Dear Ohio Astrology

Dear Ohio Astrology,

I’ve recently taken the top political position in the most powerful country in the world and am having some struggles with it. Frankly, it’s just not fun and the people around me are so serious, like they’ve never gotten wild and crazy in their lives. There’s one guy in particular, a Capricorn, who I regularly embarrass in public but still won’t go away. While I’m old in age, I’m not “old” – you know what I mean? How do I deal with these wet blankets?

Bored Stiff

Dear Bored Stiff,

Since you’re a Gemini sun with Uranus conjunct opposite moon in Sagittarius, life for you is a constant adventure. Why did you take this Capricorn-like job? Of course you’re going to meet stubborn Capricorn types who take life seriously and think everything is their responsibility. You might be more suited to a life in public relations, television or theater. If you want to be happy, I suggest you make a career change. Otherwise, just act serious and they will believe you. It’s that easy.

Dear Ohio Astrology,

I feel that people don’t like me. It hurts me a lot so I strike out in revenge and people say I poison our relationships. I’ve achieved the top position in a large, powerful country and have tried to make friends with the head of another powerful country, but others want to keep us apart. How can I get people to like me?

Looking for Friends

Dear Looking for Friends,

Your sun in Libra definitely wants to be liked and to be popular, but you do have Saturn and Neptune conjunct your sun which makes you both attractive (Neptune) and unattractive (Saturn). Your moon in Gemini (if you provided an accurate date and time) and Uranus in Cancer square to sun, suggest you’re not always consistent and Saturn says you have to have partnership your way. As transiting Pluto squares your Libra and Cancer planets, your enemies intensify. As the saying goes, you attract more bees with honey than vinegar so you might want to show your Neptune more and your Saturn less. Otherwise, you may be respected (Saturn) but not necessarily liked.

Dear Ohio Astrology,

I’m writing to understand what’s in my future for the next few years. I’m one of the most popular female Latin music stars but I’m feeling the need for something new.

Yours truly,
What’s Next?

Dear What’s Next,

With sun in Aquarius, you’re always looking for something new, something futuristic to pique your intellect. You have a lot of oppositions in your horoscope, some of which are being activated. With Mars in Capricorn opposite moon in Cancer, the Pluto-in-Capricorn transit is asking for some tough decisions regarding family versus career. Sun in Aquarius likes freedom and moon in Cancer likes comfort so you often have to decide between the two, sometimes daily. And natal Saturn in Leo opposing your sun is another challenge – authority always telling you what to do. Breaking away from constraints at this time may help, but balance is what you’ll have to find in these oppositions because you can’t ask for comfort if you’re also asking for freedom. Use your Aquarius unique thinking to find a solution that may not be traditional but works for you.

Dear Ohio Astrology,

I was a famous folk singer in the 1960s enjoying the drug and music scene but withdrew suddenly after a motorcycle accident. Now I’m a little cash strapped so am going to perform at the end of November. I’m a little anxious about it. How will it go?

Stage Fright

Dear Stage Fright,

With sun in Gemini and moon in Taurus, you’re definitely detached so lots of love and affection tends to be confusing and claustrophobic for you. With Jupiter transiting Scorpio opposing your moon, the need to pay back some debts, both financial and emotional, is obvious. Jupiter transiting Scorpio indicates you will find the emotional response quite intense, even scary. You were smart to schedule at the end of November when the sun goes into Sagittarius but it would have been more advisable to wait until mid-December when the sun crossed your ascendant. Then your Sagittarius need to exhibit would have been stronger to get you through the stage fright. Transiting Saturn and Pluto in your first house means that the crowd will find you serious and formal. You might want to bring a warm up band to create a lighter atmosphere and relieve some of the pressure.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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