The Big Astrology Theory

I’ve been watching way too much Big Bang Theory. I’m catching up on the three seasons I missed and overdosing to where I feel nauseated. Notice I didn’t say nauseous. I learned from Sheldon, a character on the show, that what I really mean is nauseated.

The Big Bang Theory centers on four brainy college professors (three with PhDs, one just an engineer) who spend their work time thinking about physics and their free time thinking about science fiction movies, role playing games and comic books. They are intellectually brilliant and socially awkward.

The counterbalance is Penny who lives across the hall, works at the Cheesecake Factory and wants to be an actress.

This blog is to explore the astrological archetypes of the characters. The character Sheldon would hate it, as he believes astrology is proven non-science. But it’s ironic I would spend time analyzing television characters to figure out their astrological signs; it’s actually something the Big Bang Theory characters would do.


Let’s start with Sheldon, who seems to have the most lines in the show and is a finely-tuned character. He is a theoretical physicist with an IQ of 178 or something. He’s an intellectual genius, graduating from college at 14, and obsessive compulsive to the point where he’s almost autistic. He knows facts about everything, from the ancient meaning of words to Bollywood film actresses. He disdains human contact altogether without any sense of embarrassment.

Once in the show Sheldon mocks Penny for believing in astrology. Her response is, “That’s because you’re a Taurus.” Taurus is a good start for Sheldon as he is filled with habit. He has his spot on the couch, eats the same food every night in the week (such as Thursday being pizza night) and does his laundry on Saturdays precisely at 8:15 p.m. And those are just a few of his habits. When he’s thrown off a habit, such as his 8:20 a.m. bowel movement, he’s anxious.

I like the fixed aspect of Taurus, but one quality doesn’t work for me. Taurus is an earth sign so Sheldon should like some human contact. I’m switching him to a fixed sign that isn’t so fond of human touch -Aquarius.

Aquarius is fixed, like Taurus. I personally find Aquarius even more stubborn than Taurus. Aquarius has habits, but weird habits. If the earth shifted, the habits of Aquarius wouldn’t. That’s Sheldon. And Aquarius is scientific with a dislike for intimate emotional contact. Aquarius is the sign of progressive ideas of revolution.

The irony of Sheldon’s and the pure Aquarian personality is that they work for humankind but don’t necessary want to sit next to humankind. Sheldon is close to figuring out the very genesis of the universe but can’t figure out his roommate is angry because he can’t read facial expressions. And, Sheldon will tell you, he’s not interested anyway.


Sheldon’s roommate is Leonard. Leonard is also very smart, but seeks human contact. His love for Penny is the major theme of the first three seasons. We learn his family pressured him to achieve and his mother is much like Sheldon, devoid of human feelings. To get the maternal care he needed as a child, Leonard used his science know-how to build a hugging machine (which his father also used).

Leonard is also lactose-intolerant. Lactose is in milk, milk represents mothering, which he didn’t receive. Regardless, Leonard is open about his need for love and is willing to take some risks.

For me, Leonard is a Cancer. Cancer is the sign of mothering, which he openly needs. He is shy, but is willing to open himself up to others. He also takes care of Sheldon in a nurturing way, putting up with his habits and mediating when the other characters have conflicts. He’ll make a good father one day; hopefully they will build that into the show.

Howard and Raj

Howard and Raj, two friends, aren’t so well-defined. Howard is the Jewish boy who lives with his mother (who we never see but often hear). Raj is Indian, so shy around women that he can’t speak. During episode one he’s offered a drink which is the magic potion to talk to women.

Howard is defined most by his ostentatious ego and wildly colored clothes. We are often reminded in the show that he’s “just an engineer.” He has a Masters in Engineering from MIT and designs things for space missions, but the others constantly insult him for not having a PhD. But he maintains pride about his engineering feats, like building a zero-gravity toilet.

Of the four characters, Howard is most willing to go out and try to pick up girls. He thinks he’s hot, the girls do not. He also bounces back from rejection, as when Penny tells him he’s a loser. I brand Howard a Leo.

Leo loves attention. I propose Howard lives with his mother because he needs a doting female. He also brags about working with space missions and offers to let women drive the land rover on Mars in an effort to pick them up. Very Leo.

