one has a chance at beating him.

Should Ohio just skip the gubernatorial election entirely since FitzGerald has no chance of winning? Why don’t we just save all that money spent on having an election?

Moon Signs

Without knowing time of birth, the moon is a difficult body to track as it moves so quickly around our globe. Kasich’s moon is confidently in Capricorn while FitzGerald’s could be Capricorn or Aquarius.

Watching FitzGerald’s campaign, I’m now convinced of an Aquarius moon. I’m suspecting not getting a driver’s license had more to do with rebelliousness than absentmindedness.

But I’ll never really know.

There will be no debates where the moderator can look FitzGerald in the eye and ask:

“Explain why you didn’t have a valid driver’s license for ten years? As a politician, didn’t this strike you as important? What were you thinking?”

As for Kasich’s Capricorn moon, well, I think it’s time to talk about the less pleasant aspects of this placement. The moon is reactive and, consequently, represents the emotions which tend to shift rather quickly from internal and external stimuli.

The moon is ruled by Cancer and Capricorn is opposite Cancer. That means the moon doesn’t really like being in Capricorn and is called its detriment sign.

The moon wants to react and Capricorn says, “No, control yourself instead.”

That’s an awesome trait for some leading troops into a battle field or for those times when you must suck up a bad situation and move forward.

Where this moon sign sometimes causes problems is in relationships when others want to know how you feel. In relationships, Capricorn moon can be viewed as emotionally closed off.

Since the moon is reaction, regardless of whether that reaction is apparent, Capricorn moon reacts in Capricorn ways – creating order, control and system.

Thinking Outside the Earth-Sign Box

Capricorn is about structure, rules and order. It’s quite logical that the Taurus sun (earth) and Capricorn moon (earth) Kasich would think that because FitzGerald has no money, no party support and no chance of winning that we should essentially ignore that he’s running.

That’s very practical, very earth-like. I agree with Kasich – FitzGerald will never win.

Yet, this voter is beginning to wonder, beginning to get suspicious that American elections are won by the candidate with the most money. It’s been a nagging thought for many years now . . . since the 1970s in fact.

As money represents values, more backing of money is representative of more value by the populace. That makes sense.

The one wee problem is that we don’t have equal amounts of money in which to “value” a candidate. Another complication is those (entities) with more money might also be those that employ masses of people. The employers and the employees have stake in which candidates are “valued” with large sums of money. The employees are a great part of why those employers have lots of money.

We are connected.

As Pluto transits Capricorn, our societal structures are being transformed, evolved. Rigid political structures are called authoritarian and a few countries around the world are in the process of dismantling those governments (transiting Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn).

As Kasich undergoes his own Pluto transit to his Capricorn moon, he might consider authoritarian energy in his own life. That Pluto transit energizes a natal T-square of Uranus (in Cancer), Saturn/Neptune (in Libra) and moon (in Capricorn).

Does calling off debates during an election signal authoritarian tendencies? Who said you should only debate when your opponent has a chance of winning? Is politics off-limits now to those without money?

Why can’t we hear what FitzGerald has to say even if he can’t win? (Those that can’t win often say some interesting things). Maybe we want to see how nutty FitzGerald truly is so we don’t vote for him in a different, future election.

Kasich’s Powerful Future

With Pluto transiting his moon and next spring Jupiter transiting his Pluto, Kasich does have some intense pressures from his power base, whoever they are. When Jupiter transits Kasich’s natal Pluto in Leo next June, Kasich will definitely buy a new set of clothes and may also change his image. Leo represents leadership and charisma. With Pluto in that sign (squaring Kasich’s sun), this is where Kasich will evolve.

Kaisch’s cardinal T-square is about tension in interpersonal relationships from family (Cancer), to partners (Libra) to society (Capricorn). The sign missing is Aries, which is where natal Mercury is placed, but too far into Aries to form a grand cross. However, transiting Uranus in Aries is adding fuel to this fire. Aries “me” energy is challenging the balance of interpersonal relationships.

The last paragraph of the MSNBC article is a quote from Kasich and has this Aries-square quality.

“All I’m considering now is winning and keeping Ohio going,” Kasich said. ”When I was very young … I’d see the governors walking around, and I’m like, ‘Gosh, that’s the governor there.’ Now I’m the governor. … This is the job I want. Period.”

Period. We’re done. No debate.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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