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United States’ Pluto Return – Thinner and Angrier

Immediately upon entering the house after eating at a restaurant, my cat asked me if I had any leftovers for her. “Leftovers!” I proclaimed. “You are thinking about the United States before its Pluto return. It took me 15 minutes … Continue reading

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The United States’ Pluto Return: Let Them Eat Vegetables

Back in the late 1980s I met a Japanese man who asked why my Walkman (hand-held device that played what were called cassette tapes) was so big. Was it big? This is what they sell at the stores, I replied. … Continue reading

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The American Empire – Symbolism with the Ancient Roman Empire

You’ve heard it said before, how the American Empire is like the ancient Roman Empire. And now you’re going to hear it again, with astrology (and numerology) added for spice. This is the history you wanted in high school but … Continue reading

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Happy Pluto Return, USA!

During his presidential campaign, President Donald Trump promised to “drain the swamp.” As he didn’t specify exactly how he was going to do the draining, it’s possible he’s living up to his promise. It’s possible he meant to appoint swamp-dwellers … Continue reading

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