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Looking for Health in All the Wrong Places

I was lookin’ for love health in all the wrong places Lookin’ for love health in too many doctor’s faces Searchin’ their eyes Lookin’ for traces of what I’m dreaming of Hoping to find a friend and a lover one … Continue reading

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The Green Generation Smokes Neptune in Pisces

What’s your favorite palliative? What substance takes you from how you feel now to how you’d prefer to feel? Most of us have one. What’s yours? In the last scene of the movie Drugstore Cowboy, our main character says that … Continue reading

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The Astrological Age of Anxiety

If you follow astrology news, you often see stories about full moons, eclipses and intense aspects between transiting planets (like Pluto and Uranus right now) with lots of write up about what it means in your life and for society … Continue reading

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