Columbus Fight Club: Andrew Ginther

When I told my cat that we were experiencing a political scandal right here in Columbus, she was shocked.

“What kind of scandal would happen in Columbus?” she asked.

“Political kickbacks,” I responded.

“Isn’t that called lobbying?”

If you wonder what your cat does while you’re at work all day, get a camera. I was shocked to find my feline reading astrology and politics. But now I understand why she can ask such tough questions.

I hear dogs just look out the window and sleep.

In response to her question about lobbying, we had a long discussion about the role of money in politics and whether money was politics – does the person with the most money always win? She didn’t quite agree with my idea that lobbying is simply institutionalized bribery conducted by an unacknowledged but extant aristocracy.

My cat thought that money was necessary in a political campaign, but we needed to find a way to make the money more equal among candidates.

That idea seemed quite liberal for a cat that supports Rick Santorum for President. But, then again, if we have to depend on lobbying dollars, Santorum won’t stand a chance against the behemoth candidates Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.

That’s politics.

Andrew Ginther

Andrew Ginther is the City Council member running for mayor. He won the majority (51.8%) of the vote against three other contenders during the primary in May.

Ginther was in the news late last week for being connected with a red-light camera company employee who claims to have bribed officials, including Ginther.

One man’s (or cat’s) bribery is another’s lobbying. It will be interesting to learn the difference as this story unfolds.

Ginther appears to have the birthday April 27, 1975. Sun is in Taurus. Without knowing time of birth, moon is either in late Scorpio or early Sagittarius.

Interesting moon placement – very interesting.

It just so happens, coincidentally, of course, that Saturn is transiting that very realm of the zodiac, that very border between Scorpio and Sagittarius.

Saturn transits a sign for two and a half years. It just moved from Scorpio into Sagittarius last December. Then in March it took a turn backward (called retrograde) into Scorpio.

Ginther’s moon is anywhere between 24 degrees of Scorpio and 7 degrees of Sagittarius. Saturn has been moving within these degrees since November 2014. Saturn will move forward again in September and then finally move past 7 degrees of Sagittarius in November 2015.

In other words, from last November (2014) to this November (2015) Saturn is moving back and forth like a metronome over the area where Ginther’s moon resides.

With time of birth (, we could know what area of the chart this was affecting. With the current news item, I’d suggest it was transiting the 8th (shared money) or 12th houses (secrets and hidden enemies). It could be 10th as well as that affects reputation and public standing.

Ginther’s Neptune in Sagittarius is a definite placement as Neptune takes 15 years to move through a sign. Regardless of where moon is placed, Saturn will transit Neptune starting late December 2015.

Saturn transit Neptune, especially in a sign like Sagittarius where the idealism is high, can be depressing. Idols fall from pedestals, you realize the entire world will not convert to your religion anytime soon and you may even have some issues with the body as nothing grounds one like a body issue.

Natal Mars in Pisces and Venus in Gemini create a mutable T-square with Neptune. The very social and open side of Ginther’s personality may clamp shut with Taurus-like stubbornness when the events related to this news story come to pass.

As a political sports fan, I’d say Ginther’s apparent ease in the mayoral process and sudden scandal arising soon after the primary suggest a powerful enemy. I couldn’t find the birthdates for the two runners up ( Zach Scott and Terry Boyd, which would be the next place to look in a political drama.

Hidden enemies are the realm of the 12th house of the horoscope so I’d guess Ginther has some activity going on there.

Jupiter is transiting Leo but will move into Virgo mid August. Right around election time, as fate would have it, Jupiter will add the missing puzzle piece of a mutable grand cross in Ginther’s chart – Venus/Mars/Neptune are the T-square; Jupiter forms the cross.

Crosses suggest tension in this case between the mutable energies. Gemini is friendship and communication; Virgo is work and health; Sagittarius is philosophy and idealism; Pisces is empathy and belief.

Ginther also has a couple interesting oppositions in his horoscope with Uranus (in Scorpio) opposing sun (in Taurus) and Jupiter (in Aries) opposing Pluto (in Libra). The sun/Uranus opposition suggests sudden impulses around money, assets, property and sex. The Jupiter/Pluto opposition suggests issues of dominance and cooperation in personal relations.

Tension and idealism are balanced in the chart through Jupiter’s trine to Neptune and the sun’s sextile (wide) to Saturn. In other words, difficult aspects are balanced by more harmonious aspects.

What will happen to Ginther?

Luckily Ginther has that nice, steady Taurus sun. Taurus isn’t really fond of being on a boat in a hurricane, but the balancing powers of Taurus should steady the ship a bit.

There does seem to be a great challenge to idealism and belief from November 2014 to December 2015. Will this come from a political downfall? Or will it come from a win but a complete change in attitude?

We’ll know in December.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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