Masks Personal, Private, Public and Corporate

This year 20/20 has brought great awareness and clarity to the public structures in which we live. Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all transiting Capricorn, the sign of social conscious, has forced us into awareness. Without force and compulsion it’s clear man will not change. Pluto represents the area of our life where we must evolve-or else. Pluto transits a sign for 20 years so it’s generational and we share this evolutionary push from behind.

As an American, it’s also very clear that our education system which casts youth into debt that will last until their retirement is also for the purpose of something other than learning how to think critically. While we can’t be deeply knowledgeable in more than a handful of subjects, we also have no trust in experts and are unable to differentiate marketing (which is most of what we see) from actual information. Rather than arguing about whether social media sites should post this or that, it would be better not to get information from sites that are a hodge-podge of feeling, fact and opinion. But we must have information sources we can trust.

The divisiveness of American people and politics is that there is no common ground in which to talk. Uninformed opinion cannot be the basis for a debate. A debate would have points and make one think, regardless if one agrees or not. One can’t think or debate without facts (things to think and debate about).

The most prominent example is the wearing of masks. While many are complying, there is no common trust of public health experts and a great desire to prove mask-wearing as entirely right or entirely wrong and nothing else. If Americans were able to truly debate, the underlying discussion would be about personal rights versus public health and the tradeoff between and where the lines are drawn. The most ardent opponent of mask wearing would not want me to pour oil into his sewer system or bury radioactive waste right behind his backyard fence. We all have a line where private and public are separated.

Cardinal Signs

There are twelve signs of the zodiac composed of four elements (fire, earth, air and water) and three modes (cardinal, fixed and mutable). The four cardinal signs represent our personal and social interactions:

  1. Aries (fire) is about the self and assertiveness.
  2. Cancer (water) is about personal emotions and belonging.
  3. Libra (air) is about social interaction and partnership.
  4. Capricorn (earth) is about our public self, reputation and career.

These great transits of 2020 that are in the sign of Capricorn create aspects to all of the cardinal signs in one’s horoscope. The signs of any mode are in square aspect which represents similarity but also tension.

The great lesson of astrology is balance. Energy in extreme becomes its opposite which is the law of polarity. To be extreme means to bounce back and forth in a polarity causing great strife for self and others. The cardinal square demands that we create our boundaries of self and other.

Masks Personal, Private, Public and Corporate

Masks have brought the cardinal square into activation. You may be wearing a mask for many reasons including personal worry about health (Aries), concern for your family or group and fear of rejection (Cancer), to travel more easily in society (Libra) or because it’s mandated by government or business (Capricorn) – both here referred to as corporate as the lines between the two blur.

As with any square, there is natural tension. Like the balance of power that was deliberately created in this country, the square prevents a single energy from taking over. Astrology is the great trust-buster.

Today we may choose public health over the private decision to not wear a mask. Yet if that lasts forever, then personal rights can be eroded. It’s karmic irony that just a few years back the people of this country were disdainful of cultures that demanded women wear headdress, albeit for different reasons but for those cultures also in the interest of public safety.

The square assures a natural friction that prevents inertia and the eroding of one area of life. It is good we argue; it is even better that we know what we are arguing about.

It’s not about masks; it’s about personal, private, public and corporate boundaries. It’s the time to set these areas of life in balance as the current transits have revealed the great power of corporate and government. While there may be a need to trespass on personal rights for public health, mask-wearing opponents are attempting to limit the reach of corporate and government whose power increases daily and who will be reluctant to retreat to previous boundaries.

Masks are meant to maintain personal health. But for the societal health nations around the globe, the discussion is meant to continue until 2024 when Pluto moves into Aquarius. Now is the time we are meant to reset the balance of private and public.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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