Gods in the Age of Aquarius

Last year a friend had to explain to me the “Bill Gates” thing as I called it. The world’s first (or one of the first) Nerds-that-Took-Over-the-World, the college (Harvard mind you) dropout, the renegade garage-programmer was now being vilified. He was trying to insert microchips into our vaccines was all I could make out.

I’m confused, I told a friend. How does Bill Gates have anything to do with the pandemic? I thought he was enjoying the traditional Gilded Age lifestyle of the oil barons who got bored and turned to philanthropy. All good causes – mind you. But finding “cause” in your retirement is exactly the issue facing humanity – it’s too late.

Although my friend tried to explain it, I had to surmise that we are back into the theme of the last two thousand years – good and evil.

In the Age of Pisces, our gods mirrored those qualities: Piscean love (empathy); the Piscean fish (two fish swimming in opposite directions; the Piscean feet (washing others’ stinky feet); Piscean sacrifice (dying for you).

Well, my friends, while there is argument about when the Age of Aquarius is / has truly arrived, I think we are there now. Pluto will move into Aquarius in 2023 which I think will seal the deal on this movement of “ages.”

Good and Evil

Hollywood movies began to bore me around 1977 when I saw the first Star Wars (“A New Hope”). While the country was enamored of this “space age” tale, all I could see was the regular old “save the princess” fairytale.

Couldn’t others see that?

A very boring story, my pre-teen self thought, wrapped in hokey packaging.

I’ve come to enjoy that movie but still find the “special effects” somewhat ridiculous. An “evil” empire would certainly have more skilled fighters, at minimum.

Astrologer Liz Greene through her amazing intellect and published works explained it to me about ten years later (with help from Carolyn Myss and Joseph Campbell). The world runs on archetypes and the prince / princess story is one of many. Had I understood what Joseph Campbell calls “the hero’s journey,” I certainly could have figured out the backstory of our Star Wars tale immediately.

If you really look at most Hollywood movies, the theme generally is good/evil or transgression/redemption. Dualism is the higher theme which runs the United States from entertainment to politics. We often say, “There are two sides to every story,” when really there are complexities, numerous, to every story.

Having worked in data for many years, I also know that complex stories do not go far and frustrate the listener. You have three seconds in the United States to explain your position.  In response, most stories in our culture are made dualistic which provides a sense of quick understanding and emotional comfort.

Tech Gods and Tech Devils

If the Age of Pisces brought emotional gods who washed our feet, the Age of Aquarius has brought us tech gods that provide us “convenience” through technology.

That the Tech Gods will be split into good and evil should not have surprised me. As the Tech Gods did bring a lot of information, I keep thinking that is all we need.

Yet the Tech Devils have come in and inserted ridiculous “information” into the mix so that we do not know the true precedence or validity of information. In a very fascinating yet terrifying manner, information has been made useless.

If I were to assign a Tech Devil, or at least Tech Villain, I wouldn’t have chosen Bill Gates. I would have chosen those that are trying to index all data and allow others to pay money so that the information is presented in beneficial ways. Or I might assign villainy to those that are tracking all of our movements and combining that with our physical features. Or maybe I would choose as Tech Evil a firm that helps authoritarian governments maintain control.

Gates may have contributed to my own personal panoply of Tech Bad Guy Behavior, but I have a feeling he was chosen for a reason. It’s called scapegoating.

Gates was born in the Pluto in Leo generation (“Me Generation”) with Jupiter conjunct Pluto and Uranus in the early degrees of Leo. The Saturn in Aquarius transit opposes Leo and has created a barrier or boundary for Gates with the people he would normally connect with.

If our Tech Gods must be balanced with Tech Devils, someone must be thrown into the fire. Gates with his Leo generation desire for self-expression gets to be the sacrificial victim.

Sacrificial victim – this must be a leftover from the Age of Pisces. Or maybe we are still there.

Ages are two thousand years in duration. The exact line of “then” and “now” is fuzzy, fuzzy by decades or even a hundred years.

Hopefully if we’ve learned anything in the Age of Pisces, if we’ve truly internalized the messages of peace and love, we can toss out the dualistic thinking and examine all of our Tech Lords and decide whether technology is serving humanity (Aquarius) or if humanity is serving a few Gods.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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2 Responses to Gods in the Age of Aquarius

  1. Pete C says:

    The times are so “cuspy” — I’m only half-kidding when I quip that Google is my higher power. Your essay boggled my brain pretty quickly. Like, it’s on my bucket list: right after figuring out why I am me and not that other guy, then I’ll tackle new age theology, dang it!

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