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George Voinovich

As a native of Cleveland, I have known George Voinovich as mayor, governor and senator.  While I have not followed his career closely, I associate him with popularity and a clean reputation – something rare among politicians.  I have further … Continue reading

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John Boehner: The Mark of a Politician

Back during the 1992 Presidential election, I noticed that each of the three candidates (Bill Clinton, H. W. Bush & Ross Perot) had moon/Pluto square in his chart.  This started me looking more closely at Pluto aspects in the charts … Continue reading

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Mike DeWine – Ohio’s New Top Cop

Of our 43 presidents, the most common sun signs are Aquarius and Scorpio.  Each sign of the zodiac has a mode – fixed (stable, strong, unwavering), cardinal (starter, bossy, active) or mutable (changeable, adaptable, impressionable).  Of the 43 presidents, 18 … Continue reading


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