Dear Twenty Somethings and Thirty Somethings,

You were born with a distinct fate. You are meant to change the entire social structure of the earth. And you are also meant to change how we perceive. Technology is only a part of that of that change. It’s your time although some older generations won’t step aside yet – they are hanging onto the past.

From the mid 1980s until the early 2000s, the planets Uranus and Neptune both passed through Capricorn and Aquarius, sometimes at the same time. Uranus is the planet of shock, awareness and enlightenment. Neptune is spirituality, dissolution and merging.

Uranus brings innovation; Neptune glamorization.

Dear Thirty Somethings,

You were born during great business innovation. There are fewer corporations than ever but their power and influence is also the greater than ever. Many decisions about society are driven by corporate goals. Marketing is now in everything you see and constant consumption is needed for society to remain stable.

Privatization of common good was promoted; public spaces are disappearing and with it local culture. The rise of pharmaceuticals and aggressive marketing behind them has created public health crises such as the opioid epidemic. Financial institutions are too big to fail.

Then in 2008, Pluto entered Capricorn and tore it all down.

You may have experienced hardships then and hoped they would not return. But Pluto wasn’t done and the need to restructure society including financial structure was ignored.

Now a pandemic recreated 2008 in a different way as Jupiter and Saturn joined in Capricorn in early 2020.

This is your time to use your intelligence and innovation to start again, in a different way. Your Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn are looking for stability but also a structure where hard work is rewarded and your efforts to improve yourself have a place to manifest.

Capricorn wants to work hard, to improve things, to fix problems. Capricorn avoids the path of least resistance. Society tumbling down is a great opportunity to put it back together in a better way. This is your time.

Dear Twenty Somethings,

Like Thirty Somethings, you were meant to change society. You have more Aquarius influence than your Thirty Something brethren. Aquarius is more rebellious, more willing to try something new and risky, use technology or new innovation.

Aquarius is idealistic and perfectionist. Capricorn’s ideas appeal to you from an organizational standpoint, but may not be visionary enough. But Capricorn can help because visions take hard work to manifest or they are merely pipe dreams.

Your generation idealizes both business and technology so is in love with the tech entrepreneurs; they are your gods.

More than innovative, you came onto the earth with a whole new way of perceiving. It’s almost like you came from another planet. And, of course, this causes problems because parents want to protect you so do not always encourage your “differentness.” Differentness can cause trouble. Even gender is being challenged! Not to be defined by gender is truly revolutionary.

Saturn is going back and forth in Capricorn and Aquarius this year and in 2021 will go forward in Aquarius for a couple years. It went into Aquarius about the time of the “social distancing” mandates. Expect the next two years to continue certain social distancing practices. It will stifle for a little while your Uranus and Neptune desire to progress into “the next.” Many still want a return to “normal,” which is not an Aquarian ideal.

Neither Capricorn nor Aquarius is emotional or warm. Social distancing is sometimes okay for these signs because they have work to do or innovation to create. They prefer interaction to be clean and tidy. But social distancing is not new; our technologies had already created social distancing which we are now employing to keep business afloat.

Then in 2023 Pluto will leave Capricorn and move into Aquarius as Saturn leaves Aquarius. The tech lords will go through their own destruction and transformation at that time. And you will come into your own power.

Dear Twenty Somethings and Thirty Somethings,

As you get older you get this thing called “nostalgia.” It’s when you think of pleasant events or interactions from the past. Often this nostalgia comes with a side effect that “the past” was somehow better than the present or potential future. In extreme, nostalgia can lead to a belief the world will “end.” [And the opposite that nostalgia side effect is the belief that in the future there will be a “utopia.”]

You’ll get it too, nostalgia for something you do today that won’t be around when you’re 70 years old.

I’ll admit that the social distancing and closing of most business has brought side effects that evoke nostalgia in me: people outside walking and talking. On my bike ride I saw dozens of people, whole families, riding together, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen in this locale. While looking at an albino squirrel in a tree a driver stopped to ask what I was looking at. There are smiles to be had in a situation that would normally take them away.

The pandemic has provided me something I’ve wanted for many years now – time. I suppose the lesson is that space and time are connected.

Part of me wants this shutdown to continue for a little longer as the slower pace, the friendliness, will surely disappear when we all get busy chasing our lives. But this is nostalgia talking — I know people need to work. And I know that as soon as I get back in rush-hour traffic, I’ll have that “get out of my way” feeling again.

I say this because, Twenty and Thirty Somethings, Aquarius is about community and when Pluto moves into Aquarius we’ll be thinking even more about community and localized culture. I expect you’ll talk about self-sustaining communities and promote some of the brotherhood that has started with sharing resources and community fundraising. And I’m sure you’ll do so much more that I can’t conceive.

This is your time. With the break in the continuity of society, you can slip through the cracks and bring forward the new that you were meant to create and deliver.

Some of the older generations that are currently hanging onto power have Pluto in Leo. Aquarius is the sign opposite Leo so what they evolved in regard to self-awareness will now evolve into community awareness. By 2024, Pluto in Leo will not be dominant.

Dear Twenty Somethings and Thirty Somethings,

Good luck.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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