Saturn in Sagittarius FAQ

Dear Sagittarians, please sit down.

A little over two years ago Scorpios had to sit down for “the talk.” Now it’s your turn.

In just a few months at the end of December, Saturn, the great taskmaster, is visiting your sign. He visits every 29 years and stays for two and half years.

Saturn is the planet of form and contraction and manifests as responsibility, duty, obligation and serious pursuits. Saturn gone wild can’t relax and is always working, always doing something productive.

The Saturn-in-Your-Sign Task Force has developed a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) to make the Saturn transit easier.

Will I have any fun in the next two years or will life consist only of duty and responsibility?

Do not fear. People can have fun during a Saturn transit. For the first seven months of Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter will be transiting Leo while Uranus will continue its long transit of Aries. That’s a grand fire trine. Sagittarius’ fire sign buddies will make sure there are impulsive uprisings (Uranus) and regal gatherings (Jupiter) so there will definitely be excitement.

What may happen is that one evening you will be walking out the door to a Royal Costume Party hosted by a group of eccentric friends with plans for lots of interesting people speaking ten different languages when you’re suddenly struck by the urge to stay home.

You may have an unusual feeling that others sometimes identify as “comfort” where the known is chosen over the unknown. The Royal Costume Party may feel empty for some reason you can’t quite identify.

Jupiter and Uranus will come get you but Saturn may identify “fun” as a different experience than in the past. Experience for its own sake may not have the same thrill and a deeper, more serious, level of experience may be sought.

You’ll have “fun” but what’s called “fun” may change.

Should I have a drink now and again to make this transit easier?

While intoxicants will be readily available during this transit as Saturn in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces, beware the square as you can’t drink Saturn away. When Jupiter moves into Virgo in summer 2015, any overdone Neptune-in-Pisces will put you squarely over the toilet as Virgo purifies you.

The thing about Sagittarius (and Pisces) is that it seeks heightened, otherworldly experiences to escape from the humdrum of life on earth with its bills, nagging spouses, demanding employers and annoying traffic lights.

The Neptune-in-Pisces lure will be strong as it brings the mysticism of “culture” around the ancient and ever-present desire in humans to feel heightened sensation. It’s culture, of course, but also spacing out, of course.

A little Neptune is okay but remember that Neptune has no boundaries so “a little” and “too much” have no line of demarcation in the foggy night. You may need to find a Virgo pal to provide a litmus test and, naturally, do the driving.

How will this affect my freedom?

Saturn and freedom are rarely spoken in the same sentence, it’s true. If you want to rise past seeing Saturn as a cage where you are forced to do chores, you have to think about Saturn in terms of discipline.

For those that love freedom (Sagittarians and others), any bit of restraint makes the desire for freedom greater creating an escape mentality (and sometimes a persecution complex). Sagittarius is a fire sign loving sports and athleticism, so concepts of discipline can tie right into that.

No one is an athlete without spending many of their waking hours in vigorous physical activity. This is the same with Sagittarian dreams and visions. If you like simply the pleasure of dreaming and envisioning, you don’t need Saturn, just a comfy chair.

If you want your vision to materialize or crystallize in this world of form, you need Saturn. Saturn is form. To create the form, you need to stay in one place for more than five minutes. “A rolling stone gathers no moss,” is a description of Sagittarian restless energy.

Will people finally understand my ideas?

Saturn is more cautious and restrained than your Sagittarian ruling planet Jupiter. With Saturn in your sign, you may feel others are cramping your ability to express or you may feel internally that your ideas have lost their energy.

Once again, we must think about how you expect others to be inspired by your ideas. Putting a bumper sticker on your car is one way, but you rarely hear people say, “I was eating meat, but then I saw this really inspiring bumper sticker and changed my ways.”

You can also tell people point blank in the middle of enjoying a hamburger why they shouldn’t eat meat. That, too, proves ineffective as it simply pisses off people.

Saturn will remind you that to be truly effective in sharing your ideas, you must provide a form for people to understand it. For example, people like things in writing. For the past 3,000 years or so, books were the way to bring credibility to your ideas.

Today’s world has many more clever ways than books to express ideas. Saturn is telling you that people won’t listen unless you create a form that lends to authoritativeness.

The past 3,000 years of both forced and willing idea conversion suggests that the form of writing is more effective than simple speech. Speech is transient, although today is less transient than in the past.

The fear of death is a very powerful tool in converting people to one’s ideas. Both fear and death are very Saturnian on the extreme negative side. Sagittarius is optimistic by nature, so hopefully you won’t go this route.

It’s also important for Sagittarius to walk the talk as Jupiter is generous and doesn’t mind if you call yourself a vegan and have bacon now and again. Saturn, however, has a non-negotiable “no bacon” policy.

How will this affect my health?

Saturn is both contraction and discipline, so if you want to lose weight or tone your body, this transit provides the perfect opportunity. Since Saturn may at times make you may feel less gregarious than usual, the physical discipline will restore your natural exuberance.

Sports is a Sagittarius (and fire sign) pursuit and in today’s news, as my astrologer friend pointed out, you’ll notice the focus on athlete’s personal lives where the aggression of the field has made its way into the home. Athleticism is competitive by nature and turning off the aggressive principle is difficult.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, you may feel frustrated because the world seems to be caging you in. In response, you may at times be aggressive. Sports, activity and any kind of workout will be both good for the body and soul. It will also keep you out of trouble.

Will I win the lottery?

Sagittarius is known for its luck, but Saturn hanging about means that if you do win the lottery or have any other windfall, your creditors will be standing outside the door the next day.

Remember, a Saturn transit is two years. If you pay your bills (and wash the dishes) now, when Saturn passes you’ll be home free to spend all your money traveling the world and doing fun stuff.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, you can save up for some nice, new luggage. Maybe when Saturn passes in two years, trips into outer space will be available and affordable.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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6 Responses to Saturn in Sagittarius FAQ

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  2. Kim says:

    I like the idea that Saturn can help create form and focus for Sagittarian endeavors. I have Saturn in 1st house now, Pluto in 2nd and Jupiter in 9th. My dream is to get my Massage Therapy license as well as to continue taking seminars to improve my skills and awareness, physically and energetically, to become a better Therapist. (right now I am a licensed PT assistant) I want to bring the availability and affordability of holistic care to all people in the future.

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