Neptune “Spirits” – Dimes from Heaven

For several years now I have been finding dimes. Occasionally I find a penny; occasionally a nickel; but mostly dimes. In fact, I just counted 50 in the dime jar where I put them.

One day a couple years ago I was telling a friend about finding dimes. The next day I went to the gym, opened a locker and there it was – a dime — nothing else – no trash, no candy wrapper, just a dime.

It was sometime later an older relative that told me when you find dimes it is your deceased ancestors saying hello. Finally, an explanation that made sense!

My ancestors know me, know that I used to find money a lot when I was a child (Sagittarius rising). They would know that pennies wouldn’t be recognized as anything unusual. And they clearly know I’m not fond of nickels – too bulky for the value.

But dimes! Thin, grooved, silvery, worth ten pennies or two bulky nickels. My ancestors — especially my grandmother who used to let me have the change after paying for Saturday breakfast — would recognize my love of money and value and send dimes.

And my mother and father would send 50 of them because they liked to talk.

The Birthday Dime

So last weekend I was on my way to a relative’s 60th birthday party. Picking up the ice, I was ready to head over when a text from him asked me to pick up one additional grocery item.

Back to the store I went and found . . . a dime! A shiny, new 2021 dime, beautiful to behold.

While the family of any astrologer gets used to some non-traditional thoughts, telling this relative that our ancestors were sending a birthday greeting might be taking it too far.

Should I tell him?

Astrologers are used to being laughed at so I decided to take the plunge and say, “Mom, dad and grandma say hi.”

And I got the expected result.

“Oh, really?” flat of tone, disdainful of manner.

If I was going to talk about spirits, I should have waited for the “spirits” to kick in. Then, I am guessing, the message would have been more well-received.

Neptune Spirits

Neptune rules the spiritual world – all you cannot see but believe exists. Neptune is where we lose our individuality and merge with the source. Neptune is image and film which takes us spiritually into an imaginary world where we lose ourselves. Neptune is also drugs and alcohol which do the same, but usually into the realm of unexpressed, vulnerable feelings.

Is the spiritual world in our imaginations? Or are our imaginations a link to the spiritual world?

Too much Neptune is too much of all of the above. With Neptune transiting Pisces, the sign it rules, since 2011, we’ve had a great increase in drugs (legal and illegal), excessive media consumption and emotional escapism. Maybe, too, there can be too many ancestors as we sometimes forget that in physical form they sometimes got on our nerves.

Neptune is a fog over a mystery. And if you figure out what it all means, no one will understand you anyway. How can you explain in words the heights of ecstasy or the hopeless feelings of the most desperate human?

Neptune rules the “spirits” both the ones who send dimes and the ones who make you kissy-huggy at the end of the party.


About ohioastrology

I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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2 Responses to Neptune “Spirits” – Dimes from Heaven

  1. Pete C says:

    “Should I tell him?” — which is where I have to check my motive. With my best friend, Mr. Skeptical, this stuff worked out well for us because I definitely needed some fetching up with Saturn; and it was one of the greatest pleasures of my life to validate his Neptune. The best “magenta” conversations i’ve ever had were with this eye-rolling skeptical guy. He passed, and I sure miss him. With others, if the purpose of the communication is Neptunian, I just tell the other person at the onset to go ahead an interrupt me when they lose me, and I will rephrase. Of course, I have to check my intention before going ahead with a Neptunian chat!

    • Does your best friend now send dimes? I see you have a lot of experience with these conversations. Someone should write a metaphysical book “Taking to others about the unseen!” LOL!

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