Alexis Tsipras’ Saturn Victory

When my cat learned that Alexis Tsipras’ Syriza Party was winning the Greek elections, she was quite ecstatic. Confounded once again by feline behavior, I asked how a politically-conservative cat with a Rick Santorum poster over her litter box could support a left-leaning radical.

“He’s so handsome,” she replied.

“You would support a political candidate simply because of his looks?” I asked, stunned.

“He’s in Greece, so who cares,” was the reply.

We then had one of our lengthy discussions on why she should care about world politics. While her litter may come from Wyoming and her food from Arizona, I told her, all those toys, litter boxes, food packaging and litter scoops are probably manufactured abroad.

“No country is an island,” I told her, “even if it is an island like Greece.”

“Is my litter box made in Greece?” she asked.

Trapped again! However, when she learned that almost all of her (and my) ancillary life products were made in China, she did agree to pay a little more attention to Chinese politics.

Alexis Tsipras

About two and a half years ago, Tsipras rose as a viable challenger in Greek politics but did not succeed in bringing his party to the forefront and becoming Prime Minister.

Astrologically, the timing of his rise is a bit unusual. Tsipras’ moon is either in late Scorpio or early Sagittarius. Either way, Saturn has been passing over the moon. I’m guessing his moon is in late Scorpio and the move to Sagittarius provided the release that is represented by his current political success. Also, Tsipras’ economic position is to end “austerity” measures in Greek which is aligned with generous Sagittarius.

While I hate to be the bearer of astrological bad news, truly, Tsipras needs to know that while Saturn has moved onto Sagittarius, it will go retrograde in March, pass back into Scorpio, turn direct in August, then take another contracting pass over Tsipras’ moon.

In addition to the moon (possibly), Tsipras has Neptune in Sagittarius and Saturn will be passing over that as well.

Saturn in Sagittarius is already bringing world struggles with conflicting beliefs, as Sagittarius is seeking meaning and is a fire sign so wants to share with you whether you want it or not. Saturn in this sign wants us to develop the discipline to live our beliefs so that they become part of our reality rather than simply a bumper sticker or flag that we wave around for others to notice. Saturn truly isn’t the bad guy here. Our own internal inconsistencies are what create the contention.

Saturn stomping back and forth over Tsipras’ moon and Neptune mean that from now until the end of the year the emotional responses (his own and from the public) will be fluctuating between enthusiasm and brooding emotionalism. It’s going to be confusing time for Tsipras to understand what the public truly wants. I’m guessing the Saturn/moon conjunction will also bring awareness of previously unknown barriers.

Even though the heavy Saturn is making some serious aspects to Tsipras’ chart, Jupiter is transiting Leo which expands Tsipras’ charismatic Leo energy, although Jupiter is well past his sun and won’t make a direct hit on his sun even while going backward-retrograde (maybe the retrograde explains it – another look?).

Tsipras has the chart of a dreamer and idealist, especially if moon is in Sagittarius. Neptune in Sagittarius, sun in Leo, Jupiter in Pisces and Pluto and Uranus in Libra provide idealism coupled with inspiration and a drive to put one’s ideas into play.

Mars changed signs on the day Tsipras’ was born moving into workaholic perfectionist Virgo. This forms a square to the moon, possibly out of sign depending on where the moon is. It’s also a wide square to Neptune. Virgo is the detail that Sagittarius needs to fulfill its mission but also can create a nagging external world that cramps one’s style. When Jupiter transits this Mars late August 2015, the external nagging will get louder.

Another concentration in Tsipras’ chart is Venus/Saturn/Mercury in the water and family-oriented sign of Cancer. While Venus in this sign suggests that pleasure is found in family life — the smells of the kitchen, mom coming home with some candy and a nice snuggly bed. However, Saturn is involved suggesting that when dad came home some of this pleasure was compromised. The square to Pluto intensifies this.

We all have a Saturn in our chart (much to the dismay of my astrology group members), so we all have an Achilles Heel. For Tsipras, there is a sense of not belonging. That sense may be what drives his beliefs around society.

Pluto is currently transiting Capricorn which opposes all of that Cancer energy. To belong in politics, Tsipras may have to sacrifice some of his more personal “belonging” and distance himself from people who in the past provided comfort. He may even be distancing himself from family.

It’s interesting that austere Saturn brought Tsipras to power on an anti-austerity message. It will be interesting to watch Tsipras struggle with Saturn from now until the end of 2015. Saturn is a tough task-master. Saturn doesn’t give up until he’s taught you a lesson.


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  1. Gabriella says:

    Mars at birth was at 0 Virgo! And not in Libra.. Pls. check.


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