George Voinovich

As a native of Cleveland, I have known George Voinovich as mayor, governor and senator.  While I have not followed his career closely, I associate him with popularity and a clean reputation – something rare among politicians.  I have further associated him with quiet politics – not one to show up on contentious political talk shows fighting with others from a clear political corner (like our current governor).

Having positive thoughts about him as a politician, I cast his horoscope wondering how this easy, breezy popularity looks on paper.  Much to my surprise, I found my changeable, not-made-for-politics friend Gemini.  And lots of emotional Cancer.

Voinovich’s sun is in Cancer, the cardinal water sign of emotions, mothering and family.  In addition to sun in Cancer, Voinovich has Mercury, Mars, Venus and Pluto in Cancer.  In case you lost count, that makes a total of five planets out of ten (Moon & Pluto are “planets” in the horoscope) in the sign of Cancer.  The driving need here is to BELONG.  The crab, Cancer’s symbolic representation, has the defensive mechanism of hiding in its shell when threatened.  Is the quiet politics I associate with Voinovich actually a form of hiding?

Hiding is necessary for such a sensitive creature, the crab, and the person born under the sign of Cancer.  Feelings are easily hurt.  What you said to Voinovich was interpreted in emotional ways you hardly meant and you can barely fathom.  He’s moody, quite moody.   Maybe his scarcity on the political talk shows is a way to hide his constantly changing moods.

The leftover five planets, those not in Cancer, are in Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Taurus and Gemini.  A little bit of earth (Virgo, Taurus), a little bit of fire (Sagittarius), a little bit of air (Gemini) and a little more water (Pisces).  The moon carries more weight, to me, than the other planets, which is the air sign in Voinovich’s chart.  I hereby pronounce that fire is the element least in attendance, with its outgoing nature, optimism and enthusiasm. 

Lack of fire and surfeit of water suggest one of Voinovich’s many mood swings includes some sadness or depression.  Saturn opposing Neptune adds weight to this.  Saturn and Neptune are the only opposition in Voinovich’s chart.  Lack of opposition in the chart suggests just that – the person doesn’t experience a lot of pressure from outside.  No clear, open enemy.  For example, if you were African American and grew up in the 1950s, you experienced clear, open opposition from society.  Or if you walked to school as a child and had the school bully beat you up and promise to quit only if you’d pay “protection money,” that is also clear, open opposition.  Voinovich doesn’t have a clear opponent.   Maybe that’s why his political career has seemed, to me at least, to be so effortless.

Not having open opposition may seem a blessing, but think twice about this.  Open opposition often helps people unite, develop identity and strong inner confidence from their own internal resources.  While I’m not suggesting we give others a hard time, external opponents can drive us to become our best selves, if we are aware enough to accomplish this feat while under the pressure of the opponent.  Of course, the opposite can happen as well – we believe our opponents ideas and dislike ourselves.

Now onto the topic I’ve been waiting for with this chart – the Gemini moon.  In my blog on Mike Dewine, who also has moon in Gemini, I mentioned how rare this sign is among presidential sun signs.  Take John Edwards, for instance.  Edwards has both sun & moon in Gemini.  As an astrologer, I had trouble believing that a double Gemini could be just a good, down-to-earth country boy.  And his running mate Kerry had moon in Gemini.  Gemini doesn’t fare well in American politics.

Why doesn’t Gemini appear much in American politics?

My guess is that Gemini cannot be consistent enough for the American public.  Gemini is the sign of the twins.  Not only does Gemini see both sides of a situation, Gemini may choose to live both sides.  In American political terms, Gemini is the “waffler.”  Remember when “waffle” came into the dialogue of American politics?  It was during the presidency of George H.W.  Bush – a sun sign Gemini and one-term president.  American politicians are not able to honestly develop and change their opinions once they’ve pitched a campaign speech.

Gemini, an air sign, is detached.  Gemini is looking for stimulation, easily bored and constantly needing new information, ideas, lights, action.  Attach this to five signs in Cancer and you have a very changeable emotional landscape.  Gemini duality suggests Voinovich as another area his life, or another life, that is very different than the one we see.

I am impressed that a man of so many moods and changing feelings has survived the intense arena of politics in such a graceful manner.   I can’t imagine what drove Voinovich to jump into the boxing ring – with all the planets in Cancer in his chart, I can only suspect family.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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