Marco Rubio’s Moon

For the last week, my cat and I have been arguing about presidential candidate Marco Rubio’s moon sign. Since we don’t know his time of birth, his moon could be in Cancer or Leo.

My cat thinks Cancer; I think Leo.

Leo moon, I argued, explained his preternatural ease with the political process and public speaking. Even his distractors concede he has political gifts. Leo is nothing if not self-confident.

My cat, affectionate and family-oriented, responded that Rubio talks all the time about his grandfather and family, a sure sign of moon in Cancer.

Geminis are good talkers, I responded. And if politicos love their families so much why would they seek the presidency, a sure-fire way to not see your family?

Maybe he has a Leo rising, she responded.

Smart astrological move, I thought. Leo rising would put a Cancer moon in the 12th, or hidden, house. Family life had to be hidden or concealed in some way, a feeling that can be evoked through immigration, legal or illegal.

While this move set me back, I argued that Cancer defense (we all have defenses) is to run inside its shell. Cancer shells are often home, family, food or drink. Running for president means leaving your shell behind.

Since our arguing led to a day of not speaking, I decided to consult the Internet to find the truth. Unfortunately, journalists don’t look for nuanced personality traits until it’s too late – after politicians are elected. Astrologers, thank heaven, are trying to figure it out in advance.

News stories focus a lot on Rubio’s finances, something we see astrologically as well with Venus, Mercury and Saturn in Taurus. It’s the Saturn portion that brings on the lack of material resources or perceived lack. Even when Saturn in Taurus has enough, they often seek more for a sense of security.

Ah, now I had an argument for my cat.

If Rubio’s moon was in Leo, I argued, we’d have a nice, albeit out-of-degree, T-square with Mars (in Aquarius), Venus/Mercury/Saturn (in Taurus) and moon (in Leo).

T-squares, as you know, create tension and drive. To seek something, we have need. The stronger the need, the more the striving. Running for president is some very intense striving, ergo very intense need.

My cat replied that Rubio doesn’t appear to be striving, that he looks so natural and loving and sincere.

Leo moon, I replied smugly. Leo moon.

New Hampshire

Since my cat can neither read nor write and is currently out of the room, I’ll speculate on Rubio in New Hampshire with a chart having moon in Leo.

Next Tuesday in New Hampshire, the primary voting booths will open with the sun in Aquarius and the moon in the early degrees of Pisces.

Pluto, Venus and Mercury will be closely conjunct in the sign of Capricorn. This conjunction forms a transiting grand trine to Rubio’s Venus/Mercury/Saturn in Taurus and Pluto in Virgo. Mars will be in Scorpio opposite Taurus.

The preponderance of earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) suggests practical results. The Mars aspect brings in money, specifically money owed. We see this frequently during political campaigns – the money aspects. There’s lots of spending and lending going on.

If Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders were reading the chart, he might start railing about how political donations corrupt our system. Rubio will probably gain some financial support next Tuesday but Mars will ask for returns.

When do we ever give money without expecting something in return?

Tuesday’s moon and Neptune conjunct in Pisces may bring some precipitation (with fog). This conjunction squares Rubio’s natal Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces as well as sun in Gemini (a T-square). Rubio may relish the fog of idealism. Sagittarius ideals and Pisces ideals can look the same until you understand that Pisces is truly about self-sacrifice.

Self-sacrifice may appeal to those of a spiritual/religious bent, but could you truly sacrifice everything, including the ego gains from sacrificing?

Pisces is often the scapegoat, the worst type of sacrifice to the shadow side of the masses.

With so many candidates, it’s difficult to imagine who would be the likely scapegoat on Tuesday. There’s very little Pisces in this presidential run. The two remaining candidates with the most Pisces are Democrat Hillary Clinton with moon in Pisces and Jeb Bush with Mercury in Pisces.

But I digress, which occurs often with Pisces and Neptune. Back to the Leo moon center of attention, Rubio.

Keeping the attention on himself may be difficult for Rubio as the moon and Neptune are like a wide, surging river pulling objects downstream. Running for president involves defining oneself as one would carve a statue from stone. Unfortunately, Gemini/Pisces/Sagittarius energy are mutable signs and flexible and truly enjoy the ever-changing experiences of life. It’s difficult for these mutable signs to resist some white-water rafting which is so much more fun than standing in a corner carving a statue.

If Rubio’s moon is truly in Leo, a fixed fire sign filled with energy, this will keep him upright in a tidal wave of conflicting attacks. In fact, he may be more energized by the attacks. Leo is the sign that knows attention is way different than luck. Luck comes in “good” and “bad.” Attention is attention. Kind of like money, I suppose. Money’s source never impedes upon money’s delight.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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