Amy Acton Needs a Hug: But Don’t Try to Give Her One

So much chaotic, volatile and shifting energy this year of 2020 with a presidential impeachment (yes, that spanned into this year but I did have to check), a pandemic, physical distancing, an election process all but canceled, protests over race inequality and government control and massive unemployment.

And it’s only June. And astrological indicators suggest it will continue.

The energy of authority, challenging authority and public judgment comes from Capricorn. During this year Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars are all in or have been in this sign which is about social order, social control and authority. Pluto is destroying and transforming in this area of life.

The social distancing comes from Saturn entering Aquarius which is the sign of humanity, social organizations and ideals. Saturn contracts so has made it difficult to be Aquarius – “social distancing” must have been devised by the gods of astrology.

Efforts to connect and methods of escape or avoidance come from Neptune in Pisces which is empathetic, emotional, and connected but so sensitive that it often escapes through drugs, alcohol or other addictions.

And who better to stand at the podium this year than Ohio’s former Health Director Amy Acton: sun in Aquarius, moon and Venus in Capricorn and Mercury, Mars and Saturn in Pisces.

Acton has recently left the stage; the energy will not.

Amy Acton Rational

Sun in Aquarius and moon in Capricorn is rational, reserved, cautious, and responsible. Both signs are perfectionist and demanding. Both are very, very stubborn. They may comply with rules (Aquarius if they seem rational and Capricorn because they are rules) but will not (and I mean will not) do anything they do not want to do.

Moon in Capricorn is a rather difficult placement of taking on too much responsibility coupled with an emotional reserve and detachment that makes it difficult to connect to others. The recent pandemic response is a situation made for this placement: you can’t prove a negative so Acton’s efforts while viewed by some as excessive could have been the very reason we’re doing okay right now and can complain about it.

It’s a perfect situation to explain how moon in Capricorn tries to help by doing it all but can feel be deprived of the recognition or understanding that others get who are more flashy or self-aggrandizing. Capricorn moon carries the world on its shoulders.

Fire is the element lacking in the chart (although there may be fire rising sign but time of birth is needed to know that). Fire likes the fight for the fight and isn’t shy about taking credit where credit is due (or sometimes not due). Acton isn’t up for a fight unless there are clear, tangible results to winning.

And had the pandemic response been different and had many more died, who would have received the blame? Taking such a responsibility is clearly burdensome and many stay away from it. Capricorn moon is drawn to it.

There are other indicators of her intelligence and rationality including Jupiter in Gemini and Pluto/Uranus in Virgo. It’s no surprise she gets along well with Ohio Governor Mike DeWine who has sun in Capricorn and moon in Gemini who is also detached, practical and intelligent.

Amy Acton Emotional

Then there’s the Acton that is emotional and empathetic with Mercury, Mars and Saturn in Pisces and Neptune in Scorpio. She really would like to hug you, but she has to know you closely and for a very, very long time before that can happen. And then she still would probably shake hands.

But I’m sure after what’s she’s been through since the beginning of the year, she needs some water-sign pleasure: a big hug, a two-month hot bath, a long vacation on the beach, or a bottle of wine – daily; these are a few of the water signs’ favorite things.

With transiting Neptune on natal Saturn making a T-square to Jupiter and Pluto/Uranus, there’s just some sadness about it all, for Acton. She would cry for you, but she’s also hoping you’ll see reason. Capricorn moon doesn’t like to cry too much, especially in public. She may not understand the depth of her sadness. It can come out as irritation and sarcasm but is really sadness.

Amy Acton Worker Bee

Whether she cries for you or thinks for you, she’ll probably continue to work hard for Ohio. Transiting Saturn on her sun and transiting Pluto and Jupiter on her moon guarantee that she will stay in the game, is still interested in responsibility. She might have taken a breather, but she’s feeling a compulsion to continue on with her cautioned, reasoned approach to the situation.

She may try to walk away from what’s “out there,” but most if not all of the “out there” energy is also inside of her. She’ll be back at the podium.

But before that, she really should take a long beach vacation.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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