Neptune in Pisces Update

Have you been busy for the past eight years? Are the kids’ schedules more packed than a CEO’s? Are you trying to keep an eye on a collapsing government and volatile stock market while you work more hours? Has your employment shifted and changed like a melting glacier? Has the world of bickering politics invaded your personal life?

If you’ve experienced any of this, you’ve probably been distracted by transiting Pluto in Capricorn making a square aspect to transiting Uranus in Aries. The good news is that Uranus will be moving into Taurus in March 2019 and will get along better with Pluto which stays in Capricorn for a few more years.

If there is a break in the icebergs through which we’re traveling, it might be a good time to look into the fog and pay attention to Neptune in Pisces.


Mythological Neptune is the God of freshwater and the sea. Astrological Neptune rules the sign of Pisces so Neptune is floating in its home waters.

Neptune is an outer planet relating to the spiritual zeitgeist of a generation. The sign in which Neptune is traveling is what that generation tends to worship, outside of the regular gods of worship. Neptune is the “buzz” of the times, the craze of youth, and the halo around the person or object of mass desire.

Yesterday’s craze appears irrational to today’s mood. Did millions of girls really go mad over four men in black suits singing the simple “Love me do?” During the time of the Beatles as a band, Neptune was transiting Scorpio, the sign of death, sex, taxes and regeneration.

This was a time of Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll. During this period, the sexual mores shifted radically with much more openness, more partners and more experimentation. Some, like Scorpio sun Charles Manson, took advantage of the times by using sex and drugs to break through barriers for manipulation.

In the 1970s and early 1980s, Neptune in Sagittarius brought us increased activism and the interdependence of nations. From 1985-1998 Neptune in Capricorn brought us an idealization of business. In 1998, the shift to idealization of technology occurred. In 2011, Neptune then went into Pisces and will be there until 2025.

What do we idealize with Pisces?

Neptune in Pisces

Pisces as the last sign of the zodiac is water and mutable and seeks spiritual merging. Because of that, the boundaries are not strong and the empathy is high. As a mutable sign, it is changeable and adaptable and when too much of these traits, malleable.

Pisces doesn’t often know where “me” ends and “you” begins. This can lead to the desire to rescue others which is good when the “other” is able and willing to be rescued. When the “other” is in a state of self-destruction or addiction, then Pisces can become enmeshed in emotionally destructive situations.

The savior and the scapegoat are two sides of the Pisces energy as we see with its image of two fish swimming in opposite directions. You may have heard of the “Age of Aquarius.” The prior Age was in Pisces (the Ages move backwards through the signs) and we see a great deal Pisces imagery in Christianity (fishes, feet, sacrifice, healing and compassion).

Pisces and Neptune are also prone to what’s called escapism. Being so sensitive, the world is harsh so there is a need to refresh and sometimes for great lengths of time. Escapism Neptune style includes many of our current pleasures – alcohol, drugs and moving pictures.

Update on Neptune in Pisces

With the societal transformations occurring as Pluto transits Capricorn, it’s easy to ignore the diaphanous Neptune. Neptune rules fog which is something not quite there but also quite treacherous. Don’t underestimate fog – put your lights on.


Since Neptune has gone into Pisces, we’ve seen unprecedented storms, flooding and tsunamis. So it seems we have more and more water. But do we?

Actually, we have a clean water crisis. We’ve seen contaminated water (Michigan and West Virginia), drought (US Southwest, South Africa) and compromised water (fracking areas). According to this article, by 2025 (as Neptune moves into Aries), half of the world’s population will be in water-stressed areas.

Remember Michael Burry from The Big Short who analyzed mortgage data and determined that a financial collapse would occur in 2007? He’s investing in water.

Sea control is another aspect of water control. China has now control over the South China Sea. Since most of the earth (71%) is water, Neptune in Pisces may bring us more issues with international water boundaries. Neptune doesn’t like boundaries.


The last time Neptune was in Pisces (1847 to 1862) Western nations including France, Great Britain and the United States started an “Opium War” with China to force the opium market on China due to trade imbalances where foreign nations wanted Chinese goods but China didn’t purchase enough in return except for opium. The Chinese government didn’t want a nation of addicts so tried to ban opium sales.

In an interesting bit of political karma, the United States now has its own opiate crisis. This may not have stemmed from China, but definitely stemmed from economics from the pharmaceutical push toward opiates combined with changing local economies.

This is one Neptune-in-Pisces transit that receives some attention within our busy Uranus in Aries lives. We are aware of this one.


Alcoholism hasn’t been eradicated yet you might believe so here in the US as most events now involve wine or beer and a Neptunian “culture” around them. People in the US are drinking more according to this article. As shopping shifts to online, stores are increasingly converted to food and beverage. In my neck of the woods, it’s common for new restaurants to have a menu consisting of one page of food and ten pages of alcoholic beverages.

This Neptune-in-Pisces effect is still in the fog. I’m expecting soon to see in the news that there has been a rise in the rate of alcoholism. Or maybe opiate addiction has overridden alcoholism for the moment.

Moving pictures

Neptune rules moving film. Film has an incredible ability to influence us, even when we think we’re immune. It’s my own pet theory that the powers-that-be want to introduce a concept to the masses, they make a Hollywood film.

UFOs are the best example. In the 1970s and 1980s those claiming to see UFOs were considered wackos. Bring on the TV series the X-Files and now it’s okay to have a belief in UFOs (sort of).

Today the moving picture industry has grown to include instant access series leading to a “binge watching” craze. According to the Binge Clock, it takes over nine days to watch the entire X-Files series.

Nine days. Americans rarely take nine days of vacation in a row.

If there’s a binge, is there a purge?

Mystery and secrecy

Neptune and Pisces are nothing if not secretive and mysterious. What fun is life without some mystery? If you love spy novels or are wondering if US President Trump is truly a Russian operative, then Neptune in Pisces is for you.

For all of the religion in the world, there’s still mystery about the post-body experience. We want it, but we don’t.

Neptune dissolves and no matter how much fun heaven may be, the thought of our selves dissolving is threatening. In the original Star Trek series, to beam down to a planet meant that your entire body was dissembled then re-assembled. Looks cool but would you ever choose to travel by having your body disintegrated then re-constructed? Who would you trust to do that besides Star Trek’s Mr. Spock, and he’s not real.

Don’t Ignore Neptune

Neptune is like water. The earth is 71% water and the human body 55% – 60%. We are water beings who live in a water place. We are Neptune.

Go to a body of water and move your hand through it. It’s so soft, so easy to move your hand. Now try to swim in in. That’s much tougher and you have to learn to “let go” and allow the water to lift your body (easier for women with more body fat than men). If there are waves, it’s even tougher to navigate water. Water can be gentle or fierce.

Neptune can be easy to ignore especially with Uranus in Aries making loud noises and Pluto in Capricorn taking your house away.

But Neptune and Pisces are all-that-is. Some of what is passing with Pluto and Uranus transits are not truly critical to a life on earth. Water is. Think Neptune.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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2 Responses to Neptune in Pisces Update

  1. Jane says:

    This is so interesting, thanks for your explanation! I really recognized the last years, that more and more people are interested in global themes like ending war. This really could be because now they care much more about other humans. I would be so happy, if this trend lasts untill 2025! 🙂 But I am optimistic. Even my horoscope tells me, that this will be a year, where I get in touch with my inner self and will be able to learn more about my motivation. I think there are a lot more people who will find out this and that this is a good way to change the world to a beeter place!


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