Reince Priebus’ Gemini Problem

Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, must have committed an ill deed in a past life to be challenged with overseeing the 2016 Republican primary process.

At the beginning of the primary season, there were 17 Republican candidates. Now there are three with two (Ted Cruz and John Kasich) mathematically unable to reach the needed delegates for a nomination. The two hanging on have lots of Capricorn energy (sun or moon) and are depending on the rules of the primary process to launch them into glory. Capricorn would be okay winning by the rules rather than the votes that suggest popularity.

It’s possible (although maybe not probable) that one man can still win the needed delegates – Donald Trump.

Sixteen men and women faced Trump and all, mathematically, have lost.

Can Priebus handle the energy of Trump during what may be a tumultuous convention where there are multiple ballots and Trump may very well rouse his followers if not nominated?

Reince Priebus

Watching Priebus on the Sunday morning shows, his slow, mannered speech often makes me wonder how he gained the role of spokesman for the Republicans.

Looking at his horoscope, his fate with Trump relies on this very skill – communication.

Sun in Pisces and moon in Taurus make for an easy-to-approach individual. Pisces is empathetic and Taurus is placid. In addition to moon in Taurus, Venus and Mars are also in that sign. There is a great love of physical objects and enjoyment of the senses with these placements. The singing voice is probably very nice.

Moon in Taurus could explain the slow speech patterns (reminiscent of Ben Carson with moon in this sign). The planet that rules communication, Mercury, is in a much louder and impulsive sign – Aries (think Bernie Sanders who has moon in Aries).

Mercury in Aries would speak confidently and assertively. Yet, if we look across the horoscope we’ll see that Uranus is opposing in Libra. There is a desire for assertion yet an opposing force that avoids conflict. However, Uranus is not a sign to control itself so the speech patterns may seem uneven, random and unconnected. Assertion and keeping the peace are difficult to balance and there is some teeter-tottering.

Interestingly, Priebus’ Saturn in Gemini also speaks to a feeling of lack in terms of communication and education. To compensate, this placement may collect knowledge in an effort to feel smart. There is a great seriousness to this placement and also maturity.

Saturn in Gemini combined with Mercury opposed by Uranus suggest early in life issues with communication such as communicating late, stuttering or incoherent speech patterns. Breathing is also affected. Learning method and study habits are probably unusual. Priebus doesn’t learn the way others do and with sun in Pisces, has strong intuition.

Saturn also has an opposition from Neptune in Sagittarius. The ideals are high and lofty but are difficult to convey. The Astrologers Handbook describes this opposition as mistrustful of others and a tendency to underhanded means. While The Astrologers Handbook has a dismal outlook on this aspect, it’s also the play of reality versus dreams, especially in Gemini-Sagittarius. Who wouldn’t get a bit frustrated at having one’s dreams crushed constantly by facts, figures, stop signs, tax forms and other nefarious aspects of the third dimension?

Donald Trump

Trump fits into Priebus horoscope through this Gemini-Sagittarius axis. Trump has sun conjunct Uranus in Gemini (by now you’ve noticed the unpredictability of this aspect) opposing moon in Sagittarius.

By degree, Trump’s Gemini-Sagittarius is outside the orbit of Priebus’ opposition. Yet the energy is the same. Trump is surfing Gemini-Sagittarius like a wave (saying anything that draws a strong response) while Priebus is experiencing it like a dust storm (showing up on the news shows week after week explaining the rules and trying to keep order).

During the convention, transiting Saturn will be at 10 degrees of Sagittarius, slightly beyond Priebus’ Neptune and not yet at Trump’s moon at 21 degrees. Saturn is the wall between Priebus’ ideals and Trump’s emotions.

The wall is going backwards as Saturn will be retrograde. Priebus will feel the Saturn limitation more than Trump.

Will the wall knock him down?

If Priebus is fated to the situation from past actions, those actions would involve insincere and misleading speech. Luckily fate also gave Priebus that nice Venus/moon/Mars conjunction in Taurus which can be very calming and soothing.


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