Raj is the most difficult to assign a sign. He’s shy and sweet, somewhat like Leonard. He discovered drinking to help him talk with woman which adds to the thought that he’s a water sign (like Leonard). The signs I think of as “sweet” are: Cancer, Virgo (when it’s not complaining), Libra and Pisces.

Since Raj now drinks, I’ll assign him Pisces, a water sign. It’s the most sensitive of the signs. Raj hasn’t exhibited the Pisces secretiveness, but he does whisper what he wants to say to Howard so Howard can tell the group.


That leaves Penny, also a more loosely-designed character. She’s everything the boys are not: chaotic, spontaneous, social, female, disorganized and somehow paying for the same apartment that Sheldon/Leonard share with combined professor incomes.

I’ll brand Penny a Gemini. Gemini is an air sign. It’s social, curious and constantly moving. Gemini would befriend four people that it had nothing in common with. Penny seems to have befriended the boys because they are different and interesting. She has no ulterior motive. Even though she’s like a dog in a group of cats, she hangs out like she’s one of them.

I’m glad my friend suggested I watch the show. I wonder why she made that suggestion?


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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21 Responses to The Big Astrology Theory

  1. Rossana says:

    Great post! The pilot, Penny claIms she’s a Sagittarius, however you are correct, she’s a lot more of a Gemini. She reminds me of my old female Gemini friend who lives on her own and very disorganized. According to Big Bang wikia, Leonard birthday is May 1980. He seems more of the Gemini, because he never shuts up with the ladies, which explains the obsession with Penny, the polar opposite. Raj’s birthday is Oct 6,1981, Libra. Which explains why he’s into the female interests. Sheldon is the typical Taurus, because Aquarius rules astrology and Sheldon’s character finds astrology “hokum”. Truly agree with Howard’s sign, Leo.

    As for Bernadette, she seems like a Scorpio. She claims she’s very vengeful and most Scorpio ladies I’ve encountered always seem to have big breasts too. And Amy Farrah Fowler, I think she’s a Virgo. Not afraid to “hit on” Penny, and I’ve met few drunken Virgos would blurt out to me that they have a secret female crush on me.

    Thank you for sharing this!
    Sun in Sagittarius at 10th
    Ascendant in Aquarius, Uranus in Scorpio at 9th
    Moon in Aquarius at 1st

    • I could see Penny being a Sagittarius as well. Sagittarius and Gemini are opposite mutable signs, Sag in fire and Gem in Air. Being a Sag/Aquar combination, you probably don’t hang around too many Cancer suns. They are inside cooking meatloaf and you’re out seeking interesting experiences. But Cancer can talk as much as Gemini. Maybe b/c with a Cancer sun, you have a 33% chance of having Mercury in Gemini. Where Leonard is different than Gemini, I think, is that he’s honest about how he feels.

      I like your assessment of Bernadette and Amy. I love the episode where we learn Bernadette doesn’t like kids and she barks at the kids at the magic show. Hilarious! There might be a little Aries moon there too . . .Since Amy studies neuroscience to see how people feel, I totally agree with Virgo. Amy, unlike Sheldon, is getting into being with the popular girl whereas Sheldon really doesn’t have those feelings. And Raj could be a Libra since he’s openly seeking a partner. The episode with Siri is brilliant when “she” becomes the woman in his life. I also love the “ersatz homosexual marriage” (season 2, per Leonard’s mother) that he has with Howard.

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  3. p z says:

    I love The Big Bang Theory. I have watched every episode in one episode Penny revealed her sign along with those of Sheldon and Leonard. Penny is a Sagittarius, Sheldon is a Taurus, and Leonard is an Aries. Each are playing the zodiac sign of their actual signs in real life. To me Sheldon seems like a Virgo (anally retentive, obsessive compulsive, conceited, overly time conscious (also a Gemini trait), and analytical). Aquarius also makes sense. Leonard is totally Aries as he has the guts to go after what he wants, that is Penny. In another episode Raj revealed that he was a Libra. I see where you are going with Raj being a Pisces. Howard’s star sign has not been revealed. At first I thought Howard would be a Scorpio because he is a sex obsessed engineer yet Leo makes more sense because of his huge ego. Like a Leo he relates everything back to himself, and loves being the center of attention. Amy would be a Virgo as she wears mismatched clothing and is a biologist. Bernadette is probably a Scorpio as she is very martial and likes to exact revenge. Her occupation is also very Scorpio (a bio chemist). Physically she looks Scorpio, short with large breasts, fair skin, and thick blonde wavy hair. Her voice is very Scorpio too- high pitched and raspy.

