Cruz and Hawley’s Excellent Capricorn Adventure

Until 2016, Richard Nixon was my poster boy for the sun sign Capricorn. Nixon exhibited both the positive and negative traits of that sign in extreme. Hard work, patient perseverance, serious contemplation and clear goals are the positive traits that took Nixon to the presidency. Negative Capricorn traits that contributed to his downfall include shrewd egotism, cold calculation, ambition at the expense of relationships and mean paranoia.

Listening to the many unclassified tapes of Nixon speaking to his advisors, you will hear language very similar that which you heard during the reign of President Trump – disdain for female leaders, attraction to the strongmen of the world, and arrogant self-pity.

To be a Capricorn at the top of the mountain and then fall is the greatest fear of this sign – failure. Success and failure are part of the Capricorn experience of understanding the individual’s role in society.

Ted Cruz

Then 2016 happened. The nasty of 200+ years of American politics continued its trajectory to outright cruelty. It’s no surprise that the politics begun in 2016 brought death because that’s what all the signals were indicating.

To run for high political office, above-average self-confidence is mandatory. Often this type of confidence leads to garden-variety egotism.

One standout of egotism is Texas senator and Capricorn sun Ted Cruz. Since 2016 feels like a hundred years ago, you may need a reminder that during the spring of campaign season, Cruz went so far as to select his vice presidential pick – Carly Fiorina. Most wait until they are a presidential candidate before picking a veep.

And don’t forget the Cruz Christmas video with wife and children mocking his enemies. Including one’s family in on the nastiness is definitely the cold and calculating side of Capricorn. Cruz has toppled Nixon as poster boy for political Capricorn.

Cruz’s horoscope is quite fascinating. As noted in the blog of 2015 (link below), most of Cruz’s horoscope is clustered from Virgo to Capricorn. Pluto in 29 degrees of Virgo crossed (made conjunctions) to almost all of the planets in his horoscope from his birth until just before the 2016 election primaries in 2015. Only Saturn in Taurus (more to come on that) was opposed by Pluto.

Pluto is the transformer, the destroyer. Pluto takes no prisoners, allows no compromise and forces its way in. The Ted Cruz of 2015 was not the Ted Cruz who was born – he was transformed.

Unfortunately, Cruz seems to have latched on to Pluto and decided power and control was his goal in life. Maybe the Pluto forces that controlled him simply turned him into a controller. Transformation isn’t always for the positive, I suppose. Ultimately Pluto should bring the sadder but wiser type of acquiescence to the forces of life.

The studious, learned Cruz is also in his chart and would have made a fine judge. Unfortunately, he may be facing Capricorn’s great fear of failure in spring 2022 when Uranus conjuncts his natal Saturn in Taurus.

Saturn in Taurus is a fear of physical lack, dislike of the body and rigid values. When Uranus crosses one’s Saturn, there is usually a confrontation with authority or others because they are stepping on your weak spot. For Cruz, that weak spot includes opposition to Mars (wide), Venus and Jupiter (wide) which will make it an angry, visually unappealing encounter. When Uranus crosses his Saturn, things may be taken away including property and titles. He may also be carrying debt well in excess of his assets which will cause issues during this transit.

Josh Hawley

Ted Cruz seems to have taken the young senator from Missouri, Josh Hawley, under his wing.

Like Cruz, Hawley is a Capricorn sun with moon in an air sign – Cruz is Libra, Hawley Gemini. Hawley’s natal Pluto in Libra is near Cruz’s moon and Hawley’s natal Saturn in Virgo is near Cruz’s Pluto. Saturn and Pluto are associated with control, Saturn of the structured kind from rules and laws; Pluto the personal kind stemming from the many ways in which one acquires power (money, influence, force). Cruz and Hawley may enjoy political maneuvering together, but maybe not going to have a beer and watch a game.

Like Cruz, Hawley’s combination of Capricorn sun and Gemini moon (like Ohio’s Governor DeWine) makes for a serious student, one agile in many subjects and probably a great chess player. However for Hawley that moon is opposed by Neptune and Mercury in Sagittarius and square Jupiter/Mars/Saturn in Virgo (some squares are wide). Transiting Neptune in Pisces triggers this T-square and forms the missing piece of a grand square.

While one of Capricorn’s most notorious traits is responsibility, the square in mutable signs suggests that Hawley is better than Cruz at removing himself from situations. Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) tend to avoid and run away from discord whereas cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) tend to confront and fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) tend to stand their ground because their beliefs are more solid.

Hawley is more flexible than Cruz – a good thing – but also may be more easily influenced due to the abundance of mutable energy. Soon if not already I expect Hawley to apologize for being under the influence of Neptune. He won’t say “Neptune” but he will probably invoke some of the self-pity Neptune can produce and explain how he “trusted” and “believed” such and such.

Currently Uranus is square Hawley’s Venus in Aquarius which is also experiencing a Saturn transit. Venus is pleasure and friendship and, yes, Hawley is going to lose some friends over his recent actions. However, when transiting Uranus moves through the later degrees of Taurus in 2023-2024, it will oppose Hawley’s natal Uranus which is often when people are forced to take a stand and become more independent. This will be good for him so that he can understand where he is truly leading versus where he believes he’s leading but is really following.

Cruz and Hawley’s Excellent Adventure

Like a movie, I expect this alliance to end in about two hours. Cruz is definitely on a mission while Hawley is trying to establish his “Capricorn” self while actually being quite easily influenced.

Both men’s adventures will continue for a couple years. Cruz will probably have an unusual confrontation where Hawley will start to truly establish his individuality.

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