Astrological Lessons from Carly Fiorina’s Week of Fame

Carly Fiorina’s week of fame was well over the prescribed 15 minutes prophesied by the late pop artist Andy Warhol. Who is Fiorina you may be asking? You don’t remember her?

Fiorina was running for Vice President of the United States in the Republican Party. Maybe you didn’t notice as running mates are usually chosen by the candidate who wins the nomination. In the case of Fiorina, she was running with someone who needed over 100 percent of remaining votes to win the nomination. Her run for vice president lasted a week.

On Wednesday, April 27 the desperate candidate Ted Cruz “nominated” Carly Fiorina (who was running for president and dropped out in February) his running mate. His hope, the pundits tell us, was that he could gain some ground in remaining votes to prevent contender Donald Trump from getting the all votes needed to seal the nomination. It didn’t happen.

On Tuesday, May 3, Cruz dropped out of the race.

What does a week of running for Vice President look like?

Three Lessons from Carly Fiorina

We astrologers like to learn from the mistakes of others and impart astrological wisdom to the seekers of knowledge. Let’s see if we can find some tips to help others avoid a vice presidential run that has a shorter life span than an open bottle of wine.

Lesson one: Don’t run for Vice President when Jupiter is retrograde on your sun.

Fiorina has sun in 13 degrees (and 36 minutes or so) of Virgo. Lo and behold, Jupiter was almost exactly on that spot on April 27. Unfortunately, from our vantage point on earth it was traveling backwards (retrograde). Jupiter expands and in this case expanded the backward motion of Virgo perfection. Fiorina’s week as vice presidential nominee was not perfect, I hear, and its ending quickly may have been a blessing in Virgo disguise.

The shoe didn’t fit so she shouldn’t have worn it. Virgo demands perfection.

Lesson two: When the transiting moon is conjunct your natal Mars you might want things very badly, so much so that you lose perspective.

Moon transiting your Mars (or the other way around) is a time when you run a bunch of yellow lights that are very, very close to turning red, if they haven’t already. The sense of urgency is high even if you aren’t late for work or past due on rent. All goals must be accomplished NOW.

Moon and Mars combined is very demanding. In Capricorn where Fiorina’s is placed, it’s demanding of respect, authority and position. Pushing hard for respect, Fiorina might have lost some through this absurd maneuver and revoked her chances of being chosen vice president for an actual nominee later in the process.

Lesson three: It’s okay to cry.

On Tuesday, May 3, the last day of her vice presidential run, the moon was in Pisces, an emotional and empathetic sign. Pisces’ glyph is the two fishes swimming in opposite directions. Christianity uses the fish image for their savior which is very astrologically appropriate as Pisces is about sacrifice.

Pisces is opposite the discriminating Virgo. For Virgo Fiorina to feel sacrificed (if that’s how she felt with the shrewd and calculating Cruz) would be particularly difficult. Neptune is also transiting Pisces which among other things helps us understand the pain of others. Often we can’t understand others until we through Neptune (or Uranus) find ourselves in their shoes, in situations we never imagined.

Virgo doesn’t really like public displays of emotion, although it can be quite emotionally charged about causes for the weak, helpless or animals. Pisces wants to express and cross boundaries while Virgo wants to analyze and stay detached. Hopefully Fiorina allowed herself some good old fashioned self-pity (also in the realm of Pisces) accompanied by a bucket of Neptunian tears.

She deserves it.


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1 Response to Astrological Lessons from Carly Fiorina’s Week of Fame

  1. Ed Augusts says:

    So, with Jupiter going retrograde and approaching her natal Sun, Cruz announces her selection at a big public event. Carly gets on stage, and caps her remarks by singing a lullaby to Cruz’s two little girls:
    “I know two girls who I just adore. I am so happy I can see them more. Because we travel on the bus on the day, we get to play, we get to play,” Fiorina sang.

    This is pretty silly stuff! Is it transiting Jupiter’s exaggerating Carly’s self-confidence? Or had she had a few drinks?

    Where was Cruz’s wife as Cruz took her little girls along on his campaign swings, babysat by Carly, this questionable figure with a background of corporate greed, hosted by a man denounced as a philanderer? Creepy!

    Shouldn’t the kids have been at home, and going to school?

    And did Cruz pick Carly or did Carly ask for the job, since they have $500,000 in not-so-secret hush money between them?
    Thank you!

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