    • I totally agree with your astrological picks for Amy and Bernadette. I also like how Bernadette reveals aspects of her personality suddenly and unexpectedly like when she reveals she doesn’t really like kids. Scorpio is honest like that. Saying you don’t like kids isn’t too PC.

      What do you think of Amy’s repressed sexuality? For a while, they played up her attraction to Penny in addition to her attraction to Sheldon. A little androgyny here? That brings to mind Aquarius or Gemini. Maybe Amy has sun in Virgo and moon in Aquarius which would make her both scientifically intelligent and drawn to both genders.

  4. Elen Posse says:

    I’m so glad i found your blog!
    I’m piss of because in one of the latest chapters, they celebrate Sheldon’s birthday in the end of Feb, putting him as pisces. First of all, it made me mad, because previously they said he was taurus (with fits farrrrrrr more than pisces) and is an important sequence mistake, since astrology is very important for Penny, she would never get it wrong. But ok.
    In second instance, as you said, sounds similar to taurus (even I totally agree aquarius is the perfect sign to describe him), but pisces???? Never, never, never. It’s impossible.

    I almost totally agree with everything you said about the signs and characters, no doubts Howard is Leo, and I Like your conclusion about Raj, even though I until think he can be Libra, but sometimes it isn’t easy for me see some differences between them.

    But Leonard makes me think a little bit more. I do think he is Libra, he is always in a good mood, he is the center os the friendship of all of them, never gets on fight, and even when he is said is for a little bit of time. Sounds always superficial for me. And if Sheldon is Aquarius, makes all sense they fit, and works pretty well with Penny being Sag or Gemini. Don’t you think? What your opinion about? I would like to hear so much 🙂

    About Penny being Gemini, I don’t know, she is kind in her own space at the same time. She likes different things, but she is not so superficial or without good sense in conversations. Gemini wouldn’t stop to talk. And even she being plotted as “ignorant” she knows that she is not and she kind of think she is superior (in all context). She has Ego and has courage, I don’t know…. I do think she is Sagittarius.

    I would like to know your opinion about the other characters, such as Amy, that for me could be gemini, because even she constantly want and ask for physical contact, she deals with Sheldon very well, and it sounds for her more like an experiment of, not about sentiment or need to be touch.
    Her need to understand sentiment in her profession just made me believe more and more that she is gemini, because she needs to understand something that for her is not that very clear.

    I also agree Bernadette is Scorpio, what makes sense with the rest of the plot.

    What do you think about Stuart?

    • I could see Raj being a Libra. I sometimes forget I branded him a Pisces but just wrote a blog on a British TV show with Big Bang Theory characters. When Raj dates Siri you’re convinced he’s a Libra. I kinda wish the writers would just get him a girlfriend. He’s the most charming of the characters so you think he’d have the girlfriend.

      I think the real Penny is a Sag and I could see that too. Sag is opposite Gemini so it’s a matter of deeper motivation, but there are similar traits. Plus she sort of acts like herself so maybe is bringing the Sag through. Sag/Gemini would both be open to the weird guys across the hall.

      Amy. Hmm. She’s tricky because she was just like Sheldon but then as time goes on you see she is physical and first is attracted to Penny. Maybe she’s a Taurus with Mercury in Gemini. Taurus is physical and is also emotionally reserved. Or Gemini with Venus in Taurus. Some combination makes sense since the two signs are next to each other.

      Stuart. He’s like Raj – lonely heart which brings me back to Pisces or Libra. But since he owns a comic book store which is visual and comics take you into super worlds, I’ll go Pisces. When Howard goes off into outer space, Raj starts a new “bromance” with Stuart. So they could be the same sign.

