Luke Fickell – No Time for Whining

Luke Fickell, the new Ohio State University football coach, is a fiery man. His sun is in sunny fixed fire Leo and his moon is in headstrong cardinal fire Aries.

Fire is about expression and intuition, action and energy, getting up early with a smile on your face, opening the drapes to let the sun in, greeting the new day and wondering how you can make an impact on mankind.

Leo is all about having adoring fans, so Fickell has stepped into the right job because his job involves stepping into the spotlight. Leo loves, loves, loves the spotlight.

The spotlight, like all lights, casts a shadow. It’s the “shadow side” of this job where Fickell may encounter some problems.

An eagle-eye in the astrology group I attend noticed that Fickell has two yods in his chart. Yods are called “The Finger of God” aspect. Two planets are 60 degrees apart and both are 150 degrees to a common planet. That makes a Y shape with the bottom of the Y pointing to the planet that is supposedly dishing up the fate to the chart owner.

The yods are:

  1. Saturn in Cancer / Mars in Taurus – finger to Neptune in Sagittarius
  2. Neptune in Sagittarius / Jupiter in Aquarius – finger to Saturn in Cancer

Neptune and Saturn are in both yods. Mars in Taurus and Jupiter in Aquarius are squared.

Cancer is the sign that traditionally represents mothering, comfort and nurturing. I believe the deeper meaning of Cancer is about belonging. Saturn in Cancer, the only water in Fickell’s chart, means he doesn’t have a strong sense of family, mothering or belonging.

Fickell doesn’t understand others’ emotional realities.

Fickell acts, he doesn’t whine or complain. He probably doesn’t like whining or complaining in others and will not soothe you just because you scraped your knee. He’ll tell you to get back up, dust yourself off and “start all over again.” That’s what he would do.

Much of sports fandom is relating to a team as though you were a member. When I watch an OSU game, I’m not just watching eleven boys I don’t know play a game. The eleven boys represent me. If they win, I win and feel good. If they lose, I lose and feel bad.

That relating is in the element of water. That sense of belonging is Cancer and Piscean.

Fickell might not understand that in his role as coach of OSU football part of his job is to relate to 100,000 fans so that feel they are also part of the team. This, I believe, will be Fickell’s greatest challenge. Leo seeks attention – Fickell will have to turn that attention back to the fans.

From that Mars/Mercury/Jupiter T-square, I believe his will drive the team very hard. What he won’t understand is that driving the team alone does not make happy fans. Happy fans don’t just come from winning, they come from belonging.

I can imagine a scenario where Fickell drives the team to success but will not receive the accolades he feels he deserves. There may be a “We’re glad you won, but we don’t like exactly how it happened,” feeling.

I’m also imagining a tidal wave of new experiences for him in dealing with fans, administration, donors and everyone else who has an opinion to offer but has never thrown a pig skin.

Sunny Leo and driven Aries can overcome just about anything. But it will take some introspection that is unfamiliar to the element of fire.


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I'm just another soul trying to make sense of the world. As I've grown, so has my understanding of astrology. I'd like to communicate that astrology is not occult and not fortune-telling but that it is a fluid, creative description of the life we choose to live.
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