Astrological Insight into Political News (1/11/2019)

Chuck Schumer

Senator and Republican foe Chuck Schumer is already experiencing transiting Jupiter conjunct his natal Sagittarius sun, Venus and Mercury. Jupiter rules Sagittarius so is happy to expand influence, energy, arrogance and the waistline. Jupiter can provide “luck” but also accidents due to carelessness and foot-in-the-mouth disease.

Be careful Chuck.

As with his political companion Nancy Pelosi, Schumer has Taurus energy with moon in Taurus. Uranus is soon to transit Taurus (March 2019) so his own material well-being will be undergoing changes. As Uranus begins this transit, OHA is finding Taurus prominent in the horoscopes of those in the news as the Fates are having them step up to to the plate of self-awareness.

For Schumer, it will take a few years for this transit to fully activate, but I expect that financial attacks will become more frequent in general, not just for Schumer. But the more assets you have the more chance of being targeted.

Transiting Jupiter is making a nice trine to Schumer’s natal Pluto in Leo and sextile to natal Neptune in Libra which brings cooperative relationships with those in power.

When transiting Jupiter moves into Capricorn next year and transits his natal Mars in Capricorn, Schumer may embark on a new business venture with a partner (natal Neptune in Libra) who isn’t so reliable and may put the family assets (natal Uranus in Cancer).

Be careful Chuck.

Jeff Bezos

While not technically political news, when you shake up the entire retail industry as Jeff Bezos has done, you deserve to be considered a political player. As government in the United States increasingly becomes a business venture, business moguls are intrinsically politicians.

This week Jeff Bezos and his wife announced they were divorcing. With Pluto transiting Capricorn (2008-2023), those with sun in Capricorn like Bezos will have transformation in their basic sense of self. Capricorn being a cardinal sign, the other cardinal signs will also feel tension (Aries, Cancer and Libra) because at some point in the transit Pluto will square the sun.

Aries, by the way, has had a double-whammy shake up with Pluto in Capricorn making squares for the last seven years to the soon-to-be-completed transit of Uranus in Aries.

While both Bezos horoscopes indicate change, Bezos’ wife MacKenzie with sun in Aries and moon either in Aries or Taurus appears to be the shaker-upper in this situation. Transiting Uranus is conjunct her moon in either sign. M. Bezos’ natal Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn are all in Taurus. Natal Jupiter is in Scorpio.

Don’t think money and material security doesn’t matter here to M. Bezos. It may matter more to her than J. Bezos, in fact.

For J. Bezos, money is success. For his wife, money is security. When one has Saturn in Taurus, there is a sense of lack no matter how much wealth is in the environment. There’s an inner sense of poverty which can, if one is not self-aware, lead to greed. With self-awareness, there is much gratitude and appreciation of the material world.

J. Bezos later in the year will have transiting Jupiter conjunct the moon. This suggests indulgence so possibly J. Bezos has some bad habits of which we’re unaware. Jupiter transiting one’s moon in Sagittarius, especially if you are a man as is J. Bezos, usually bodes well for attracting women. By the end of the year we may see a new Mrs. Bezos.

Elizabeth Warren

Speaking of Taurus appearing prominently in the horoscopes of those in the political news right now, Taurus moon Senator Elizabeth Warren has announced an exploratory committee for a presidential run in 2020.

Is it that time already?

Warren has what OHA calls the “mark of a politician” which is moon in square to Pluto (in Taurus and Leo respectively for Warren). Pluto in hard aspect to one’s moon suggests unwanted psychic or physical penetration that results in a strong need to control the environment.

The Pluto in Leo “Me” Generation also can’t seem to retire. This generation focused on self and brought us much of the individuality of today. Possibly there are so many Pluto in Leo folk still climbing the ladder because the next generation, Pluto in Virgo, is too nervous and anxious for such ambitions. Or maybe the Pluto in Virgo generation are just busy cleaning the kitchen.

Warren’s sun is in sensitive, water-sign Cancer conjunct Uranus. In 2008 she had transiting Pluto in Capricorn opposing which is when she began her political life as Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel. Usually with Pluto opposing the sun there are political problems; as Chair she was entrenched in politics but possibly the politics of her law professorship turned her to traditional politics.

Transiting Pluto is now opposing natal Venus in Capricorn which suggests additional power struggles with friends and family. Warren’s family might not be so keen on her decision to run for president.

Warren has an interesting horoscope that combines agility and speed with method and focus. Taurus moon is nothing if not steady and methodical. Yet, Mars conjunct Mercury in Gemini and Uranus conjunct sun in Cancer creates both strong and speedy mental and emotional reactions. While Warren may appear calm on the outside, she most likely has nerve problems and stomach problems.

Transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius opposes Gemini which can expand and exaggerate the speech which we’ve seen as Warren has had to explain her claims to Native American heritage. Jupiter in Sagittarius opposing Gemini generates impulsive speech, distraction and tangents which can throw off the Taurus moon which can respond to a precise, congruent argument but may have difficulty with the empty rhetoric of politics.

As noted above, transiting Uranus will be in Taurus in March 2019. For Warren, the steady becomes unsteady and the traditional method just won’t work. Warren has enough flexibility in her horoscope to overcome this, but will she like it?


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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