South Sudan: The Birth of a Nation

South Sudan came into the world on July 9, 2011 at 12:01 am. Studying the charts of nations is a branch of astrology called “mundane astrology.”

I found this website from Skyscript to brush up on mundane astrology.

South Sudan is a Cancer sun, Libra moon and Aries rising. The sun is person in authority, the moon is the population as a whole and the rising sign is the condition of the country.

The sun in Cancer means the ruler will be seen as a father or mother to the people. The moon in Libra indicates the people are friendly and seek fun and companionship. The Aries rising indicates the state of the country is aggressive and warlike.

This combination of Cancer –Libra-Aries is a T-square. Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra adds to the cardinal cross. South Sudan may find it difficult to get back to family life under these aspects.

First, I suspect it will be difficult for South Sudan to get along with others. If South Sudan were a person, I would say this person is trying to balance the cardinal grand cross of me/you, family/career. What am I? How do I define myself?

We have many roles in our personal lives but often identify with one or two at most – I’m a career woman and loving mother. But how about career woman, loving mother, devoted wife and crusader for a cause? That’s difficult.

South Sudan’s sun is in the 3rd house, the house of communications and neighbors. This country may find its role as a transmitter of communications for others. Because the sun is in Cancer, I’m imagining it becoming a place of refugees re-uniting or a place where other family/clan communication can occur.

Cancer is milk to me, so I wonder if they will export dairy products. I don’t think South Sudan has cows, but maybe they have some other food product that will feed neighbors.

South Sudan’s moon is in the 7th house, the house of partnerships and foreign relations. I’m getting a stronger image of this country playing the role of mediator or refugee harbor for other countries. Those countries may not like this (Pluto in Capricorn squaring sun and moon).

Jupiter is in the first house in Taurus suggested the state may be ruled as a religious state. It will occur because the religious leaders are the ones with money and property (Taurus).

Uranus will transit the Aries rising in the spring of 2016. This country will probably go through another revolution of some sort at that time. A few years after that transit, Uranus will conjunct the Jupiter in Taurus challenging the religious and/or property owners who rule the country.

Saturn is in the 6th house, house of health and work. Work is not abundant and the work people do may be bad for their health.

Pluto in the 9th house and Mars in the 2nd in Gemini suggest earnings from communication and foreign investment. I keep getting the sense of this country being an intermediary for some sort of world commerce.

Good luck to South Sudan. A new project scares me; I can’t imagine starting a new country. Especially in this economy.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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4 Responses to South Sudan: The Birth of a Nation

  1. Hieronimuss says:

    Probably the only country with both the cardinal cross and the grand trine in its chart. Maybe we’ll be able to learn a lot from SS in the future. With such a friendly Neptune, I feel they will develop some fresh type of religious experiences for the rest of the world.

    • Good point, it’s a grand cross (I forgot about that Pluto in Capricorn). I keep getting this image of South Sudan as a place that markets in people in some way. It will be interesting to follow its path astrologically.

  2. Anth says:

    I am just back from South Sudan (I went to cover independence). Re cows? The country has an abundance of them. Mostly beef though. Although your dairy prediction dovetails quite nicely with the South Sudanese use of goats milk as a source of calcium. South Sudan is an incredibly fertile country – the White Nile runs through it; it is on the equator with rich, fertile farm ground (sadly, much of this is still mined, a legacy of 39 years of civil war). The country can, given help, feed its people. It wants to. The new country’s agriculture minister hopes, too, that in time South Sudan will be a “bread basket” for East Africa.

  3. agele john natana says:

    “cancer is milk to me”,definately south sudan has got plente of things just like other countries.we are fine with the squaring sun,

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