Neptune with you or against you: McCabe and Cohen

Neptune is so soothing! You watch a movie and completely forget yourself, lost in the images of strong emotions playing on the screen. You’ve had a long week at work and go to happy hour and take that first a drink of alcohol that relaxes you and prepares you for the weekend. You lounge on the beach watching the waves of an ocean whose end you can’t see. You join a spiritual group and feel a loving connection to your fellow man. You hear a new musical band and develop an obsessive fascination with them.

Ah Neptune!

Neptune, which rules the water sign Pisces, represents a great many pleasures where our “self” becomes merged with others. Notice that lacking in the list is sex, which is ruled by water sign Scorpio. Here we merge physically; emotional merging doesn’t necessarily occur. Also absent from the list is food. Food can be a Neptune experience but food-as-comfort is ruled by water sign Cancer, which rules the stomach.

Neptune is so pleasurable that it is very tempting to take it to excess, to get lost in it. As such, it becomes escapism, delusion and emotionalism. The movie is not real so if you are saddened by it and stay saddened for the next six months, it is not a reflection of your true experience – it is not you.

When Neptune in its movement through the skies touches a place in your horoscope (called a transit), you can experience spiritual bliss or disheartening delusion. At an astrology conference, a speaker on Neptune described it as an evolutionary process of becoming something else and by that process you don’t know, can’t know, the end result.

The “you” that goes into the transit is not the “you” that comes out. When you are changing, it’s not the extreme uncomfortableness of a clearly-defined situation that forces change (such as a war or job layoff) but an unclear situation where you don’t know if you’re coming or going, like getting lost in fog.

Ah, Neptune!

Neptune Transits in the Political News

In the political news are two individuals who are undergoing major Neptune transits. Former FBI agent Andrew McCabe has sun in Pisces so Neptune will be conjunct (at the same place) as his sun. Former Trump attorney (and former attorney as he’s been disbarred) Michael Cohen has sun in Virgo so Neptune was opposing (180 degrees away) from his sun.

What’s the difference between a conjunction and opposition?

The conjunction merges the energy of the two planets and the energy appears to be coming from within. The opposition makes the energy seem like it’s coming from out there, often from a foe or enemy.

Andrew McCabe

McCabe, who recently published a “tell-all” book, has revealed secret and private conversations where others purportedly discussed removing President Trump using the 25th amendment or secretly recording conversations with him to entrap him in crime.

Is McCabe telling the truth or lying?

With Neptune in Pisces, it’s unclear. The world of “intelligence” has parts Scorpio and parts Pisces. Scorpio looks for the hidden motivations and Pisces represents secrets and illusions. Walking into the world of Pisces is walking into a hall of mirrors – images are broken and distorted.

Neptune won’t properly be conjunct McCabe’s sun until 2025. McCabe’s own personal hall of mirrors is a long and winding path. Moreover, McCabe’s natal Neptune is in Scorpio conjunct his moon. He also has Mercury and Venus in Pisces. In other words, this is one Neptunian guy.

How much of what McCabe says is empirical fact and how much is own perception? How do we ever, truly, know the difference?

We are all experiencing Neptune in Pisces so this question of “reality” has become common which is pretty scary if you think about it. The challenge here is to collectively share a sense of unity while at the same time agreeing on a shared reality. If there is no shared reality, we are truly in trouble.

McCabe was born when Pluto and Uranus were conjunct in Virgo. It’s a natal opposition to his sun in Pisces. The discriminating, critical mind is out there constantly waiting in judgment. It can provide a ballast to balance the imaginative mind of Pisces with the analytical mind of Virgo.

Neptune can be a bit like quicksand. McCabe may have spent a career in quicksand, but he’s not out quite yet. He’s got a deep, serious and penetrating mind but not much detachment. That may be what causes him problems.

Michael Cohen

For Cohen, Neptune is the opposing “other” and made a full opposition back in 2013. According this Cohen timeline, he joined the Trump organization in 2006, when Uranus was transiting Pisces.

In 2006, Trump was Uranus and now Trump is Neptune.

President Trump is very much Uranus with sun conjunct Uranus in Gemini. Pisces like Gemini is mutable so any planet transiting Pisces is in square (tense) aspect.

Uranus is the awakener and is sudden and inspiring. In opposition to his sun, Cohen might have felt like a guy stuck in Virgo routine who has met a fun, spontaneous friend who gets him to let his hair down to do silly things.

In the news, Cohen is presented as a lawyer who is a “fixer,” i.e., does anything you want. Virgo normally follows the rules. Cohen’s moon is either in Sagittarius or Capricorn. While Capricorn is more likely to follow the rules, we might say with moon in Sagittarius (which Trump has by the way) the “fixer” would be an exciting role due to the risk involved; with moon in Capricorn, the fixer would be trying to gain the respect and esteem of authorities.

Cohen, like McCabe, was born with the Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo. He was born a couple years before McCabe so has Saturn in Pisces opposing. Ironically, Cohen’s Saturn is at the same degree (28) of McCabe’s sun. Possibly Cohen’s testimony will negatively affect McCabe as someone’s Saturn on your sun indicates that they are oppressive or heavy to you.

Cohen has Mars, Venus and Mercury in Leo, a fixed fire sign. If the moon is in Sagittarius, this adds more fire which supports his bravado fixer ways.

Neptune in opposition to the sun for Cohen means that the rules are nebulous and ambiguous which is disorienting to the Virgo mind. He may feel like he’s talking through one of those machines that distort your voice so you can’t be recognized.

Pisces was once “Uranus exciting” and it’s now become “Neptune murky.” Oh well, play with Neptune and this can happen. If you play with fire, you get burned. If you play with Neptune, you discover one day that things aren’t as they seem. You aren’t burned, you’re confused.

Neptune with you or against you

At the aforementioned astrology conference, the speaker said that there’s not much you can do to affect a Neptune transit. He recommends letting go in the situations it creates. Probably, I suspect, that is because you can’t hold on to Neptune any more than you can grab the fog.

Neptune isn’t really “with” you or “against” you. It actually affects the “you” that appears to be separate from others.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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