Jupiter’s Return to Aquarius:  July 28

OHA hopes you are enjoying your Jupiter-in-Pisces, I mean, summer (or southern hemisphere winter). After a year of restricted activity it’s so nice to do . . . anything! As my hairdresser said when invited to a concert, “I don’t care what band it is. Yes, I’ll go.”

Pisces is so allowing. That’s what’s so wonderful about this mutable water sign. Go tell a Pisces your secrets, the worst you’ve ever been and they will listen and you won’t feel like a heel, although Pisces does rule the feet.

A little allowing is (I almost wrote “was” – getting ahead of myself) quite nice. Jupiter is expansive so in the allowing Pisces means we can just “be” or express or fantasize or weep or laugh or stare at clouds without the judgment of others.

Jupiter went “retrograde” in Pisces in June and this July 28 will “return” to Aquarius. Retrograde is a phenomenon where more distant objects appear to be moving backwards (but aren’t really). So today we see Jupiter in Pisces and at the end of July through New Year’s Eve Eve (double Eve) we’ll see Jupiter in Aquarius.

Saturn is also in Aquarius. It moved into that sign March 23, 2020. Does that time period ring a bell? Part of me still believes that politicians are astrologers as their planning is so closely tied with planetary movements.

Saturn is contraction and Aquarius is groups and group ideals so Saturn in Aquarius in 2020 brought social distancing. With a 29-year cycle, Saturn spends about 2.5 years in a sign. Social distancing is not over dear readers. Get your masks ready.

Jupiter in retrograde Aquarius will never meet up exactly with Saturn as Jupiter is in the late degrees of Aquarius and Saturn the earlier degrees. However, Jupiter expands what it finds so expect a bit of “We may have relaxed the rules a little too early.”

Jupiter in Pisces also gave us a short reprieve from the judgment that Saturn brings. Expect a return to that type of “If you would [X], then I could [X].”  The judgments are evolving and it’s already apparent that our next round of social discord will be about tracking of health information.  If you don’t enjoy the social judgment, it’s a good time to get off of social media, an Aquarius invention during the Uranus/Neptune transits of that sign.

Or you could hide in a cave or under a rock. But with Uranus transiting fixed earth sign Taurus which squares (creates tense relationship with) Saturn in fixed air sign Aquarius, I wouldn’t recommend that either. Caves and rocks are not as secure as they once were.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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