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  6. Christina says:

    Just found this blog post (again). And I love your descriptions and explanations. It helps me continue learning. Well done 😊

  7. Not aired yet when you wrote this, but in the Intimacy Acceleration, Season 8, episode 16, (the episode Elen is referring to, read the comments half way through commenting) Sheldon says it’s his birthday. If the exact date of airing (February 26, 2015) corresponds to time in the show, that would make him a Pisces. However, given that episodes are a week apart, the actual corresponding time could be +/- 7 days, or between February 19th (episode 15) and March 5 (episode 17). While most of this period is Pisces, the 19th is Aquarius, so he could be Aquarius on the cusp of Pisces, or vice versa, or deeper into Pisces. Tropical of course. Sidereal, he would be Aquarius regardless.

    Re: the reference to him being a Taurus, Penny also says in that episode that no one knew his birthday, not even Amy. If no one knew it, Penny was either just guessing when she said Taurus, or she was making a joke at his expense regarding his scoffing at astrology, knowing he wouldn’t get it. Paying attention through the series, Penny is much smarter, and has a much better idea of what’s going on than any of the rest give her credit for, and often a better idea than they do. Especially with Sheldon, she often plays with nuance in ways she knows he won’t catch her joke.

    • I haven’t been keeping up with the new episodes. I think that as a show gets longer, it can be difficult to keep up the internal consistencies. But it’s fun to play with the images.

      Sheldon does have a child-like side who needs to hear “soft kitty” when he’s sick. But he would never be able to provide that same comfort to others and somehow still thinks that he doesn’t need human contact. That would suggest more anxiety than a true inability to connect emotionally.

      Penny has the “street smarts” where our boys have the “book smarts,” especially in the early series. One of my favorite episodes is Leonard trying to relate at a football party. Hilarious. And they don’t know to come to a party late and that people are more interested in drinking than picking the best Halloween costume.

  8. Oops, paused it too soon to comment when I remembered this post. I guess Penny says straight out he’s a Pisces.

  9. Layla stone says:

    There’s an episode where they point out Sheldon is a Pisces. Because they find out his birthday is in February.

    • In an earlier episode in season one Penny argues with Sheldon and says something about him being a Taurus. TV shows don’t always have consistency:)

      • R. Chops says:

        Interesting analysis … and I guess the Taurus/Pisces thing could be attributed to the fact that Penny may have presumed he was Taurus since no one knew Sheldon’s birthday at that time.

        Having said that, the person I most relate to in the show (and I discovered it just over a month ago and have been binge watching since then ) is Sheldon and being Pisces myself I find it easier to believe that he’s Pisces than Taurus, specially when it comes to the way he’s fussy about his stuff, routine and his apprehensions about intimacy…

      • But doesn’t Pisces ultimately want intimacy? It might be shy & awkward about it but still would seek connection.

  10. R. Chops says:

    Yes and probably that’s why we are seeing that in recent seasons Sheldon is being lenient with a a few of his personal boundaries… that’s some real character development

  11. R. Chops says:

    Also the thing is that for them emotional connection has to be there before physical. And in Sheldon and Amy’s case, the intellectual led to emotional and then physical….

  12. Sims says:

    I think Sheldon could be a Taurus with an Aquarius Moon.

  13. Nonofyourbusiness says:

    Penny as Sagittarius makes sense.
    Howard – Leo (your explanation is on point)
    Bernadette – Aries (very competitive, sometimes even openly mean but anyway a strong woman, leading in her job, not loyal enough for scorpio, she pairs well with Leo)
    Leonard – Libra (he loves being in love, is strongly attracted to beauty, wants harmony and avoids conflicts by any means)
    Raj – Virgo (overly critical, very orderly, has difficulties in relationships, great housekeeper)
    Amy – Aquarius (super weird but a great spirit, humanist, pairs well with pisces and also with sagittarius)
    Sheldon – Pisces (revealed during one episode – Taurus was wrong, he lied to Penny on this one because he hated Birthday parties. Funny sign for a person like him but in his field he is very creative, sensitive in general and he is willing to rebel against authorities but needs a strong network of people who are there for him. Somehow it fits)

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